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Monday, December 7, 2015


When you hear of the place 71 GRAMERCY the first thought that would enter your beautiful minds would be rave parties, free-flowing cocktails,  socialites in high heels, or beautiful people all going "YEAAAAAAAH!"

I bet you would never even think of bringing your kids here right?

Well you are wrong!

Like, Glenn and Jon Snow are dead, WRONG.

71 GRAMERCY actually has an extensive menu of delicious dishes created by celebrity chef Carlos Miguel. Though the selection may be a bit pricey, the taste is over-all awesome and still very kid friendly! Your children will definitely love it!

Besides, I'm sure you wouldn't like anything less for the little loves of your lives. You may not bring them to 71 GRAMERCY every family Sundate but I truly recommend giving them the fine dining experience (even just once) and having them act all "grown-uppy."

And in 71 GRAMERCY, you will not just giving them an unforgettable gastronomic time, you will also be taking them to a family meal that's like on top of the world!


We just finished with our MANILA DAY  and we rushed off from Luneta to change and get to 71 GRAMERCY on time for our reservations. It was a good thing too because the view was breath-taking at the 71st floor and even if our reservations were at 6:00pm, we went at 5:30pm to catch the sunset.

Wow!!!! Such a coincidence that 71 GRAMERCY is located at the 71st floor!!!! Cool!!!!

It's sorta like JOINCIDENCE  that is really COINCIDENCE but spelled with a J!!!



We all lingered outside and waited until the darkness enveloped the Metro.

Of course, we took Yelfies as well (Yap Selfie)!!

The view itself is enough to keep the kiddies entertained!

However, Mati here just hanged and waited for the ladies.


It was getting dark so it was time to go in!


The dinner area of 71 GRAMERCY is far away from where they usually have their bar parties and cocktails. 

You need to make reservations a day before in order to get a table. It is very rare that they entertain walk-ins at the first floor. They might release the hounds on you if you try.

Duh. Kidding.

Loved the crystal goblets and leather chairs. 

Of course, I chose to sit on the red ones because I don't want to make any fart noises when I move while sitting on the leather. Not that it has ever happened to me but there's always a first time. 

He he he he!

71 GRAMERCY dining area had high ceilings and their walls were adorned with colorful abstract paintings. 

But of course, the best view is at this side -- my little lords with the Metro Manila sky line.


Little Lords, Mati and Andrei!


I told Mati he could have whatever he wanted on the 71 GRAMERCY menu as long as it wouldn't cost his mommy an arm and leg.

Time to order!

71 GRAMERCY menu!

71 GRAMERCY menu 1...

71 GRAMERCY menu 2...

71 GRAMERCY menu 3...

71 GRAMERCY menu 4...

71 GRAMERCY menu 5...

71 GRAMERCY menu 6... 

71 GRAMERCY menu 7!

After we ordered, Chef Cecille Chang (of SILK ROAD) passed by to say hi! I told the boys (who were so awestruck upon seeing her) that she may be this hottie chef in another restaurant but she also manages 71 GRAMERCY!

First on the table were plates of complimentary warm bread with herbed butter! We certainly tore off big pieces of the crusty bread then put a generous smear of the creamy butter! YUM!

Dear Mati ordered his usual appetizer, the 71 GRAMERCY Clam Chowder (P320.00)

The thick chowder was flavored with smoked bacon, potatoes, leeks, and of course, the plump clams!

So tasty at every sip!

Mati loved it so much and was so looking forward to scraping it clean!

Of course, I asked him to give little Androse a taste of it and my Master Mati oh so willingly obliged.

Oh he was sooooo happy to share with his brother!

Andrei's attention from Mati's Clam Chowder switched to his order when it arrived:

71 GRAMERCY Tagliattelle Truffle (P420.00)!

Crispy Prosciutto topped on creamy truffle linguine!

The gooey egg yolk certainly added another depth of richness to Andrei's pasta!

My little Andrei can't wait to take a very big forkful of his pasta!

Who's going to have the Carbonara??

Andrei : ME!

The Chinese Adonis was in the mood for some meats and got the 71 GRAMERCY Berkshire Pork Chop (P520.00)!

The Chinese Adonis was really expecting the usual pork chops that Homer Simpson would gnaw his teeth on. But this was still a pleasant surprise because the meat was juicy and well flavored with the honey mustard jus!

As for me, I got the 71 GRAMERCY Chicken Ballotine (P480.00)!! 

Very moist boneless chicken meat served over creamy spatzle!

We also ordered an additional plate of 71 GRAMERCY Frites (P180.00) to pick on.

To complete the fine dining experience for the little lords, I requested the waiters if they could serve the water using tall wine glasses. They happily obliged and this made the boys feel like "grown-ups"!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in 71 GRAMERCY!

And now, let's eat!

Can't pose. Eating.

Check out Andrei attacking that Carbonara! Any mom who has a picky eater will be so happy with this sight!

Go Andrei!

My man and his meat!

Mati was so full after he polished his clam chowder, plus half of my chicken and Yub's pork!


But of course, they still had room for dessert! They each got a GRAMERCY  Artisanal Ice Cream (P90.00).

The flavor available that night was red velvet ice cream.

Mati loved it and raved about the luscious delight scoop after scoop!

As for Andrei, he enjoyed it too but made THIS face when we asked for some. He he he he he...

As for the parents, we just waited until they're finished.

In other words... nga nga! 

Kidding!!!! My boys let us try some of it of course.


My boys did love the ice cream but they got so cold afterwards. Ha ha ha ha ha! Here they are donning a different kind of dinner jackets.

I told the little lords that gadgets were not allowed for our family dinner that night. So Andrei just whiled away the time staring at this romantic candle.

I guess he got a bit miffed with the "no gadget" policy that he covered up when we tried to talk to him.


Our 71 GRAMERCY bill!

Dinner in 71 GRAMERCY is only up to 10:00pm because they close for the clubs. Good thing we still have a bit of time left to check the view deck area again before the party people barge in.

Still a beautiful sight to behold!

My boys can't stop staring!

We all had a super enjoyable family night that's different from our usual routine. It's great too that the boys were able to experience a different kind of dining that was certainly new to their palates. Who knows? They might bring this kind of "knowledge" when they go on their respective dates soon. 

"Soon" meaning 40 years from now, HUH.

Tee hee!

71st Floor, Century City, 
Kalayaan Ave, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila
0917 809 4093

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  1. Shared willingly and happily the clam chowder...hahaha!

    1. Har de har har!!!!!!!!! Wawa his puppy dog face.....

    2. Sa amin, good luck prying Ashley's food away from her...hahaha!

    3. Bwa ha ha ha ha! Cute cute ni Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!


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