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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Sometime last month, ERICJAZ FOODIES and friends volted in at Robinson's Magnolia to celebrate the birthday of BB Anne's son. Because of our busy schedules which doesn't seem to match, I really look forward when my posse and I are all complete at events like these because it is sure to be neverending gabbin, eatin, and laughing!

The best part of it all is that the Yub and I are together with the little lords so it is a family day for THE YAPPY BUNCH as well. And for today we are with our other "family" for this Sunday -- The BP Group.

Yup!!! We love our super friend Sundates!!!! Wohoo!

Happy Birthday Johans!  


As usual a loooooong table is needed for our group. Applause, applause, for restaurants who really make an effort in accommodating big groups!

Roll Call!

Anne and Jonahs Virrey!

WITH Anne's Dad and dalagita daughter, Dani!!!

Mareng Gail and Pareng Jun!

Chel, Abel, and Tobey!


YEHESSSSS! Just a few days to go till THE FORCE RETURNS!

Birthday boy Johans, Andrei, Mati, and my inaanak Jelo!

Time to order with the waiter who's doing the beautiful eyes!


This was cheesy and very kid-friendly!

This was certainly Andrei approved!


For the birthday boy!

UNCLE CHEFFY'S Noelle Pepperoni!

This panizza came with tomato relish, alfalfa sprouts, and arugula to wrap it up!

UNCLE CHEFFY All Meat Barbecue!

UNCLE CHEFFY's Spaghetti Bolognese!

Another pasta dish!

(Sorry it was getting so crazy already at lunch that I didn't get the names and who ordered it!)


Sizzling Salisbury Steak! YUM!

And the piece de resistance, UNCLE CHEFFY All Meat Barbecue!

YEHESSSS! All meat for the win!


Missing mareng Gem here! She'll be following soon!

Go eat Tito Eric's veggies Jelo! He he he he he!

When they finished eating, the boys immediately started playing!

My other inaanak Sasha joined the boys later!

Later on, we sang Johans a happy birthday!!!

Of course, I supplied the candle! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I always have one ready during birthday season!

While the grown ups were still eating and chatting, the kiddies went outside to play!

Another happy meal with THE BP GROUP!!!!

Second Floor, Robinsons Magnolia, New Manila, Quezon City
02 9981249 / 063 9277418987

Of course, Johan's birthday is not yet done. The super fun continues!!!

After lunch, the kiddies played in the park!

They went on the Go-Karts!

Go Andrei!

Go Mati!!!!

There's no stopping the kiddies even if the sun was glaring! Don't worry, I gave them sunblock and hats!

Me with BB Aning!

Thanks so much bangs for covering a bit of my forehead. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Buds Andrei and Jelo bought tickets to go on the train!

Go guys!

But don't leave us for girls... yet! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The reason why we love going to Robinson's Magnolia with the kiddies is because there are a lot of activities for them to do!

Like this train!!!

See Johans going on his skateboard at the back?

They also ran around in the park!

They sat down on the grass and chatted too!!!

Wohoo! Fritz is here!

That means Mareng Gem is here as well!

Mareng Gem treated the kiddies to another round of Go Kart! Wohooo! Thanks dearie!

We continued our gabfest with boats of ice cream too!

After Robinson's Magnolia, we went to Casa Virrey for more of Johan's birthday!

The boys made videos....

And we also played Uno!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JOHANS!!! God bless you always and we love you!!!!

More "Fridays fun times" ahead!!!!

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