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Sunday, January 19, 2014


It's my little son's birthday weekend and TEAM YAP is celebrating via a staycation in SOFITEL. We already had a full day of swimming, Korean dining, SM MOA ferris wheeling, and LOTS of picture taking (see SOFITEL STAYCATION part ONE), but I assure you, the night was far from being DONE.

Sorry this blog is for General Patronage so there is no way that THAT was a naughty referral. It may be in our wishlist though... Tee hee... Kidding!

WARNING:Like the first part of this blog, there WILL be a lot of pictures here, so enter if you dare. At the same time, I apologize for it. I may be a frustrated actress since I auditioned for "Little Miss Philippines" and did not pass. What can I say?

After washing them up, we got ready to play our new (old) board game MAD!

This was my family's favorite board game when we were kids so it was something I really wanted to play with my TEAM YAP. It was so cool that my husband found one in good condition in EBay!

While playing, Andrei was eating the box of chocolates that SOFITEL gave him as a birthday gift!

These were soooo nummy yummy in our tummies! Good thing that Andrei shared with us! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

What's a board game without drinks? Andrei had some fresh milk... 

While Mati asked for some hot chocolate!

Then somebody knocked at such a late hour!


Another treat for the birthday boy from SOFITEL!

My little guy was so excited that he jumped up and down!

Here's my little lord blowing his ganache cake!

He was so happy!

Thanks again SOFITEL!!!! You really know how to make your guests feel special!

This was so delicious by the way! Such a perfect midnight snack for us!

After our MAD game (Andrei won!), it's time to sleep for the little lords!

The next morning, we woke up extra early for another long dip in the SOFITEL pool!

Don't worry it'll be another year before their next bath so I'll let them swim all they want today.

DUH. I'm kidding.

Or am I? Tee hee!

I spy a little guy lost in his train of thought... 

(Andrei : Where are my diving goggles?) 

While Mati was getting ready to swim for 2 hours (at least)... 

...I was seriously checking out the stocks at Wall street and calculating when is the next time to buy...

NAAAH. I was just editing my photogrid picture to be posted on Facebook! 

I could check my Facebook page while my boys swim because there's a very devoted lifeguard watching over the waters.

AND no. He's not peeing. 

This guy was so strict and would really toot his whistle when somebody was getting unruly or was close in harm's way in the SOFITEL pool!

We started swimming at 8:00am and we almost got the pool to ourselves!

Such a perfect morning! I could just sit here for a whole day!

If I needed anything, I should just press a button to summon a SOFITEL staff!

Yup! In no time...

My husband and I decided that it would be more practical for us to order breakfast and eat by the pool so that our boys won't lose any valuable swimming time. 

To prove my point: does THIS look like somebody who would like to get out of the water for a long time? I don't think so.

When this picture was taken he was actually saying "Mommy... faster....."

And so we ordered!

SOFITEL French Toast!

... which came with assorted jams and spreads!

SOFITEL pancakes!

And my newest favorite... something I would REALLY go back to SOFITEL for... their Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel!

This was SO perfect with coffee!! I'm drooling while looking at it now!

I love that my husband, who was such a workaholic, was finally able to take some time off and just relax. 

As for me, I'm just so happy with all this food. This almost gave tears of joy. 

I was almost tempted to not call the kids so I could eat in peace but my small conscience got the better of me.

Take note that I said SMALL. 


Mommy and Mati!

Daddy and a grumpy Andrei who still did not want to eat.

Oh wow...

My birthday is near so I hope somebody would give me 2 boxes of THIS glorious SOFITEL bagel sandwich! PLEASE do try it!!!

After eating, Mati played with his classmate Fredrick from Don Bosco. They also met up yesterday.

My husband can't resist my boys' pleas and joined them in the pool!

SOFITEL has a very clean bathing area for swimmers. 

The shower room of SOFITEL was just spacious, dry (somebody religiously mops up after every bath), and smelled good too!

Each shower cubicle had this set up.

SOFITEL provided soap and shampoo too!

My boys belted out their favorite One Direction song while taking a shower!

Andrei wrapped the towel on him HIS way!

After dressing up, the boys played once more in the sandy area of SOFITEL!

While they were having fun with that, I was  enjoying the complimentary pool side snacks that lovely SOFITEL ladies gave around. 

Andrei won't stop and kept on making sand castles.

Hay. As for me, I surely hope there is no end to all our "playing" here in SOFITEL. Even if they generously let us stay for an extra hour without charge, we were all in feeling crummy inside because, it's time to check out! 

But we won't go without a "fight"!

He he he he!

We always take family pictures around the unit before we go. I like to do it because I want to remember the  room which took care us throughout our staycation. 

Tee hee!

If you want to go out the door, sorry because....


Bye haunted theatre (Manila Film Center)!!!

For those who don't know while this building was being constructed, there was a cave-in and all carpenters were buried alive. Afterwards their souls never left and would haunt the people who are unfortunately in the theatre...


Mati cam...

Andrei cam...


Thank you for making Andrei's birthday weekend MORE fun and special!



Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex
Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City
Tel: (+632) 551-5555
Fax: (632) 551-5610


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