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Monday, January 6, 2014


You may accuse me for being a bit biased but hey, EVERYONE who has met her would agree that my MOM is one of the most beautiful ladies there is -- inside and out. I always maintained that she is the perfect epitome of a loving Mother who prioritized her children (especially the angelic bunsoy) over her career in medicine (she's a doctor). You know the type who gets principal sponsor/godmother requests left and right? Yup that's her. And every time I talk to somebody who has met my Mom, they would always remark on her beauty, elegance, and kindness.

Yup that's her. My complete opposite. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, it was her birthday last October and the family had one of the celebrations with a Spanish Sunday lunch in ALBA'S.


I was about to write that this Spanish restaurant has been here from goodness knows then and my question was instantly answered when I saw that it has been with us since 1952.

TEAM YAP was the earliest of the group because we went straight to ALBA after hearing Sunday mass.

ALBA has been serving authentic Spanish cuisine to the Filipino diners for many years now (quick how many is 2013 - 1952???) and it was proud to display their numerous awards and write ups!

ALBA has more awards than I have ever received in my lifetime....

Well my only consolation here is that ALBA is already 61 years old while I am only... ahem... 28... :P


ALBA meynuh 1...

ALBA meynuh 2

ALBA meynuh 3....

ALBA meynuh 4...

ALBA meynuh 5...

AND finally...

ALBA meynuh 6...

Take note of the code!

As we took our seats, we were given complimentary bread rolls with butter. I would have enjoyed this more if it was warmed up so that it would be perfect to slather the butter on. BUT, sorry for me, I was lazy. I'm sure they would have heated this if I asked.

Mati loved calamares and requested to have the ALBA fried squid tentacles or Rabas Fritas (P190.00).

He loved this ALBA seafood dish and was able to finish it with only a piece or two swiped by Andrei. Ha ha ha ha!

Little Andrei however was in the mood more for shrimps and got the ALBA Gambas (P330.00). I got a taste of it and the seafood was fresh and very flavorful. I just find the price a bit too much for the serving. 

So, no questions about it, this was immediately wiped out clean!

The ala carte grub though is for the kids. Us adults will will go for the ALBA buffet! And boy oh boy (ala Mickey Mouse) we WERE hungry!

Here are their buffet prices! Pretty reasonable right?

Spanish Lunch Buffet

P650+ per head
Kids 4 feet and below: P325+
3 years old and below: free
11:30 am to 2:30 pm
Available Monday to Sunday in all outlets

Spanish Dinner Buffet

P695+ per head
Kids 4 feet and below: P348+
3 years old and below: free
6:00 to 10:30 pm
Available Monday to Sunday in Tomas Morato, QC branch
Saturdays and Sundays in Westgate, Alabang branch
Sundays in Polaris, Bel Air Makati Branch

Here's what ALBA served....

The ALBA appetizers.... 

I loved this spanish chorizo especially with their homemade salsa! I even mixed it with the greens!

The ALBA salad with crisp cucumbers, lettuce, and onions was simple but complemented the rich dishes in the other side of the buffet. 

For your main dish, pile up some ALBA Salchichas Con Champignon, Bacalao Pimiento, and Croquetas (not pictured but it was beside the Bacalao)!

How about some ALBA Canalones and Menestra de Legumbres?

Sorry I forgot what they are. I just put everything in my plate and licked it clean later on.

ALBA's Breaded Fish Fillet and Pollo Al Ajillo!

I loved ALBA's stews (Tuhod Y Batoc and Callos)! They were both so rich, hearty, and just very thick for my Paella rice! YUM!

Another favorite is the ALBA Cochinillo Asado though I would have preferred this to be more crunchy. It was served at room temperature so I'm not really sure if this was newly cooked. STILL, the flavors were just succulent. My husband got 2 or 3 plates of this baby (pun sorta intended). 

Same goes for their ALBA crispy pata!

And of course, a Spanish staple... THE PAELLA. 

The rice was a bit on the dry side so you would get the vibe that you are having a plate of fried rice. But still it was something I got a second serving of. I just love paella! Num numminy!

Hmmm... now this goes out to all those who just "hoard" a lot of food but don't really have the capacity to finish it. 

Keep Calm and EAT what you get!

Time to pile up all that ALBA goodness!

What the??? Was I sick here or something???

I guess I was on a diet... Ha ha ha ha ha!

My Kuya Jon and Ate Jit!

Both are still single and ready to mingle.

Tee hee! They would surely lock me up in my room once they see this. Oh well... so we'll see if they REALLY read my blog!! >:(

Little "afro" Mati (tee hee) and Baby Andrei!

My Dad and the lovely birthday celebrant!

LET'S EAT! Check out Mati's face... ha ha ha ha ha! He did that on purpose!

For dessert, I got some light ALBA canonigo from the buffet!

... and some strawberry panna cotta!

Mmmmmm.... Sweets for my sweet....

Naaah... I don't think so. HA HA HA HA!

Even though there was an abundance of dessert, we felt that a cake with candle plus a birthday song for my Mom will make the day more memorable!

ALBA servers were more than happy to oblige!

Such a fun family day at ALBA for everyone's special lady!!! 


38 Polaris St. Bel-Air Makati City
896 6950 to 51, 890 4372

Tomas Morato corner Scout Lozano,
Quezon City
925 1912, 928 7129, 411 7052

Westgate Center, Commerce Ave.,
Filinvest Corporate City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
771.2178 to 79


  1. We love alba's buffet too! Price is reasonable considering spanish fare is usually pricey talaga.

    1. Hiya Stacy!!! Right you are! Food was fairly delicious and there was a lot to choose from. We loved our lunch there. We might go back very soon! Thanks for the comment :)


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