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Monday, January 13, 2014


One fine Saturday, ERICJAZ FOODIES with our little lord Andrei in tow, met up with Kathi and Jericho of MUCKING AROUND MANILA because we've always wanted to try NOLITA in BGC Central. I for one have read about countless raves, and no rants, about the restaurant with that New York feel that I was excited for the lunch ahead. Besides the food, I was also looking forward for little Andrei to meet Kathi and Jericho's cutie pie doggies since he was such an animal lover.

Maybe that's why he is so close to his Daddy... Because he is THE BEAST...

While I am BEAUTY.

TEE to the HEE!


We parked ourselves at the al fresco side of NOLITA so that our little ones (Andrei, Ghost, and Zoey) could run and bike around.

If you're wondering who will be doing the biking and the running around, I will smack you. Tee hee...

Andrei instantly fell in love with Ghost (from Game of Thrones) and Zoey (I wonder if her name is based from the book "Franny and Zooey"?) that after this meeting he would just come up to me and ask "When are we going to have a dog?" on repeat!

Awww! He has new friends!

Meanie Eric removed Jericho from the pic... Tee hee! Kidding!

Anyway, NOLITA has a very casual and homey set up that would make you want to grab your pizza by your paws and just wolf it all down. (Well, that's how I do it in MY home... tee hee)  The wooden tables and chairs might even transport you to picnics in the nearby park that you would think they serve just the usual pepperoni pizza. 

(Buzzer) You're wrong!

You would be astounded by the choices!



NOLITA is semi-self service that you order your grub at the counter, pay for it, then wait for it to be served at your table. 

Ain't the lady behind MUCKING AROUND MANILA soo charming and pretty?

Now give me GHOST!


I got the NOLITA Sausage, Pepper, and Mushroom (P250.00) for my husband because I wanted him to try something else besides me... este... besides his usual pepperoni favorite!

I was able to take a bite out of this NOLITA pizza and the crust was perfectly chewy while the sauce had just the right fruity sourness to it!

 We were also happy to note that all toppings of the NOLITA pizza that we tried were well seasoned, flavorful, and could be enjoyed well on its own!

Like this NOLITA Grilled Chicken with Sun Dried Tomato Pizza (P250.00)!

Chicken was so tender and extra tasty! 

Those big dollops of ricotta cheese on this NOLITA pizza added those extra bites of creaminess to this chomp worthy dish!

Little Andrei, who idolized Kevin from Home Alone, was fixated only on having Cheese Pizza for the day. His NOLITA Regular Cheese (P120.00) gave him a happy smile throughout the meal!

Yup! It was extra cheesy and gooey!

Kathi had the NOLITA Chicken Parmesan Pizza (P250.00) which had an abundant serving of the breaded chicken bites that she shared with her little doggies. She said the chicken nuggets were quite tasty and truly complemented the tomatoes and cheese!

As for me, a pizza may have all the delicious goodness in the world but it could NEVER be a complete meal in itself for me. NADAH!

It will only be my SIDE DISH. Yep! Even a fat deep dish pizza will not fill me up!

So that's why I ordered NOLITA's Pesto Mascarpone Pasta (P310.00) which was served in this little petite bowl. 

Don't be fooled though because this was just JAM PACKED with the curly pasta and pesto sauce. 

I loved the extra arugula leaves mingling with the al dente pasta as it added a woodsy contrast from the creamy dish!

Oh yeah... I'm such a slob that I just mixed this NOLITA baby!

LET'S EAT!!!! 

Yub, Jericho, and a very distracted Andrei who played footsie with Ghost and Zoey all throughout the meal!

Me and Kathi!

Just in case you have a good memory (unlike me) and remember her, and that outfit somewhere, it was the look I was going for in her Balkan birthday celebration (see HERE)!!!

So do you think I "got" her? Tee hee!

Anyway, going back to NOLITA, I had a bit of hard time making Andrei finish his pizza. It tasted good and all but he found it too big for his wee tummy. 

For me however, it's ALWAYS pasta and pizza, EVERY TIME! 

And before you know it... DONE!

Le NOLITA bill!

It was such a great lunch for ERICJAZ FOODIES (with Andrei!) because delicious food was matched with awesome company!

It's been awhile and ERICJAZ FOODIES is looking forward to another merge with the muckers of MUCKING AROUND MANILA!


UG/F Bonifacio High Street Central,
West Superblock, 7th Ave cor 29th St.
BGC, Taguig
+63 2 547 8661

This was a great picture of Andrei playing with Zoey! He was really enchanted by her playfulness and always asked about her afterwards. Dear Kathi even promised to give us little Zoey puppies when the time came. Oh well. Thank you for making that NOLITA day more memorable for Andrei you little cutesie puppy...

R.I.P Zoey :(


  1. Aww... Don't worry Andrei, I might get a new puppy sooooooon... How does a little teacup maltese sound?

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Thanks dear Kathi! Let's meet up for another food trip and "play date" soon!

  2. I always love a different kind of pizza flavor, so that Grilled Chicken with Sun Dried Tomatoes appeals to me so much. Looks sooo appetizing!

    1. You are so right Karl!! I too look for something else rather than the usual pepperoni and cheese pizza! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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