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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


When my Dad's sisters from Las Vegas visited us, my sister thought of treating them to somewhere for an experience that is different from what they are used to in Sin City. Uh... no... I'm not referring to the whole nine yards when it comes to "stripping" but more on a night they will appreciate that will not involve slot machines or anything with a pole.

So my sister thought of bringing them to BARBARA's in Intramuros because from what she heard, it was dinner with a Filipiniana kind of show. At first we were like, jeez, don't conclude that Seniors (oops sorry tee hee) would automatically love this thing. But in the end, we were all enjoying and savoring the wonderful night that the beauty of our old world served us.

If we stayed a second more we would have broken out into song ("Aaaawitan kitaaaaaa"). But that's another story. He he he he!


BARBARA's dinner and show!

When you get to BARBARA's you will be welcomed by this grand staircase.

It would be nice if BARBARAS would also have an elevator for their "younger" patrons who may have difficulty going up the high stairs. 

BARBARA'S new prices!

Buffet Hours: Open entire week
11AM – 2PM : Lunch Buffet
6:30PM – 9PM : Dinner Buffet

Sweet smiles would greet you when you reach the top of the stairs by lovely ladies. The one dressed in traditional Filipiniana garb led us to our table. 

When we got in BARBARA'S there was a show ongoing. I learned that their Kultura Filipina Show starts at 7:15pm with succeeding sets afterwards.

Everyone seemed to be entertained by the BARBARA'S show!

They featured several dances!

With the tinikling dance, they even called on some audience members to join. 

With this, BARBARA'S would be the perfect venue to bring a foreign guest if you want them to experience colorful Filipino culture!!

As for me, somebody who grew up in a different generation from BARBARA'S setting, I was fascinated by the antique look all around. 

A simple trip to the restroom made my mouth drop in beauty... 

Then later on my imagination got the better of me (like white ladies in Filipiniana inside the restroom) that I stopped my old time "exploring" and rushed back to my family like the cowardly modern gal that I am. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 

In between shows, BARBARA'S lights up all their majestic chandeliers! 

Not good for my camera though but it did brighten everything up to a warm glow!

Of course, when you're in BARBARA'S, don't just get lost in the show. 

There is a dinner buffet that starts at 6:30pm and ends at 9:00pm!

I know it's very convenient to just wait and be served but it won't hurt to stand up a bit and help yourself to BARBARA'S buffet!

If you're too lazy (like we are) then sit close to the BARBARA'S buffet table... Number 13 was pretty near! He he he he!

BARBARA'S buffet had limited choices but I still liked it. The food was your simple but traditional Filipino grub which you may probably grew up with. 

Help yourself to some hot soup before starting on your BARBARA'S meal!

Mati loved slurping on this!

As for me I made friends with this group of crunchy greens!

So simple but VERY good. 

I fell in love with you, you know I did...

But now it's time to dig in to the main dishes!

BARBARA'S pancit bihon...

BARBARA'Ssauteed veggies...

Am I seeing it right? My husband is getting VEGETABLES? It's a MIRACLE!!!

BARBARA'S chicken...

BARBARA'S chicken inasal.... 

BARBARA'S beef caldareta... 

... which my family loved! It was thick, hearty, and packed a punch of flavor! So perfect with steamed rice!!!!

BARBARA'S desserts!

Our favorites were...

Brazo de Mercedes bites... 

Sago in coconut milk... 

.. and the BEST of them all... The fried bananas in sesame and caramel!

Believe me they don't look like much but once you get a bite, WOW. You'd want to grab everything and pile it onto your plate.

Which was what my brothers and sister did so there was nothing left for the bunsoy old me :(

Mati and Rocio at our kiddie table! 

Andrei did not want to go with us and went with his lolo instead. My Dad (like me) was not really a fan of going to places outside his usual "archipelago". He he he he!

Kuya Jon, Mommy, and Tita Carmie (dancing to the tinikling beat... he he he he)... 

Yub, Tita Meldy, and Kuya Jon (again)..

Kuya Jay and Karen (of LAKBAY MESA)!

Oh yeah!


My BARBARA'S salad plate... 

MY plate! My beautiful BARBARA'S plate!

While they were all chatting, I had a cup of brewed coffee!

After our dinner and the last show, we had a picture with the beautiful dancers of BARBARA'S!

Everyone agreed that it was such a great night! We enjoyed everything at BARBARA'S!

Aw come on... don't tell me you don't get this?

(Patayin sa sindak si..........???)

My little Mati played a song for me before we left!

Going down, I cannot resist not taking a picture of my reflection of the mirror by the stair case!

Ooooh... were you hoping there was something scary that would be captured on film?

Besides me that is?

After dinner, we had a romantic and memorable stroll along Intramuros...

...which deserved a picture from us 4!!

Totally off topic here, when we were kids, my brothers and sister used to pretend that we were the BEATLES!

My Kuya Jay was Paul because he said he was the handsomest.
My Kuya Jon was John because they had the same name...
My Ate Jit was Ringo because my brothers always teased her that she's a loser...
While I was George because we shared the same birthday. 

Tee hee!

Oh Chinese Adonis, Where art thou you...

I was also glad to be walking along this cool night at Intramuros with my favorite little man!

My Mom with the young ones and the younger ones... Ha ha ha ha ha!

Such a wonderful night of old Filipino with family!

Plaza San Luis Complex General Luna St. Intramuros, 
Manila, 1002 Intramuros, Manila
(02) 527 3893

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