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Thursday, January 9, 2014

SLICE N' DICE (again)

My little family are huge fans of SLICE N' DICE that we used to eat there every single week (see HERE). There was even a time where we included it in our roster of restaurants for somebody's special 7 day birthday celebration -- YUP! That's how much we loved this cheap steak hub!

We were just heart broken when their several branches simultaneously closed down that we were left with nothing when we were in the mood for steaks at a cheap price. We tried THIS restaurant and THAT restaurant but nothing offered the comforting taste of sizzling Filipino beef with flavorful brown gravy that we fell in love with.

Until finally, DING DING DING (similar to the sound made by Hector Salamanca... google that... tee hee) SLICE N' DICE is BACK and in a venue so near to us! REJOICE! REJOICE! Such a happy day!

Tee hee! Sorry. Like I said before, food does that to me... ahem.. us! :)

SLICE N' DICE in Mandaluyong City!

It can't get any better than that! Tee hee!

SLICE N' DICE in Mandaluyong City was small yet cozy. The restaurant was well lit and it was quite cool for us!

We were all so hungry that we all felt ballistic when the food came!!

SLICE N' DICE Cheesy Mussels (P105.00)! This was Mati's favorite!

Besides the SLICE N' DICE steak, this became my favorite as well because the sharp flavors of the cheese and garlic was a welcome contrast from the rich gravy and meats of our steak orders.

We had another order of this later on because one was not enough for us! He he he he!

We got Andrei some SLICE N' DICE Steak Rice (P55.00) which he thought he'd like because it came with fried egg and gravy. Unfortunately, nobody from the group fancied this and we made up our minds to always stick to the basics when we're here.

Like having an extra order of garlic rice....

Or just plain rice...

... and a hair cut. Ha ha ha ha! Mati here has some "hair gone wild!"

My husband got the SLICE N' DICE Tenderloin (P99.00) which was enough for him and Andrei. 

Actually my husband loved this so much that he pretended his bunsoy did not exist.


Now my order is this heaping sizzling plate of SLICE N' DICE Steak Ala Pobre (P110.00 /with garlic rice). Ain't this just mouthwatering and purrty? 

It's all just beautiful that it just inspired me to do a.........

(Overdramatic voice)

Oh I'm just kidding. He he he he! I hope I didn't make you want to bash your monitors in a violent impulse... I just want attention that's all.... Tee hee!

Seriously though this SLICE N' DICE order is one helluva piece of meat -- it's thick... moderately tender... and very nummy in my tummy with all the juices! I was supposed to be on a diet (take note on the word SUPPOSED) that I was only going to eat beef the size of a deck of cards. 

I didn't mention though the the deck of cards was CUT several times by the dealer and laid down side by side... Tee hee.... 


Yub and Mati!

My husband knows it's bad manners to eat with a cap on but his hair was also a disaster in SLICE N' DICE that no matter how mean my glare was, he kept it on his head!

Steak! MINE! All mine!

Like I said, another order of SLICE N' DICE Cheesy mussels for us. This was wiped out in a New York minute!


... AND le bill!!! 

Very affordable right? Can't wait to come back here again to cause a food ruckus with the kids!


California Garden Square, Mauway, 
Mandaluyong City
02 4828225

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