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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


For the first time one family Sunday, my kids did not force their usual selves into having breakfast at Krispy Kreme but agreed to "wherever else we wanted to go". I don't know the real reason for the temporary "restraining" order on their favorite Sunday morning grub, but there was an opportunity, and I know the very place to take them to.

To another dimension!!!!!!!!!!!

(cue in inspirational music.... "Somewhere" )

A place where my husband is insanely romantic... A place where I could eat all the crab fat in butter all I want and not get a heart attack... A place where my little lords will demand for all the broccolli and bitter melon that they could get their hands on!

A place where EVERYTHING is upside down!!!


I was a bit disappointed though that none of my outrageous expectations mentioned above came true. Oh well... maybe in the next life time. Still, PAN DE AMERIKANA in Quezon City, is worth the trip for our fambam if only for that crazy upside down house up front!

Upon entering PAN DE AMERIKANA, you'll see that even their little signs are upside down. Take note though that they made REAL reminders right side up! Tee hee!

Andrei : Welcome to my home.....

See? It's upside down!

My husband was amazed at the view and can't help but look up.

Yub : "What the......???"

 Don't worry Yub, I'm sure everything has been nailed firmly that there won't be any danger of anything falling off. UNLESS of course, you're in Final Destination.... Tee hee

(knock on wood)

Don't worry... If it's not the hanging furnitures, it could be the twigs that will knock you out.

Oh I'm Just Kidding! Like a twig could do that. Anyway, I liked the hanging twig and branches decor for their ceiling as it added an extra feel of nature to this upside down dimension!

Even their faucets and sinks by the restrooms are a pretty sight to behold!

But you know what, save from the upside down furniture hanging from the ceiling, PAN DE AMERIKANA somehow brings you to a place where you could sit back and have a few cold drinks while your obedient carabao tends to your field. Yup! You gotta believe it! You would feel as if you're in a different lazy time zone and place amidst the bustle of traffic outside!

Believe me though that even if there is a merge of old, new, and just plain puzzling in PAN DE AMERIKANA you would still sit around wide eyed and ogle at everything around you because it all worked!

I know it did for us!!!

One particular corner that captured my cutie fancy is their pictures of famous Filipino personalities from the Sampaguita picture days.

I know I'm only (cough) 28 but I really appreciate the classics and am continuously awed by them!

Starting off with our own Clark Gable, Rogelio dela Rosa...

His brother Jaime dela Rosa... 

Eddie Guitterez!

Luis Gonzales...

Mario Montenegro (isn't he just DASHING????????????????)

FPJ, the King of Philippine movies...

Ramon Revilla.... 

One of my favorite Filipina actresses.... Gloria Romero!

Nestor de Villa I took a fancy on before too...

And even if he was not really in the Sampaguita/LVN era, I will also include everyone's BOSSING...

Vic Sotto!

(Go, my bossing! Go my little bossing!!! He he he he!)

I apologize for the stroll down Philippine Cinema lane... but it is also one of the factors which made me love PAN DE AMERIKANA more!

Back to the restaurant! He he he he!

PAN DE AMERIKANA is semi self service so you may want to stop ogling a bit and get some water, condiments, and sauces for your family. 

Or you could do the next best thing...

Me : "Yub......."


PAN DE AMERIKANA waiters are always smiling and ready to help when you call them!

Time to order!

menu grabbed from ZOMATO. Sorry but my menu pic was extra blurry that day... :(


Since we were going to have lunch with my family later on, we only had a light snack in PAN DE AMERIKANA!

Mati ordered their Cheesy Baked Macaroni (P70.00)!

My little lord seemed to like it as he was able to finish everything without sharing or offering anyone a bite. Ha ha ha ha!

He was still so cute about it though. Ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. I have learned before the basic rule of thumb to NEVER go between a MAN and his FOOD. 

We also ordered the PAN DE AMERIKANA Pancit Bihon (P40.00) which was your usual vermicelli noodles cooked in broth and vegetables. This was fairly good!

We also ordered the PAN DE AMERIKANA lumpiang shanghai (P45.00) which was perfect with the pancit. Now I know that P45.00 would not really buy you anything in some establishments but I still think that for 3 pieces, these spring rolls are sort of pricey!

Of course, I wouldn't be in PAN DE AMERIKANA without ordering a sandwich using their famous pandesal right? 

This may look like a sorry piece of bread with filling for P30.00 but the bread was good. Plus, the canned sardines they used had a delectable sauce!

Good enough to make me do a...



Like my dress? It's given to me by a friend who bought it from Gingersnaps. And NOPE. I was not pregnant at that time.


Yub and his little guy!

Like I said, in PAN DE AMERIKANA, you could just sit back and relax with a hot mug of java or a refreshing mango shake (P30.00). 

(stretching) Aaaah.... That's so niiice.... This is what Juan Tamad (Johnny Lazy) goals are made of...

Our PAN DE AMERIKANA bill!!! So affordable right? The food was something too! We're definitely looking forward to another meal here to try out their specials!



131 Katipunan Avenue Corner St Ignatius, 
Katipunan, Quezon City
02 4425601, +63 9178811884

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