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Thursday, December 26, 2013


I hope you have fun...
The near and the dear one...
The old and the young....

                              -- John Lennon

Unlike how we celebrated Christmas eve (see HERE) where we followed the tradition we hold most sacred, TEAM YAP now went for a different route in spending our day together as a family. Well I don't know about you, but this holiday season was also very tiresome that initially, I planned to spend the whole day with my husband in bed.

Now before porno music cues into your head (or my husband's har de har har), I meant that I will just SLEEP the whole day (you pervert... oops kidding don't block me).

Then, we remembered it would not be fair to the little lords to drag them into their parent's obscene laziness. Not only that, we also didn't want to be haunted by the words of John Lennon hoping that "we had fun". So amidst the Christmas hangover, we got up and decided to go out as a little family.

But where to? Certainly trips to the malls will be very ordinary on this special day. It should be a different experience for the kids!

And so we were led to the MIRACLE ART EXHIBITION! 


Let me correct myself though that TEAM YAP still went to a mall TECHNICALLY because THE MIRACLE ART Exhibit was located in Lucky Chinatown Mall!

Since we were unfamiliar with the place, we parked near the cinema area. Helpful mall guards then assisted us to get to Annex A where the MIRACLE ART Exhibit was.

Lucky us that the MIRACLE ART EXHIBIT had a special Christmas discount! However, since it was Christmas day, their crummy printer took an LOA, and the free service was not available.

Oh well... You can't win them all.


The boys were VERY excited going to the MIRACLE ART EXHIBIT! You could say that they were giddy all the way!

NO MATTER how excited you are though, do NOT forget this cardinal rule when going to the MIRACLE ART EXHIBIT. It would somehow make the trip useless. You'll see later on how that shutter gadget is important for this trip!

Well for one... we bought not just one but TWO cameras! Mati has his own camera now and loves making photo diaries as well!

My 2 guys buying tickets!

Attendants in the MIRACLE ART EXHIBIT were very happy and accommodating even if they were working on a Christmas day. If you catch an attendant passing by, they are all too willing to take your pictures!

And the show starts NOW!

Per each section, the MIRACLE ART EXHIBIT posts tips on how you will get the best effects for your pictures. Of course, it is still up to you how you want your pictures to go but it IS nice to look at something when you cannot comprehend how the visual effects should work.

Andrei went right for it and asked for a picture with this ginormous Octopus!

Don't let that KRAKEN in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrei is so addicted to JAWS these days that his face lit right up when he saw this portrait in MIRACLE ART EXHIBIT!

My youngest son makes a mean painting don't you think?

Oh no! Don't go down the drain Andrei!


My little guy found this polar bear cute so he gave him a drink of ice cold Coke! He he he he!

If you're wondering where my husband and Mati are, they are also having a photo session for themselves elsewhere. 

Finally Mati joins us in feeding this smelly camel!

Oh no!!! Mati and Andrei are going down the drain!

Andrei remembered his pet kitty Tomas Two that he wanted to give this tabby cat some milk as well.


Isn't it nice to just sit comfortably inside a T-Rex's mouth?

While my husband felt like being a gentleman to Lady Venus...

MY son Mati wanted to cover her up!

Oh dear! Don't let Ghost get away Mati!

Ghost is the white doggie of Kathi Raneses of  MUCKING AROUND MANILA!


Come to me son of Jor-El... este.. Eric! Kneel before Zod! :P

TEAM YAP! Me, Mati, Andrei, and ERIC... Tee hee!

One of the kids' favorite section is the MIRACLE ART EXHIBITION's Cinema World!

It's getting hot in hurrr....

If ever Iron Man DOES fly out of a picture frame, Andrei will just stay sassy!

While my husband looks like he will punch the daylights out of Mr. Stark!

Pssst.... Dobby has a crush on you!

My husband loves putting deep emotions in his pictures!

While I always go for the "bland" style of acting!


Andrei... I am your... MOTHER.


"Angels we have heard on high.... "

"The way he moves... The way he glides across the room.... "

Hmmm... it's not everyday you see a white headed horse offering Andrei a drink!

Now HIT me with your BEST shot!!

Andrei helping out his long lost brother!

That's me spreading more love this Christmas!


Like I said above, Mati brought his own camera and took a lot of pictures of his brother. My little Andrei, the dutiful bunsoy that he is, posed a lot for his Kuya!


We did many takes of this shot because Andrei kept on giggling while looking into my eyes.

Wow! Somebody was THAT happy to run along the shores!

The last section of the MIRACLE ART EXHIBITION was the Mission World.

I hope that lion comes to life and eat my husband! I wonder when was the last time it had Chinese food? Tee hee!

My little lord Mati had a grand time shooting a lot of pics of willing subjects!

The last supper!

Cutie boy Andrei was really trying to get this gift from Santa!

Is it just me or is that reindeer gloating at my kids?


We realized that we did not have a family picture yet inside the museum. So we waited for a kind soul to take our picture.

This was one fine day for TEAM YAP!

Little Andrei was getting a bit antsy though because it was not as cool inside the MIRACLE ART EXHIBITION as it was in the mall. Hope they could do something about their air conditioning considering that there weren't many visitors in the museum.

Here's our exit!

We had a fun time at the MIRACLE ART EXHIBITION! Believe me, I would love to go back here and take more pictures the right way. 

When you go here, don't forget to look for the best angle to get that full 3D effect in your pictures!

You could say that it was like a case of shoulda, woulda, coulda for me here since I know I could have angled my shots better. Still, we all had fun clowning around and making the most of this MIRACLE ARTS EXHIBITION!

Afterwards we had a simple lunch at Lucky China Town food court!

Truly a different Christmas day trip for TEAM YAP! 


(E building-3rd), 
Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente St., 
corner Dela Reina St., Binondo, Manila,

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