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Friday, December 13, 2013

HOMEMADE TREASURES (the best ensaimada)

I have discovered that if you want to become an instant comedian during the holiday season, you should just utter out these 4 words... 

"I am on a diet."

Take my case for instance. I am trying my darndest to lose weight since November and I wanted to carry on to see if I have lost any pounds after 2 months. But every time I tell people that "I am on a diet" they let out the loudest guffaw and wonder if I am being my usual insane self.

Well I did put up a good fight for the past 2 months, but I have to say that tonight, FOOD once again won in our title bout for "JAZ vs BEING A HEAVYWEIGHT". Tonight, of all nights, after meeting up with the Kain Tulog Gang and enjoying food from 2 restaurants, our favorite guy Spanky Enriquez (THE DAILY SPANKS) gave us an early Christmas present!


Awwww... thanks tito Spanky! Looking forward to your Valentines' gift! Tee hee!!!

Hmmm... we seem to have the same handwriting!

I think HOMEMADE TREASURES ENSAIMADAS are perfect Christmas gifts to your loved ones!

But there will be no "recycling" of gifts here (NEVER been my style). ESPECIALLY if it's food that seemed as good as this!

Why hello there my little friends!

HOMEMADE TREASURES Classic Ensaimada since 1930's!

Wow! I wonder who I was in that lifetime? 

Marilyn Monroe??

After I unwrapped the HOMEMADE TREASURES ENSAIMADA, I saw cheese and butter, upon cheese and butter.... oh and LOTS of sugar. 

Oh wow. I'm in trouble now.

When Spanky gave this to me during dinner, everybody strongly suggested that I heat this up a bit before eating!

And so little obedient me did so at 12:00am.... 

A good zap for 5 seconds will do the trick!

And you will be faced with the CHEESIEST and MOST buttery ensaimada you have ever laid your eyes on!

HOMEMADE TREASURES is DEFINITELY worth EVERY calorie in my butt!

Yummmmmmmm.... another buttery bite will do!

See the butter melting on top of the HOMEMADE TREASURES ensaimada? Wow. 

This is so sinful but friggin worth it!

Of course, I don't want you to over binge on your HOMEMADE TREASURES ENSAIMADA so I included a pic that will make you lose your appetite! Tee hee!

Kidding! This pic is for my consumption anyway...

If I say that the PUN was intended, it would be so dirty so I won't say it anymore. HA HA HA HA!

Don't forget to enjoy this with an ice cold glass of juice or hot coffee! You don't want to choke when you ram this whole thing into your mouth now, would you?

Just like we did... well almost... we cut our HOMEMADE TREASURES ENSAIMADA into chunks naman. He he he!




  1. The BEST there ever is!
    Its the softest ever talaga! :)

    I have been so in love with Homemade Treasures' ensaimadas ever since I first tasted it last 2012!

    Do try Chona's other products! They're also very good! :)

    Chona is heaven sent talaga! Ensaimadas will never ever be the same!!

    1. Hiya Didi!!! Yes! Every bite of her ensaymada is so jampacked with sweet and buttery heaven!!! Talo ang more expensive ones here in Manila! Yes! I do hope to get a taste of her other stuff! I heard her ube is very yum too! Thanks for stopping by!!!! :)

  2. Thanks for your lovely post! Glad you enjoyed your ensaimadas. :) - Chona

    1. You're so welcome!!! Yes we enjoyed and loved your ensaimadas!!!! Truly the best there is now! Hope to meet you soon! :)


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