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Thursday, December 12, 2013


My husband and I just love celebrating family birthdays because not only are we thankful for another year of blessings with that loved one but we also get to eat at one of our favorite natal day restaurant tradition....


Now I know that I have already professed my love and wrote about how we really have regular birthday meetings in this old Japanese restaurant (SEE HERE!!!) but the birthday season is upon us where from October to March, we have one celebrant per month! With this, it is most likely that we will be enjoying the wonders of KIMPURA's teppanyaki table many times this season and we are not complaining! Of course a big factor is that members of TEAM YAP are all celebrants in the coming months too! Ha ha ha ha!

Here's our celebration with Kuya Jon to jump start the KIMPURA birthday celebration last September!  


My Kuya Jon, the birthday boy, and Ate Jojit!

My eldest brother Kuya Jay, his wife Karen, and daughter Cio!

Ooops! Sorry for the blurred shot! Don't sue me!

My Mom and Dad!

Cousins Cio and Mati! Nice face guys! Ha ha ha ha!

My Dad and my mini-me, Andrei!

HEY! Nobody took a picture of me and my Yub! GRRRR! >:(

KIMPURA seared tuna with garlic!

KIMPURA tuna sashimi! I was not able to take a picture of the other KIMPURA raw grub that we ordered because WE ATE IT ALL in a flash. Ha ha ha! Well, here's the lone raw warrior in the table which was deliciously fresh and plump! 

The reason why we left the KIMPURA tuna by its lonesome was because the MASTER COOK is here to start with our teppanyaki!

Don't you just love how my sibs and son included themselves in the picture?


Ingredients for the KIMPURA fried rice!

Yummmm.... fresh oysters!

The KIMPURA maestro started to fry up the rice!

The smell of frying garlic with butter and vegetables were just heavenly!

We just love watching and drooling while the KIMPURA chef cooks up his stuff!

Like Andrei who seemed enchanted with the flipping and the mixing of the Japanese fried food, and was oblivious to his crazy daddy!

Same goes to my sister and the birthday boy!

Just by looking at this you know that you are in a flavorful and delicious cup of KIMPURA fried rice later!

Since the kids did not want peppers and onions, the kindly KIMPURA chef whipped up a special egg with sauce fried rice!

Up next is the KIMPURA teppanyaki chicken!

The KIMPURA chef was quick in stir frying and slicing of the chicken with vegetables!

The end result? Perfectly seasoned and juicy cubes of teppanyaki KIMPURA chicken!

One of my favorites is the KIMPURA teppanyaki shrimp!

Scrumptious, buttery, and oozing with shrimp fat! So perfect with the KIMPURA fried rice!!

Another favorite of mine is the KIMPURA teppanyaki fresh oysters!


Being the Daddy's girl that I am, he ordered all of my favorites even if it was not my birthday. HA HA HA HA! Thanks Daddyoh!

Of course, we also need some teppanyaki vegetables and soft tofu to nourish our hungry selves. He he he he!

We never forget to order some KIMPURA yakiudon for long life to the birthday celebrant!

Again, I apologize for the blurry picture as the KIMPURA tempura was gone in almost 60 seconds. I was lucky to even get a shot!! Vultures!!! 

Cooked KIMPURA teppanyaki grub are then distributed on aluminum foiled corners to maintain the heat. I still requested for a plate though because I don't want my food mixing with the others. Tee hee!

As always, no matter how old we are, we get a HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for our special day!!! 

My brother later on admitted that he did not know there were some waiters singing for him at the back. Ha ha ha ha! He thought we were just singing THAT loud!

We gave Kuya Jon a cake while KIMPURA gifted him with the usual coffee gelatin birthday dessert!

Which goes to Andrei after he's done blowing/spitting on it. Ha ha ha ha!

KIMPURA is always considerate of their guests especially that waiters helped us serve the birthday cake without any corkage fee!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kuya Jon!!! We (or I) can't wait for your next birthday! TEE HEE!

Our (or my Dad's... he he hee) KIMPURA bill!

TEAM YAP's birthdays are coming up for December, January, February, and March, and we DEFINITELY know where one of our birthday stops will be! 


KIMPURA (Greenhills)
Greenhills Shopping Center, Unimart Stores, 
Ortigas Avenue, San Juan City, 1502, Metro Manila
(02) 721 8816

KIMPURA (Trinoma) 
Level 3, TriNoma Park, EDSA 
cor., North Ave., Quezon City
(02) 901-0813 • (02) 901-0692

KIMPURA (Greenbelt 5)
Level 4, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Legaspi Village, Makati City 
(02) 621-6791 to 93


  1. I miss kimpura and their fried rice. We used to frequent there when we were young. Now there are so many places to try we hardly go back to our old favorites anymore =(

    1. Hiya Stacy!!! Yes you're right there are many restaurants sprouting out there that we should be trying! Ha ha ha ha! Anyway, it's a good thing though that besides having more than one birthday celebrations, there is something about KIMPURA that we never get tired of going back to, that's why we get to include it in our agenda. Although I can't say the same for my other sibs, ... ha ha ha ha! Mati and Andrei are new fans so we get to keep the "tradition". Thanks for reading!


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