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Monday, December 2, 2013


Whenever TEAM YAP has weekend staycations, it became tradition for us to dress up when we step out for dinner. Yes! Just like how they used to do it in the old movies! However, since we could be a "crazy" team, we don't really match our attire with a stuck up resto. We want it to be fun like we are!

For a particular weekend when we were at our second time getaway at F1 Hotel (blog post soon to follow), we once again tried to be like Cary Grant (for the boys) and Deborah Kerr (for the lady). Unfortunately though, one of the "boys" decided to go for the Michelin route! Tsk tsk tsk!

Anyway, my little lord Mati craved for some Filipino food while I longed for something that wouldn't break our bank. Good thing I remembered my officemate's constant raves about MESA that it became our dinner venue for the night!

I'm elated to say that MESA was such a perfect place for TEAM YAP! Not only was the food mega-delicious and reasonably priced, but the restaurant has that modern casual set up that it would be cool to come in dressed but cooler if you just let loose and have fun!

That's good news for us because with TEAM YAP, I remember one of Cary Grant's famous line from the movie "Arsenic and Old Lace"...

        "Insanity runs in my family... It practically gallops"

Ha ha ha! Right you are Mr. Grant! But in a good way! Tee hee!


MESA was pretty crowded that night but their very warm maitre d' assured dressy ol' us that he would get us a table, pronto! You could say that we were about to leave but he was the one who did all that he can to make us stay. Kudos to staff members like you!!

And in no time we were given a wonderful table which had a lot of space. Easy peasy...

Check out how little Andrei seem to be in a very good mood!

TEAM YAP roll call!

Yub, Mati, and my newest adopted baby, Tabby Yap... tee hee!

Me and little lord Andrei!

Little Mati already knows what to order but he still wanted to check out the MESA menu!

MESA meynuh one....

Sorry the other meynuh pages were accidentally erased by a very pretty somebody.... :)

Probably that somebody had difficulty reading the MESA meynuh since a little guy won't hold it still! Ha ha ha ha!


My little lords were so amused with the slanting glasses at MESA! Of course this sort of reminds me of that famous building in Pisa.... is it a tower? That is somewhat leaning.....  I'm not really sure... Tee hee!

Little Andrei requested for some MESA mango shake (P80.00). Now who could resist that smile? NOBODY! 

Mati followed suit and requested for his favorite bottomless iced tea (P70.00).

Now on with the food!

MESA Baked Scallops with Garlic Butter (P225.00)!

We were really craving for some baked tahong but they were out of stock that night so the kindly server recommended these! Good thing because these MESA appetizers were so darn good!

I remember it was supposed to be Mati's order but my little lord Andrei got a whiff of all its buttery garlicky goodness that he owned the MESA scallops! He got the whole plate and proceeded to pick on the crunchy toppings without a care in the world!

Check out Andrei stealing a glance or two at us if we were going to get some of his MESA scallops....

The reason why we ate at MESA was that Mati was craving for some grilled squid (P310.00)!

Would you believe that he was able to finish this MESA specialty all to himself? I was able to sneak in a taste and it was soft yet firm to the bite! 

No wonder he was able to wolf this all down!!!

For the hub, he ordered some Grilled Liempo MESA way (190.00)!  The pork was very tender and juicy but it was more flavored on the sweet side. Still, it was a good chomp along with our other grub!

Since I wanted to have more seafood in my system, I also ordered MESA Boneless Tilapia (P310.00) and was surprised that this serving was huge!

You will get a platter of several MESA boneless tilapia fried into flavorful perfection! So delicious with my garlic rice! Certainly a must order dish in my book!

I think I even munched on its crunchy bones!

The MESA tilapia was even served with 4 delectable sauces perfect for you to dip that crunchy fish nugget in!

They had soy sauce with onions, sweet vinegar, fish sauce, and bagoong! My favorite was the bagoong!!!

I saw each table had this long martini stuff of something so I ordered it. Turns out it was MESA Eggplant Salad (P80.00)! So perfect with my fried fish!

Of course, Mati and I cannot eat without our trusty garlic rice!

Wow my husband was lucky enough to get a MESA piece for himself too!!!


I noticed that MESA has some condiments available per table. When I opened one of the jars, I got this very appetizing dipping sauce that had something sweet and salty going on but made exciting with some onions and chilis!

Of course, life would be MORE exciting with some crushed chilis on everything! Tee hee! This made me wipe out that MESA garlic rice faster!

MY PLATE! My beautiful MESA PLATE!

This was how I ate my MESA Eggplant Salad -- with a teaspoon of bagoong! Come to mama....

Mati's almost done!

Finished! Burp! Oh that's one messy table! Har de har har!

You'd think that as a blogger, I would at least fix that empty can of Coke zero to stand upright but NOOOOH... I'm going for the "natural" look. 

Or the I-didn't-notice-the-Coke-can-was-like-that-look. Ha ha ha ha!

You decide!

By the way as I mentioned above, I left the table as it is. Could you guess which person was using which plate?

If you cannot guess, Yub is top left, Mati is top right, mine is top bottom, while Andrei's bottom left. Aren't Andrei and I were all neat with our plates while the dad and Mati were just plain sloppy??


Our MESA bill! I think prices are very reasonable considering we each had an order besides the rice and drinks! This was definitely one dinner we were all happy and burping after!

Went back to the hotel and I'd just like to give you a preview of our usual staycation traditions (will post the whole thing soon). You'll see that one of them is that we love taking pictures at every nook and corner of the hotel. Ha ha ha ha! We do it ala magazine style!!!

We also love clowning around too! Ha ha ha ha!

Tee hee... This is us in the F1 hotel hallway! Tee hee!

MORE will come don't worry. So, unlucky you! HA HA HA!


Ground Floor, Greenbelt 5 Mall, 
Ayala Center, Makati City
(02 7280886) (+639178916372)

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