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Monday, December 9, 2013


Call me Ms. Stereotype but why is it that when I hear "Mexican Restaurant", I always picture a place partying like it's cinco de mayo, mariachis all around in their sombreros while tickling their vihuelas, and everyone just toasting up margaritas and munching on nachos? Why?? Well probably because the Mexican's really know how to throw a good party that when a new joint shows up, diners are always assured of a great time with booze a-flowing and food deliciosa!

This was what my husband and I happily discovered and confirmed at CHIHUAHUA when we dropped by to try out their newest Mexican grubs. Just when I stepped inside, our group was already donning colorful ponchos and crazy sombreros -- and that's just the guys. Ha ha ha ha ha!

You would wish that I was kidding but hey, I'M NOT. Ha ha ha!

Seriously, everyone may be acting all loud, rowdy, or just plain mucho loco, but we certainly noticed that it was a party we want to get into. Because not only will the atmosphere in CHIHUAHUA promise you and your companions a festive time, but you will also get to taste hot platters and bowls of their delicious Mexican food!

I'm sure you would agree with me that if you can, you should go to CHIHUAHUA!

Andale! Andale!!! 


CHIHUAHUA Mexican Grill and Margerita bar is owned by very fun loving but dedicated couple Elian Habayeb and Ines Cabarrus! They were definitely there to welcome our group and shared an awesome Tex Mex dinner for us!

The restaurant has a simple vibe going on but you will immediately feel just at "home" to let loose and enjoy your dinner to the fullest. 

Looking at the many visitor pics who have grubbed and drank in CHIHUHUA, you would be assured that your dinner comes with an extra order of "fun"!

A special nook at the corner of CHIHUAHUA proves this theory!

photo grabbed from Spanky Enriquez

But of course, if it's the KTG (Kain Tulog Gang), it's definitely going to be  a "party-hardy fiesta" dinner while we chomp on the newest grub that CHIHUAHUA is now offering to the hungry public!

Let's start off with some drinks!

CHIHUAHUA lemonade!

CHIHUAHUA draft beer (P85.00)!

CHIHUAHUA's Michelada (P95.00) which is beer on ice with some chili!

Of course, what is a Mexican feast without CHIHUAHUA's thirst quenching Margarita (P195.00)?

But when you're at CHIHUAHUA do not forget to try out their newest Mexican Fresh Juices!!!

The CHIHUAHUA Aguas Frescas comes in Melon, Watermelon, and Pear!

It was such a thrill to finally meet Tippy Go of GOOGLY GOOEYS!! She was so sweet that she gave me a glass of cold Melon juice since it was SOOOO good!!! 


Now when you have drinks you should have grub to enjoy it with right?

And at CHIHUAHUA everything was made fresh in their open kitchen!

First on the table were some CHIHUAHUA chips and queso special (P195.00)!

This CHIHUAHUA dip is seriously addicting! Just get one crunchy piece of nacho and give it a heavy swipe of all the melted cheese, spicy ground beef, and pickled jalapenos! OH WOW! Cinco de Mayo on a bowl!!!!

You could also get some of their CHIHUAHUA salsa if you feel like getting something more light but still packed with flavors! 

Great news of course is that in CHIHUAHUA, they are now offering at a limited time their free chips if you get 2 dips!!!

Para bailar la bamba!!!

Sorry that's the only Mexican I know. Tee hee!!!! I DO know the whole song though....

While we were still munching on our chips, we were served with this big aluminum bowl filled with CHIHUAHUA Chicken Nachos (P345.00).

Make sure that when you dig in you get a WHOLE LOT OF everything!

But if beef is more your thing (uh... who wouldn't????) then order up some of CHIHUAHUA Steak Nachos (P385.00) for that perfectly chargrilled tender bites of tasty marinated US beef. 

Oh wow... I have tears in my eyes YO!

(Sorry... been watching too much BREAKING BAD, b@#*h!!!)

Ha ha ha ha!

It may be impossible but just in case you think your nachos need more, then dig in to their salsa buffet!!

Would you believe that one of the most popular dishes in CHIHUAHUA is not even in the menu?

Yes! CHIHUAHUA's nummy and gooey Quesadillas became popular through word of mouth but you could only get it upon request before, YO!  So if you were a shy little thing then you would be missing a part of your life by not getting a taste of these awesome Quesadillas!!!

But now GREAT NEWS! CHIHUAHUA is serving up this Mexican favorite with their new Quesadilla menu!!!

Chicken and Spinach Quesadilla (P495.00)
Mushroom Quesadilla (P365.00)

(coming soon)
Steak Quesadilla (P545.00)
Carnitas Quesadilla (P485.00)
Picadillo Quesadilla (P465.00)
Veggie Quesadilla (P385.00)

I asked Elian,  if they had any hot sauce. He scoffed and pointed to me their CHIHUAHUA LIBRARY of this spicy liquid!!

I got the jalapeno (Samuel E. Jackson) and Chipotle (Christopher Walken).

Yes! Their hot sauce just went great with everything!

When in CHIHUAHUA, thou shall not forget to try their fat burritos as well!

CHIHUAHUA now offers the Two Bean Burrito (P135.00) made with refried beans!

Beans... beans... the musical fruit... the more you eat... the more you're cute!

Hmmm... did that sound right? Tee hee!

CHIHUAHUA's Mini me (P225.00) is the smaller portion of their award winning burrito but still packed with all the awesomeness of beef, beans, salsa, and mexican rice!!!

My husband and I were certainly thankful that we left room for dessert because the last dish almost made me jump up and do the Mexican hat dance!!!


CHIHUAHUA Banana Nutella Quesadilla (small P195.00 / large P345.00).

This was insanely good! Imagine Nutella, Bananas, and peanut butter slathered on a quesadilla!

Then topped with this VERY creamy vanilla ice cream, almonds, and caramel sauce!!! I think I ate almost half of this and wanted MORE!

Too bad I had to SHARE with this guy... Tee hee!

After that Mexican gastronomical dinner, Ines and Elian thanked us all for coming.

Correct me if I'm wrong but even if KTG was listening intently on something, we still manage to look like we were planning something naughty later on. HA HA HA HA HA! Must be the lip smacking margheritas!

Like.... dear Spanky (JUICE.PH) giving Nacho Libre a run for his peso....

... or THE PICKIEST EATER showing us how to do a perfect "draw".... 

... or my husband getting a picture with a "celebrity blogger" He he he he (ALL CHUCKED UP)!

Well even if I did not drink any alcohol that night, I had such a great time especially beside the very charming Rina of  RINA'S RAINBOW!

My husband however, got a little bit sloshed from the juice. KIDDING! 

It's always a great night with delicious food and KTG!

Here are the rowdy boys...

While here are the petite ladies with one ROWDY muchachita!

See me holding up my name tag YO?

What's my name B@#$H???

Sorry... in BREAKING BAD mode again! Ha ha ha ha!

(KTG is in my blogroll... Do check them out! But please don't forget me when you see how they RULE at this blogging thing!)

Thank you so much to CHIHUAHUA's Bryan Gallinger, Ines Cabarrus, and Elian Habayeb for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!

As always, millions of muchos gracios going out to dear Spanky (JUICE PH) for inviting us!


CHIHUAHUA Mexican Grill
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2 Mall, Greenbelt, Makati City
6326250106, +639055017800

FOLLOW CHIHUAHUA at INES' instagram account too!!!!!

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  1. My family loved our experience there too even though it was minus the drinks, costume, games and dessert. The Tortilla soup palang happy na kami haha.

    1. Hiya Stacy! Yes the food really is something! I LOOOOOVED the Queso dip with jalapenos and the steak nachos! You should try that Tortilla dessert too!!! WOW!!!! Thanks for the comment :)

  2. I super love former boss- (Mike Kelley is in the pic- 2nd picture) introduced me to Chihuahua in Makati Ave.....Have'nt stopped eating since there since then...It's the best Texmex food in Manila!!!

    1. Hiya Mareng Heidi!!! We should eat here sometime besides our favorite Indian! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks for reading!!


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