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Monday, February 20, 2023


When we went to Cavite for our New Year's Eve celebration (which I hope to be able to blog about soooon), we decided to have an early lunch at this restaurant I saw on tiktok --- KUYA LEVS.

I know what you're thinking "Where is this sosy wosy romantic haven that ERICJAZ FOODIES decided to go to?"

EEEENNGGGG wrong answer.

(I apologize for the pathetic text but that's supposed to be a buzzer sound. He he he he he). 

Anyway, come on!!!! As if you didn't know us. Dining at swanky places may be fun BUT we find it more thrilling to discover hole in the wall restos that get our worth in pocket and in appetite. 

So yep. KUYA LEVS was IT. Of course, don't expect to be mind- blown, but I assure you, that if you're craving this certain kind of food but you're in Cavite, then this is the spot to go to.


Going on a trip in our favorite  rocket ship..... 

And we're here in KUYA LEVS!

Space is very limited and it's a good thing we were the only ones in the resto. The seats are so close to each other (to maximize it all) that I could just imagine backs bumping into each other. He he he he he!

Still, we're excited...



Master Mati... and bunso Andrei!

Me and the Hub!

KUYA LEVS menu... 

The Yub ordered at the counter. 

In minutes, we were served with condiments. 


KUYA LEVS Batangas Lomi - Family Size (P150.00)!!

WOAHHH... This is huge!!!!!!!!!

(that's what she said).

The bowl was BIG and was more than enough for us!

I actually don't know the difference between Batangas Lomi to ordinary Lomi but I enjoyed the toppings and adding condiments to this rich dish.

It was yummmmmmm..... A bit too starchy though for my taste but just put lots of onions, chili oil, and vinegar, then you're good to go. SHEREEEEEEP!

We really didn't plan on getting it but after seeing KUYA LEVS Chicharon Bulaklak (P70.00) on the menu, it suddenly made its way in our table (tee hee).

Crunchy and salty -- so perfect with my garlic rice!!!!!

If hindi lang to putok batok, I'll order MOOORE!

Andrei and I each got a plate of KUYA LEVS Tapsilog (P110.00). 

Honestly, tapa is my least favorite breakfast food BUT this was their bestseller daw kaya, OKI!

Again, my taste may be biased but it was good naman. Andrei enjoyed it. As for me, basta may garlic rice and egg, go na go na ako!

Master Mati got the KUYA LEVS Pares with Egg (P70.00) and I know what you're thinking...

HUMONGOUS, right??

(Yep. That's what she said again!).

Even Mati got surprised! Yet he was able to finish all of it. 


ERICJAZ FOODIES with our little big guys in KUYA LEVS!


My hungry boys.... 

Thankful that they're not fussy with food and also enjoy indulging in eateries. Of course they have their cuisine preferences BUT they're mostly like, whatever's in front, we eat.

Here, I don't blame them to be so busy wolfing down on their food. Sherep kasi!


With minimal leftovers. He he he he he he!



Our kind of bill!!!!!

Really enjoyed our early lunch at KUYA LEVS. Of course, don't be pasosy and be all snooty when you go here. The main forcus is the food and it's a great eat when you're on a budget or just want to try out something different compared to the aesthetic instagram popular restaurants out there. 

Sulit na sulit sa bayad at busog na busog pa!

Again, our kind of TRIPPING!!!



Kuya Levs: Goto at Lomi Batangas
The Court Plaza Gen. Trias Drive 
Tejeros Convention Rosario 
Cavite, Rosario, Philippines
0926 998 5962





  1. Sobrang thankful po kami na nagustuhan nyo ang food namin. Small restaurant lang kami but we make sure po na masarap and always makamasa po ang food namin :) Sana makadayo kayo ulit.

    1. You're so welcome po sir Jon!!! Nagenjoy po my family! Looking forward to go back! :)


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