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Thursday, February 27, 2020


If you're a regular reader of this silly little foodie blog (what is wrong with you??? He he he he), you would know that birthdays are such a big thing for us!

For Andrei's birthday last December though, we somehow shortened our usual 2 week celebration because we had a trip to Japan and we gave him a party, so budget was a bit tight. I'm proud that my bunso, unlike other kids, understood everything and said "It's okay" with a smile. Awwwwww.... He's really growing up na! Either that or he had a lot of fun for his birthday celebrations that even if it's just for a few days, it's already more than enough for him.

I would like to think it's a little of both. He he he he he!!!!

But really, even if we had a 2 week or a few days for Andrei's birthday we know that in every celebration (or even our mere Powerplant mall dates) it is filled with so much feelings and gratitude. I can't stress enough how much I love my baby bunsoy and how I'm so proud of the kind, talented, innocent, cute, and loving guy that he is. My favorite thing to do is hugging him tight and showering him with kisses. And I won't stop doing that just because he's already a teenager.

(Belated) Happy Birthday my dearest! We love you sooooooo much!!!!!!

My baby bunsoy is not a baby anymore!


In the first week of December, we went to Tokyo as part of Mommy's 75th birthday. She said she'll also treat the boys as part of her birthday gift to them (he he he he he).

Syempre, I cannot let my Mom spend all. I shared in the food and Yub took care of our Disneyland.


More on a blog post coming soon.

The day before Andrei's birthday, we gave him a surprise birthday party with family and his friends. We're all so happy because my bunsoy really got surprised and the party was such a success.

You could read about Andrei's party HERE!!!!!

That night, we met up with our BP Group for our simple Christmas getogether.

It also became a birthday salubong for Andrei (because we finished past midnight).

My bunsoy was happy to meet up with the BP kiddies especially for his birthday.

Awwww... So cute of dear Jeorgina too!!! She made a drawing for his Kuya Andrei!

Come midnight, dear Gem treated the kids to some donuts. I asked her if we could use it to sing for Andrei.

Check out my make-shift candle. I got that from Coffee Bean. Ha ha ha ha ha! What's important there is the thought!!!

Good job kiddies!!! Thank you for Andrei's song. 

Thank you also to dear Gem for the donuts!

It was a great night with the BP!

It became an extended birthday getogether for the Androse!

I love you so much baby bunsoy! Even if we're so tired from your party preparations, we agreed to this because we know it'll make you happy!

Elevator shot!!!!!!

What a super great day (and night) for Andrei!

When we woke up that morning...

It's Andrei's official birthday! YAYYYY!

We heard mass with the family in Santuario de San Jose.

We prayed for the celebrant and gave thanks for his cute beingness.

Yay! He's 13!!!!!!!!!!

Andrei and his favorite Lola!

He saw the lovely belen set-up and asked to have a picture with his Lola.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For his birthday lunch, the bunsoy's request was in NIU!!!!

When he made his wish on Friday, reservations were already impossible in NIU (because there were a lot of guests having their Christmas parties there). Good thing that Vikings Group had this very kind PR Manager who helped us out in securing us a table. Thank you sooooo much! You made my bunsoy so happy!

And we're here!!!


Mommy and Ate Jojit!

Anthony and Master Mati!

Me and the ugly Yub!

Andrei and his Ninong Jon!

The reason why Andrei wanted to eat in NIU was because he wanted to have LOADS of Salmon Sashimi!


My bunsoy gobbled this all up!

Afterwards he went for some Angus Steak!

Yep! Sulit na sulit na siya sa buffet price in NIU! He he he he... Look at how thick that cut is!

Yep! He was able to finish EVERYTHING!

My happy bunsoy!

He's a picky eater so seeing hin wolfing down his food is like Henry Cavill to the eyes -- EXCITING!

Now check out what I ate...

My Japanese plate...

My appetizer plate...

My steak plate...

My oyster plate...

My foie gras "plate"...

My pasta plate...

My "pahabol" plate...

My Laksa "plate"...

My dessert plate...

With coffee syempre!!! He he he he he!

My bunsoys birthday cake!

He ate this too... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Come night time, we went to Andrei's wish for dinner...


This is also one of Andrei's favorite restaurants. At first he was a bit shy to wish for it (knowing that I'm not so fond of Pepper Lunch) but I told him that whatever he likes for tonight, we'll be there.

My bunsoy's order with extra cheese!

Happy Birthday dearest!

Master Mati chose to stay with his Lola that night.

After dinner, the bunsoy played in Powerstation!

Go Androse!

Whenever we go to the arcade, the boys NEVER fail to have a lot of games here.


Ah... Eh...

Since it's his birthday, I let him win. Tee heee!

Go go go Androse!!!!

Sayang we were not able to race with the baby kasi there's a pogi guy beside him (he he he he...)

And that's that!

Like I said, we only had the weekend to celebrate dear Andrei's birthday (because of my budget reasons... at least I'm honest! ha ha ha ha!) but I know deep in my heart that it is still filled with so much love, effort, and appreciation as if it was done for 2 weeks. 

I'm thankful that I have a baby bunsoy who's not as petty as Mommy because he still seemed so excited and grateful for Japan, his surprise party, our family lunch in NIU, and dinner in Pepper Lunch (because he knew I didn't like it... he he he he).  I just pray that he felt at least half of the love that we all have for him this birthday.

Why half you say?

Because promise, our love for Andrei knows no bounds. Heck, even I can't describe it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

We love you soooooo much my dearest! You'll still be forever my baby bunsoy!!!! Thank you for always giving me extreme happiness and joy. You don't know how much we're so blessed to have you.

(Belated) Happy Birthday!





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