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Tuesday, February 11, 2020


My Lolo recently received an award for his efforts in pioneering/promoting our religion in the Cavite area and it's a good thing that my titas, Daddy's sisters, were here from the US to attend the event. They were actually in the Philippines to visit my Dad for all Soul's day so it was a delightful surprise that our Lolo, their Dad, will be given such recognition by our church the same time they're here.

Of course, my family will be more than happy to receive the award but knowing how proud my titas are of their tatay, I know that they wouldn't want to miss it for the world!

I wonder if my Dad had a "hand" in arranging this so that they could be here? He he he he he!

So for that night, my titas wished to eat/celebrate in their favorite ARISTOCRAT after the event. The ceremony will take place in one of the theatres in CCP and would probably finish by about 8pm. It was a by-invitation only (if we wanted to watch, we have to pay P1,000.00... ay!) that my Mom said they'll just be the ones to attend and we could just meet them at ARISTOCRAT for dinner.

Syempre, masunurin kaming mga bata. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Of course, we're more than happy to wait in ARISTOCRAT because we loved the food there.

I'm sure my Mom wouldn't mind if we start eating already though.

Tee to the Hee! 


ARISTOCRAT was full as usual and we had to wait a bit to get a table. I appreciate the efficiency of their staff who was able to find us seats in less than 10 minutes).

We were supposed to get a table in their main area but when I said that we had seniors and a PWD who may have a hard time in their crowded dining room, they transferred us here.


ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ate Jowjits and Anthony!!!!!

Mati and the Panget Yub!

Me and the bunsoy baby!

He didn't want to sit with me originally. CHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ordering up!!!!!

I swear I was not angry here.

I just get so emotional and animated when it comes to food.

I think Andrei's embarrassed. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We got an order of ARISTOCRAT Hototay Soup (P250.00) because we wanted something warm and soothing to sip.

Plus, the name "HOTOTAY" is just funny. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Whenever we eat out, I just HAVE to have vegetables, kaya I got an order of ARISTOCRAT House Salad (P180.00).

Calamares is a new favorite of the kids AND adults in our family so I got many plates of the ARISTOCRAT Calamares (P285.00).

Crunchy and nummy yummy. I love the garlic mayo sauce that comes with. 

ARISTOCRAT Crispy Pata (P720.00)!

This may be good but it was served at room temperature na. Sayang that the skin was only a bit 

Siguro it's a good thing na din para the Yub won't eat all of it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

ARISTOCRAT Pancit Canton (P375.00)!

A bit dry but still flavorful.

I'm such a sisig fanatic that whenever I see it on the menu, I'll get it.

The ARISTOCRAT Sisig (P210.00) was just okay. It had too much liver for my taste. Even if we were a group of 10+ pax, we didn't finish one order of this. 

We had many platters ordered of the ARISTOCRAT 3-pc Chicken Barbecue (P210.00).

Though it was still delicious, some of the pieces were too chargrilled for comfort. Ha ha ha ha!

The better "bet" that night was the ARISTOCRAT Boneless Chicken Barbecue (P190.00).  


Sorry gutom na kami. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My plate! MY ARISTOCRAT-grub-assorted-plate!!!!!

Yayyy! Kuya Jon and the others finally arrives!

He officially received the award of Lolo in CCP!

Mommy and Daddy's sisters!

Everyone was hungry so they all dove right in!

Mommy and Kuya Jon!

Ninang Carmi and our longtime angel, Marie!

Tita Meldy and Eljean (wife of our house caretaker in Cavite).

Pilots Mang Henry and Mang Efred, with Arnel (Eljeans hub)!

Gobble... gobble...

My Mom was more of a Pancit Bihon type of lady and requested for a plate of this (P350.00).

Yeah. This was better than the Canton.

They also got some Sago to match their barbecues.

Some got Sago while others asked for the Dalandan juice. 


Kwentuhan time!

And then it's time to goesssss!

Even if we don't see each other often (because they live in the US), I super love Daddy's family (my aunts, cousins, and his cousins). Actually, my brothers and sister feel more close to them because we all have the same wave length when it comes to movies, songs, etc etc.

I also appreciate how much they love my Daddy that even if they live thousands of miles away (and seniors at that) they still travel to be with the family. They truly personify BEING THERE FOR US (something that our other relatives do not practice kaya kinalimutan ko na sila. HA!) and we will always be grateful to them for it.


Congratulations Lolo!!!!

We love and miss you Daddy!!!!




423 San Andres St, 
Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
 (02) 8524 7671



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