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Friday, February 21, 2020


During Master Mati's birthday week, we asked him where he wanted to have dinner for our Fridate.  The Yub fetched them then they were going to pick me up so that we'd have a family dinner.

The big guy chose Chinese food and without further adieu, the Yub and I both knew where we should go....


Usually, we would eat in CAUSEWAY in their branch in Libis. But for some reason, it closed down already. So we went to their Tomas Morato branch but it was jampacked.

At first they were leading us to their affiliated restaurant that was a bar at the same time but it's not really kid-friendly. We said we're fine at the second floor even if it's just us in the area.

Good thing that even if it's just initially us in this floor, the servers were always there for our every request. Later on too other diners occupied the vacant tables. 

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!

The Yub and bunsoy Andrei!

Me and birthday guy Mati!

Yehessss.... Some of the grub are here!!!!!

CAUSEWAY Chicken Feet with Tausi (P95.00)!

CAUSEWAY Pork Siomai (P95.00)!!

CAUSEWAY Kuchay Dumpling (P105.00)!

CAUSEWAY Beancurd Rolls (P115.00)!

CAUSEWAY Spare Rib with Tausi (P95.00)!

CAUSEWAY Fried Spring Roll (P100.00)!

Oops... We also ordered Yang Chow Fried Rice!!!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little guys!

Mati... the handsome foodie!

He's loving the dimsum dinner too!



Now this is one super delicious celebration!

My plate!!! My happy CAUSEWAY plate!

Andrei discovered the gloriousness of Chicken feet that after finishing one order, he wanted one more!

He gnawed on the bones of the Chicken feet and happily ate it with rice.

Last one eating!!! He he he he!

Le bill!!!!

Great choice dear Mati!!!! Everybody happy!!!!!

24 Timog Avenue, Laging Handa,
Quezon City
02 83762559
02 83762560



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