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As what we did last year, we will be welcoming 2015 not with my usual food entries nor do a round up of our favorites for 2014 (nobody listens to me anyway.... he he he he he). What we WILL be doing is to express further our love to somebody who has made our lives more fun and crazier not just for 2014 but from the day he was born.

I think I have stressed many times in the past that I do this silly little blog not really to make reviews or rate establishments. What I have here is more like an online diary/scrapbook so that we won't forget special happenings in our lives (yep! food trips are important too!!!!) And since I believe that the first entry of the year should be the most significant especially with the love and thought put into it, I will be dedicating the start of 2015 to my little bunsoy who turned 8 last December.

Our little Jemapel, our Tootles, our "Littles", our Utoy, our baby forever.  


Our dear Andrei.

And here's a bit of his awesome story!

Unlike his older brother MATI, Andrei was soooo behaved in my tummy that I really thought he was a girl! Everyone also commended how I looked better than usual (what the...?) that they all claimed we will be having a little lady next!

But then when I gave birth, 2 round balls greeted us with a big HELLO! He he he he he!

Seriously though when I had an ultrasound and confirmed my next baby was boy I was a bit disappointed. I was already so programmed that we were going to have an Andrea. 

But when this I saw this pink little angel, my heart just melted. I'm sure all mothers will agree that when you first see your baby, you just KNOW that you got everything you wished for in a wee bundle. 

And that's what I felt about my Andrei.

He was just perfect!

Until he started crying. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My little utoy certainly worked up those lungs as he screeched and screamed non-stop! Ha h ha ha! 

I can't help but compare him to my eldest Mati who gave a behaved whimper when the doctor patted his butt.

But of course, my Andrei stopped crying when he sensed that I was beside him.

My dearest DID stop bawling but his face was in a slight scowl. (Maybe he was getting ready until the doctor gets him?)

But really. It was instantly love at first sight for me. 

Where have you been all my life Andrei?

Even when he was in the nursery, my baby Andrei got sudden bouts of crankiness.

I wonder if he's asking for Mommy?

I remember that before, rooming in was only done upon request. Call me selfish or what but I prefer to have my sleep after flushing out something as big as a watermelon.

But I did advise the nursery to give me a call whenever Andrei was awake so that I could breastfeed him

However, THEY NEVER CALLED because Andrei would just sleep and sleep. Yep! I got the signs there that my bunsoy would be one child who will be difficult to feed!

And sleep.


I would just go to Andrei when I know it's his feeding time.

Breastfeeding rules! WOHOO!

I got big boobies too in return!

Double WOHOO!

In my hospital room!!! Didn't the camera added gazillions of pounds?

WAITAMINUTE! Now who put the F4 tumbler in there?? Que horror! As if I would follow a group like that! I don't even know them!!!


Time to go home my Andrei!!

Andrei would you believe was a very behaved baby. Though he could cry for hours, he would always sleep through the night. 

Lucky us!

When Mati saw him, he was happy yet confused if this little creature was really his brother. 

We were all preparing for some jealousy on my little guy's part but he was actually very happy to have a new playmate. 

He would often go to Andrei and say "Hello Andrei... tekel... tekel (tickle tickle)" while trying to, you guess it, tickle his little brother's tummy.

Of course, nothing's perfect and there would be cases where Mati would intentionally break some of Andrei's toys. Maybe this was to get our attention or he was having bouts of jealousy. 

But still overall, they had a very good relationship when Andrei was a wee baby and was not old enough to taunt his Kuya...  He he he he he!

My baby's first bath was at the first day of that new year!!!

When you see the full grown Andrei now, the first thing I'm sure you'll notice is fair complexion. He never gets a tan no matter how much he plays out in the sun!

Now would you believe that was not all the case when he was a baby?

My bunsoy may have been born pink but in his first month, he was SO dark! The flash here did wonders believe me!

Of course during that time, he was for me the most cutest and perfect little angel in the whole universe. 

But when I reviewed his early pictures after several years, I was like... "What the??" He really looked different!!!!!

But then after 2 or 3 months, he became cuter and cuter!

Awwww! Our little cherub!

Check out that blue monogram at the left side of his shirt. I sewed that while I was pregnant!!!

Like with Mati, the Chinese Adonis loved singing to Andrei. Yes! Believe it or not he sings!

It sounds bad but still... HE SINGS! Tee hee!

My husband was happier too that our baby would coo and squeal right back.

I read somewhere that babies would exhibit early personality traits that he'll carry on when he grows up. With Andrei's case, yes! We noticed immediately that he is what you may call "Nasa loob ang kulo".

He may be all quiet and behaved but when he gets frustrated at something.... 

He will have such a temper!

I remember that when I brought Andrei to his pedia for check up, Dr. Ludan was impressed at how Andrei would stare at him and observe his every move. He said it really showed a lot with regards to the baby's intelligence at how long his attention span is.

Tee Hee! This is how Andrei hangs out in his crib!!! Resting like a boss!

Andrei's first time to try solids!

(I was still exclusively breastfeeding him here. Did so for 6 months!)

Andrei has such an uncanny resemblance to me!

Yes! He looks exactly like me when I was a baby!

Lucky baby!

Andrei's daily exercise of holding his head up!

Andrei had many gimiks as a baby but of course, our favorite was the classic "smell bad" face.

Hmmm.... Come to think of it. Maybe he WAS telling us that Mommy and Daddy really smelled bad!

Andrei's first girlfriend, Aubrey!! These two always played together in Toys R Us!

Andrei's first hair cut was courtesy of his Lolo! We had this belief that the child will inherit the attitude and personality of the person who cuts his hair.

It may or may not be true but we DEFINITELY want Andrei to be as smart and persevering like his Lolo!

Oh and good-looking too!

First time Andrei got on his walker.

When he was a baby, Andrei was really serious. Like me, his wackiness developed with age!

Unlike his Kuya, Andrei would just stare and have that serious but "wawa" expression on his face. 

Who would have thought that this quiet little angel would grow up to be this lovable but naughty boy that he is now???


Before, I would jot down my special Mati and Andrei memories in a notebook. But since my penmanship got weirder than usual (plus I got lazier), I just post the funny and unforgettable things they did on Facebook and compile then in an album (will do this soon!).

As I reviewed my posts and tags about Andrei in my Facebook account, I became sentimental again at how time flew by so fast. What I have now is an 8 year old boy of awesomeness!!!  Of course, he has done many things growing up that my husband and I got into trouble and are not proud of. But still, he is learning something new everyday that we are so happy and thankful whenever we are with him:

1) We are so thankful that he is so passionate about basketball!

I actually am just happy that he is passionate about anything! I'm impressed that at his early age, he really loves the sport and does what he can to play well.

Of course, my husband, a basketball fanatic, cannot be prouder. Plus points too that Andrei idolizes my husband's favorite, Michael Jordan!

There was a time Andrei wants to called as "Andrei Jordan". He said he wanted to do be an NBA player someday. 

Yes Andrei! I believe that is possible! Your Daddy and I will be with you every step of the way!

We did not know about it but his school was holding a basketball clinic for young students. Andrei got the registration form twice (he missed the first one) and really pushed to be admitted in the group.

As much as my husband and I wanted to be supportive, it was 7am every Saturday and Sunday!!! Oh groan me to the highest heavens! No dibidi watching till morning!!! All for the love of Andrei and his basketball favorite. 

2) Besides basketball, Andrei REALLY loves animals!

Right now we have kittens, fishies, birds, pigeons, and chickens in the house because Andrei loves taking care of them. 

The chicken in the picture above is actually a givaway in my Chinese friend's birthday party. They gave it to us 2 little green chicks and we thought both will only last a week.

Well lo and behold. Andrei really took care of them and my Dad even had a special cage build for the feathered duo. After a year, they are now roosters who loudly crow and serve as our morning alarm clock!

His first chick which he named Jandrei was not as lucky though. It died after we celebrated its first week birthday!

The same goes for CRAPPY!
Andrei really has a sympathetic heart for all living creatures that when he saw the live baby crabs for our Sunday lunch, he insisted on keeping one as a pet. He tied up one of the legs which served as a leash and promised to really love him like he would do a dog.

We have actually prepared a small cage for little Crappy (that's the name he gave it!) but it got out and was eaten by one of our cats. 

RIP Crappy!

3) It may have gotten him into scrapes but we are thankful somehow at Andrei's naughtiness. Of course, we do not encourage it and give him such a sermon when it gets us into trouble, but still, we have to admit that looking back, some of his gimmicks I posted in Facebook made life more memorable and funny!

Oh he LOOOOVES poking fun at my fatness!

And be VERRRRY naughty!

My Andrei IS prone to rants! When he's in the mood, he wouldn't stop for hours!

He had his own way of saying that he hated it when I tickle him!

My baby could be so innocent at times that it makes him more adorable to me!

Of course, I doubt if he'll really grow up to be a Princess. I'm very sure though that he will be a ladies' man!

Yes. Most definitely!

Take note that he said GIRLFRIENDS. Tsk... tsk....

Yes. He will definitely be very good with ladies when he grows up!

I doubt though if he could get their lovin' by doing THIS!

There was a time when Andrei loved imitating the Herobrine character from Minecraft!

Check out how he suddenly jumped up to cover my sister's face when the photographer already counted to 3!

He did the same for me in PROJECT PIE!

And in YABU! Ha ha ha ha!

Of course, his brother was not spared from his talent of tormenting.

My Andrei loves making jokes when I call him from work.

I try to switch tables on him but to no success.

For one Sunday, his naughtiness was just too much though!

Because of this, he ALWAYS says "THAT'S for stealing my pork chop" to his Kuya whenever he gets his "revenge" on him.

4) I noticed that Andrei loves making his own unique mark in the family. His creative antics certainly gave us all the chuckles and just make him more adorable in our eyes. 

Like the time Andrei wanted to be a tap dancer! He thought of this and did it all by himself. We were just shocked when he started dancing with sound effects. Good thing he did not prick his toes!

Andrei loved watching musical theatre and would often bug his Kuya with the songs he learned there.

He also has a way with words.... He he he he he!

5) If my Andrei does not push through being an NBA player, he could have a career in advertising. He loves making signs and gimmicks!!!!

Okay us "adults" get it.

He did the same for his room.

He was really affected by the missing Malaysian airplanes and expressed it via this sad drawing. 

I love how he really looks after his family and wants to have his own one someday.

Of course, I was just a bit bothered that this early, he wants to be married asap. Ha ha ha ha ha! Maybe he sees how happy me and the Chinese Adonis are? Blech!

There was a time Andrei thought of a creative way of adding more security in each room in the house.  He got some of our calculators and taped it on the doors and walls for us to enter the code numbers to get admission. 

When he told me that he missed me while he was in school, I never thought that he'll resort to THIS. 

He may love writing signs too much because he would also doodle on himself!

Oh Andrei!

Another OH ANDREI moment was when he gave himself a new haircut!

6) My little guy also LOVES JAPAN very much!

He can't wait to go to the country of the rising sun, Ramen, and bullet trains!

We learn a thing or two from him too!

7) Besides JAPAN, dear Andrei loves money! He really does!!! He loves spending it any way that he can. Ha ha ha ha ha! But there WERE times he was very creative in using and making his money!

Still have these rings up to now and wear it during special occasions!

He saved his allowance to buy this very big boat that gave us a hard time in bringing it to the resort. 

My Andrei knows how to make a buck! He he he he he!

Yep! He definitely does!

8) My Andrei may love Japan and Money but he HATES eating! If given the choice, he could just play all day. 

He would always be the last eating on the table!

8) Andrei may be this and that but one thing's for sure, he is definitely one SWEET and THOUGHTFUL little guy. Even if he did something nasty, I cannot stay angry at him for long because I know he really is a loving bunsoy!

I don't need to tell him to do so but he loves helping out when I cook or do chores. 

During his last birthday, our bathroom got flooded. Even if it was supposed to be HIS day to be treated like royalty (that's what we usually do with birthday celebrants) he volunteered and helped out in scooping the water and drying out our bathroom floor. 

Would you believe that he loves praying and going to church? At a recent 1,000 Hail Marys held at home, he participated in it. 

My husband and I do not stay out too late because we know we have little angels waiting for us at home. 

He loves writing letters too!

I was really touched with his Valentines, New Year, and Holy Week letter all in one!

Another one of Andrei's surprise notes! This actually my favorite because it was the first I received from him. I would always quote the "love me kiss me" when we talk on the phone.

"Thank you Mom for Tekerfor me....
Love Me Kiss Me
From Jandrei Love"



Speaking of Valentines, we have a new tradition where the kids also take me out on a date on different nights. Andrei was so excited for his turn that he didn't mind if he just came from from a field trip in school!

It was still a night full of love for me!

It meant so much to him that I overcome my fear of heights and ride in Star City's giant ferris wheel! We went there as part of his 2 week birthday celebration!

He also loves planning family activities!

This was such a fun night!

Even if it was already 2:00am in the morning of January 1, 2015, Andrei really wanted the family to play the new board game he received from his godmother.


My dearest Andrei ( I will never get tired of calling you that). You have certainly added more color to our YAPPY BUNCH.

Before, I already thought that life with just the Chinese Adonis and Mati was already perfect. 

But when you came along you just made everything crazy happy for all of us. We cannot imagine life without YOU in it.

Your infectious smile and giggle is enough to make any gloomy day get a ray of sunshine!

We know you'll grow up and leave us for some hussy later (hehee he he he he he). But please always be our little bunsoy who never fails to give us our daily dose of "Andrei Energy" with hugs and kisses.

As for me, I really treasure our one and one dates together. I hope we will still do that even if you're married and with little brats. 

Sigh! It seemed like it was only yesterday when my baby Andrei woke up all cranky to celebrate his 1st birthday.   

It was his idea to wear a tie!
Now he's 8 years old and ready to take over the world soon. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Happy 8th Birthday my Andrei!

We just know that future looks very bright for you!!

Mommy, Daddy, and Kuya Mati will always be behind you.

We love you dearest UTOY!

He he he he he he!

Now THAT'S for always saying "THAT'S FOR STEALING MY PORK CHOP!"


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  1. -Awwwww... cute baby Andrei!
    -soshal ha! Medical City ka pa nanganak! Ibang level na talaga!
    -teka, magkasunod kami ng bday ni Andrei, right? Dec. 15 siya?
    -F4 fan ka pala! hahahaha...
    -Awwwww... little Mati and Baby Andrei! soooo cute!
    -It's so nice that Andrei has a way with animals, tells you that he's very compassionate
    -hahahaha... katawa ang story ni crappy... tragic, but funny pa din, hahaha
    - may guard kayo sa bahay??????????? HUWAW!!!
    -girlfriends talaga! mukhang babaero! hahaha
    -ang cute naman nung taped calculators sa doors! That's something I would've done before, kaso lang di pa uso calculators noon, hahaha
    -awwwww.... they got you rings! so sweet!
    -he bought that boat with his allowance? gaano kalaki ba baon niya???
    -maabilidad ang bata pag-dating sa pera! baka businessman yan pag laki, hehehe
    -hay naku... the whole time I was reading this post, I just kept saying "awwwww...." and "ang cuuuuute"
    -heniways, belated birthday greetings to Andrei and Mati, and have a prosperous and productive 2015! More power to EricJazFoodies!!!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuffleupagus!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

      1) Ha ha ha ha! Ano ba! Medical City kasi my OB kaya no choice!!!!

      2) YES!!!

      3) huh??? What's F4? Ano yun? Yeaaaaah! I super am! Still am actually! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! I still have the that tumbler up to now. Ang saya lang kasi. One weird thing I do is when I cook in Lucena, I have F4 music in the background. Nakasanayan ko na. Weird but true!

      4) Suuuuuper! He really loves animals. Naku kaya ang dami namin ngayon at home!! At tumatanda lahat sila... Well except for Crappy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) Nashock nga ako na GIRLFRIENDS talaga! At he already counted 5 ha! I just won't say here kung sino. Mga naging closey closey nga niya! Grabe!!!

      6) Nacute an ka sa calculator idea niya? Hindi masyado ang mom and Dad ko kasi when they were looking for their calculators to do some work, nawalwala... ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      7) I know!!! I would wear it in special occasions.

      8) Ay sorry not just allowance... money also from his gifts. He he he he he!!!

      9) I know! Me too!!! Dapat nga konti lang kaso when I read my compilations I wanted to include everything na tuloy!!!!

      Thank you!!! Same goes to you and the partner!!! Thank you for always brightening up my little blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As a first time mom to a 3 month old baby boy, reading your post made me teary eyed. I could feel the love jump right out of each and every word/picture you posted. You shared so many awww moments with us and gave us a quick peek of what its like to have an adorable son like Andrei. There's no doubt he will surely go places when he grows up especially knowing he is being raised by a doting and loving mom like you.

    You are both so lucky and blessed to have each other. I just wish my son will also turn out sweet and lambing like Andrei. Btw, i have been a silent lurker of your blog and i just wanna say that i really really enjoy reading your posts coz you are so kwela, funny and super cute�� plus your family is awesome. Keep up the good work and always spread those happy cheerful vibes jaz!

    Happy 8th birthday to your precious little one!

    1. Hi there!!

      Wow congratulations on your new baby boy!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood! I admit it could really be tiring, pero everything is so worth it!

      Awwww... thank you so much! Sobrang good morning for me that you enjoyed this entry. Yes we are so thankful for Andrei. Of course, he could be very naughty and everyday is still a learning process for all of us, but we all love him dearly and thank God for such a blessing. With regards to lambing, one thing I learned talaga is your child will give back what you show him. And I'm sure your little baby boy will be as sweet especially that he has a doting and loving mom like you as well :)

      Alam mo when I receive comments like this, I get really high and happy for the whole day. It may take long for me to comment back because I don't want to write the wrong thing at baka iblock nyo ako. KIDDING! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! But really... thank you thank you thank you sooooo much! I really love my blog and I feel superkaduper kilig that others enjoy reading it.

      I hope to get to know you and meet you real soon :) I'm sure we'll have a lot to chika about over baby boys! He he he he he!

      Take care and God bless! Thank you SO much again. Mwah!!!


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