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Tuesday, August 28, 2018


It was a holiday, and you know us: there is no rest for the wicked. That's why we thought of going out and taking a splash since it's getting kinda hot in the Metro!


The real member of course was my brother. That's why we're super thankful that my sister in law, Karen, let us hitch along. He he he he he!

Yup! We love swimming in VALLE VERDE COUNTRY CLUB because we (almost) always get the pool to ourselves and the temperature of the water was juuuuust right! So perfect for the hot weather!

My bunsoy loved swimming here too!!! Yun lang unlike last time, he's in the big pool now!!!! Before kasi we would always swim with him in the kiddie pool.

And like last time, Master Mati didn't swim. He normally loves doing so but again for this afternoon, he just felt like reading a book.


Wohooo!!!! We could stay here the WHOLE DAY!

Alas, we all got hungry. So we immediately washed up and trooped over to their cafe for our late lunch.

Going to VALLE VERDE'S Garden Cafe is like a trip back in time!

The dining area still has that 80's old style sosy Viva films vibe that I'm REALLY digging!!! It has a very relaxing and comfortable feel to it that again, I wouldn't mind staying here THE WHOLE DAY!

May free wifi pa! He he he he he!



The lookalikes Master Mati and the Chinese Dimpol!

The OTHER lookalikes, Me and the Bunsoy Andrei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We LOVE the food at VALLE VERDE because not only does it taste good but it's also very affordable as well!

I was originally going to have sizzling meals kaso the call of the Mongolian barbecue was so enticing!!!!!!

Master Mati had his usual order, the GARDEN CAFE Inihaw na Pusit (P295.00)!

My son absolutely loved seafood and would always get it when he sees Grilled Squid in the menu.

His order came with a side of coleslaw. We just requested to have it changed to some creamy macaroni salad!

Even if it was a hot day, the Yubhub got a GARDEN CAFE Lomi (P155.00)!

He got a big bowl of thick and saucy Filipino soup with udon noodles!

Huy mamigay ka naman!

The Chinese Dimpol added a spritz of Calamansi juice to add a citrusy bite to every rich spoonful. 

I swear, if this was me, I'd order extra garlic rice!

The bunsoy ordered his usual GARDEN CAFE Carbonara (P195.00)!

It doesn't look much (especially that they deconstructed it) but my bunsoy was able to wipe his plate clean!

The little lords asked for some French Fries (P85.00) to munch on, on the side.

And here comes thy order...

MONGOLIAN RICE (P210.00)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's not to love about Mongolian Barbecue? You get your fill of the meats and veggies plus flavor it will all the sauces and condiments you desire.

Ay kay sarap sarap!!!!!!

When I was younger (cue in "I remember yesterday... the world was so young....") I could finish 4 or 5 bowls of Mongolian Barbecue with rice!!!!

Come to think of it, my record during high school was 6 bowls!!!!!!!! 6 EFFIN BOWLS!!!! 

Inangkupushness sa sulit!

And since I want my Mongolian Barbecue to be extra exciting, I requested for some chopped siling labuyo!

Hemorrhoids here I come!


Let's EAT!

Gobble... Gobble...


The bill!

After paying, ang galing ko, because I suddenly craved for some Puto Bumbong with my coffee! He he he he he!


We had LOADS of fun again at VALLE VERDE COUNTRY CLUB! Too bad we're not going here as much as we wanted to but this holiday would surely encourage us to drive over here more often. He he he he he he!



Capt Henry Javier Street, Pasig
Phone:(02) 631 1711




  1. I thought that plateful or bowlful of goodies was a savory pancit canton... that was the Mongolian thing pala. Hehehe natakam tuloy ako for a good pancit canton. Drool !

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Hi Speedster! How are you?? Long time no hear! Ha ha ha ha! Sorry I took a bad picture and it looked something else. But at least it served its purpose for both of us -- it made us both hungry. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! It was a very good Mongolian bowl pa!!! I hope you also enjoyed your saucy Pancit Canton! Take care!!

  2. Well yes I’m doing great. Just been busy lately. And nah. That ain’t a problem. Your photos are just fine. It’s the presentation and the glistening look from soy sauce which made the two look same. Anyway. You may want to try Naimas in Amorsolo Makati. It’s an ilocano Resto. Try their pancit and their bagnet and the pakbet and everything else. Then if you wish to try some Italian.. you would like to try the pasta from Mama Lou’s. They also have this guilt free chicharon mushrooms. You’d think it is a real chicharon bulaklak. Try those two. Naimas for a delish lutong bahay feels... and Mama Lou’s for a modern italian crave. Definitely will keep your gastronomical needs satisfyingly sulit.

    1. Hiya Speedster!!! You're "Joseph Reyes" pala! Do I know you? I know somebody with the same name nung kabataan ko (ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

      Anywho, I have tried Mama Lou's na before and yes ang sarap niya!!! The guilt free mushrooms are indeed a winner and pwedeng iulam sa kanin! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I haven't tried Naimas. But if there's Bagnet, malamang the Chinese Panget will go for it (he he he he he).

      Thanks for the suggestions! Hope you were able to enjoy that pancit canton you were craving for. He he he he he! Ingatsssssssss!!! :)

      And if you ARE the Joseph Reyes I'm talking about, nasan na P5,000 ko??? KIDDING!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  3. What? Who the heck? Good thing I’m not the one you’re talking about. Hehehe. I just saw your blog when I was searching for food blog/Recos regarding Blue Post boiling crabs. And yes it was delish.. thanks to your cultured taste (WTFudge) 😂 😉 regards and God bless

    1. Awwwwww!!! I WAS hoping youre the Joseph Reyes from my childhood. I really want my P5000 back... HAHAHAHA!!! Kidding!!!! But yeah, you have the same name of an old friend who disappeared. Anyway, take care and God bless!!!

      NAKS! Cultured taste? Parang tilapia ang dating. Kidding!! Hahahaha!

  4. looking forward to see more of your gastronomical adventures. Keep it up Jazz. Namaste 🙏🏼


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