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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


We're going to Antipolo!!!!!

It's our annual KAIN TULOG GANG summer getogether and we are going to Antipolo for a day that's sure to be jampacked with hungry people and FOOD!!!!

Tayo na.... Sa Antipolo!!!!!!!

It was a fast and traffic-free drive to Antipolo that we were actually able to enjoy the ride. 

Since we were not in a hurry, we were able to see this sign on one of the streets: PENNY LANE!!!!

Guess the Beatle fan who really asked to stop and take a picture of it.


And we're here!!!


It was a hot day so it was a relief that while the pool awaits our "dipping" we could go to the airconditioned game room to cool off.

And as I guessed, everyone's here nga!

Sympre upon seeing each other, chikahan galore agad!

Of course, amidst the chika and the laughter, my tummy went wild with the sight of the food!


I swear this is my ultimate favorite Lasagna EVER because it's ultra cheesy, meaty, and just PERFECT!

 To order: 0917 836 0160
@bhestlasagna in IG

Boxes upon boxes of pizza from NONNA'S!!!!!!!!!

Ground Floor, Building G, Solenad 3, 
Nuvali, Don Jose, Santa Rosa
+63 9498898959

Savory finger foods from from BLEUR!

Even if I don't drink, these spicy and garlicky sausages were just awesome for "pulutan".

Hay naku! If there was rice lang at this time, I would've scooped a mound and topped it off with these sausages plus the oils!!!!!!

The Dynamita (spicy Cheese lumpia) were SOOOO effin good too!!!!!! Even if it was already cold, it still packed a lot of flavor and spice!

Sayang I wasn't able to get from the Chicken Pastel! I focused too much on the Dynamita! He he he he he he!

985 Theresa 
St. Christine Village
Pasig 1610
0917 886 9859
@bleur.skies on IG

For this super KTG summer party, we also got the GREENWICH BARKADA bringing hot boxes of pizza and pasta pans!

Thanks for this PICKIEST EATER and pretty Bea from CLICK THE CITY!

Now THIS was their face when I took their picture and said "Don't look at my kili kili!" He h he he he!

I'm glad EN ROUTE was enjoying the "view." He he he he! Kidding!

To order: (02)898-7777
@GreenwichPizza on IG

Yeah it was hot and I was wearing sleeveless. He he he he he! Ayan tuloy I got conscious at every pic!

For the piece de resistance later, we got a 1 whole order of LEONARDO'S LECHON!

I wonder what's it stuffed with???

For desserts, we had a make your own waffle station from WAFFABLE!!!

This was a fun treat for the kiddies because they get to design how they want their chocolate waffle!

When the buttermilk melted, the Yub spread it on his waffle and took several hungry and messy bites!

Cute ni RINA'S RAINBOW! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ayala Up Town Center, Quezon City, 
1105 Metro Manila
To order: (02) 425 8610
@waffablewafflebar on IG

For more sweets, we also had some Blueberry Cheese Cupcakes from NIKITA'S PASTRIES!

Sometimes I don't need the whole slice -- one "cup" is just enough for me to get my cheesecake craving fixed!

They also had Cookies and Cream!!!!!!

To order: 0917-2451116

We also got some luscious S'mores and Chocolate Chip Cookies from THE PLAZA!

I swear it was soooo good that I zoinked that pack of Chocolate Chips! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! There I said it! I stole the cookie from the cookie "jar." Don't judge me. It was just so perfectly crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside deeeelicious! I'm not sorry at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 744, Calle Real de Palacio (General Luna Street), 
Intramuros, Manila, 1002 Metro Manila
To order: (02) 527 2345
@theplazainc on IG

Now let us all dig in!

Wohoo! Time to party!

The KTG way!

As you can see on the pic, we also had some AMBER'S SPAGHETTI, BANNOFEE PIE, BARBECUE, KRISPY KREME DONUTS, etc etc. as our potluck.

The Yub and I brought some BEST FRIEND'S Miki Bihon!

So sorry I wasn't able to take a pic of our potluck grub. You could say I got so excited with the others I became my usual forgetful self!!!!  He he he he he he!

While we were all chatting up inside, my bunsoy asked his Daddy to go with him to try out the cool trampoline.

(I would've loved to bounce here with him but I doubt if the trampoline could handle my royal "whale-ness". He he he he he!)

Later on, it was time for a swim!

Helping my little bunsoy get ready for the pool.

The Yub and I were supposed to swim too pero we got lazy to change into our UNDIES. He he he he!


It was nearing sunset when they started to swim.

It was a perfect time too because the water's all heated up from the afternoon sun!

Andrei's "swim mates!"

As for the Yub and I, we chatted with the KTG while looking out for Andrei and enjoying the cool Antipolo breeze!


At the other side was the girls table where we talked about everything besides girlie stuff!

Later on, we had a mini-film presentation to pay our respects.... (oops)... he he he he he... to say good bye to our favorite FOOD IN THE BAG who's leaving for the US soon!


He didn't expect it. He thought we're only going to watch porn.



Everyone's (almost) so serious! He he he he he!

We all submitted to the PICKIEST EATER our memorable pics with dear Jeng and he edited it!!!

Afterwards, we all said our sweet good bye messages for dear Jeng!

Go ME!

Hello BRASO! He he he he!


Andrei would miss his friendly "kuya"!!!!!

And then it was time for DINNER!

Yup! What you saw earlier were just snacks. Ha ha ha ha ha!

To battle our extreme sadness of Jeng's departure, we focused our hearts onto LEONARDO'S LECHON!!!

Huh... Jeng who?


The pogi FOOD ALPHABET recently celebrated his birthday, so he'll do the honors of cutting this crispy and juicy beast.

OMIGERRRDDDDD... That crunch could be heard all the way to Cavite!!!

Our LEONARDO'S LECHON was stuffed with Hungarian Sausage and garlic!!!! Yowza!

Even if we got the lechon this afternoon pa, the sausage were still moist and juicy. It was able to absorb all that lechon goodness!

89 J. Basa, Metro Manila, 1500 Metro Manila
To order: (02) 724 3068

We also had a big tub full of AYSEE'S SISIG!!!!

The Yub and I always ate in AYSEE's for their Sisig and Papaitan! We loved eating there until tumaas ang blood pressure namin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

I swear that it was all worth it though.

Cityland Townhouses, 
17 Martin Street, Oranbo, Pasig City
02 6343207 / 02 4257207

AYSEE'S Sisig, LEONARDO'S LECHON, Hungarian Sausage, and Roasted Chicken over a mound of steamed white rice.

Tapos I'll wash it down with ice cold Coke Zero??????


After all of that rich food, we had some of our favorite SERENITEA!!!!

But it's not the SERENITEA that we'd always chug on if we're craving for some milk tea with tapioca pearls... 

It's SERENITEA's famous Okinawa Milk Tea in CARMEN'S BEST ICE CREAM!!!

This was just like JON SNOW and YGRITTE coming together -- they're all so great on their own but perfect for each other!

WOAH!!! My hips will thank me tonight after I scrape this cup clean.

Tee hee!

@ILoveSerenitea on IG

@carmensbest on IG

And it was time to go...

We all had an ultra great time chatting, laughing, and just chomping on all the food that we could get our hands on. Can't wait for the next one!!!!!


My brother suddenly had to go somewhere so it meant my Mom will be by herself at home. We have lakad and offered to stay behind but my Mom assured us that she’ll be fine naman and that she’ll just watch her koreanovelas or hear mass in Powerplant Mall later. My big guy though wouldn’t have it: Even if he’s drooling over the food that we’ll have in our getogether later (Serenitea... ahem ahem), he insisted on staying home with my Mom and perhaps go on a date with her later. My master Mati said he promised his Lolo Pogi that he will always guard his lola and never leave her alone. And like what he’s always done before, he’s making sure to fulfill that promise.

I am so proud of you my dear Mati! I’m sure your Lolo Pogi in heaven is beaming with pride and making yabang na about you there. Hahahaha! You are indeed one caring and loving son/apo. 

THAT'S where he is.

Yup. I'm VERY proud. 


Awesome getogether as always KTG!

Thanks so muchos for THE PICKIEST EATER and RINA'S RAINBOW for having us!

Next year again please... He he he he he he!!!!




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