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Thursday, August 2, 2018


Even if we have a very tiring and busy workweek, the Chinese Dimpol and I always make it a point to have some "gimik" time with the little lords. Besides the usual mealtimes (breakfast ftw!!!), we would usually plan simple outings with them that's outside our usual schedule (like Mati's Kali lessons and movie movie time at home). That's why we have reserved our weekends with them because the Yub and I believe that family time is always the best time. Not only that, since the little lords are fast growing up, I know that soon they'll be going out with their posse and girlies leaving the Yub and I all pathetically alone. He he he he! Wawa us!

Imagine our excitement when one Saturday, THE YAPPY BUNCH were invited to have lunch in Shangri-la at the Fort! I have read about this Peruvian feast and was really looking forward to trying it out with the boys. The great thing too is that we'll be having this great lunch with our other foodie friends from the KAIN TULOG GANG (KTG). It's been a long time since I saw them last and it would be great to catch up again.

Saturday. The boys. Chinese Dimpol. KTG friends. Samba. Shangri-la Fort.

Truly a fiesta of a great time! 

My gang this Saturday!!!!

It's actually our first time to go to SAMBA and I was curious about it from the many raves of my friends.

Inside, SAMBA had wooden interiors, high ceilings, and a warm vibe that makes you just want to hang out and enjoy the smooth music (live bands are scheduled to perform). 

It may be cooler (temperature wise) to stay inside, but their al fresco dining area would give you a happy and party-party vibe!

I didn't know that Peruvian dining could be so colorful!

SAMBA was near Shangri-la Fort's vast pool and hearing the happy laughter and splashes of the swimmers just added to the enjoyable feel of the place.

We were there early because we wanted to eat ASAP (tee hee!). Good thing that we were given a table that was away from the main area AND near the buffet.

TEE TO THE HEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me and Master Mati!

The Chinese Dimpol and the bunsoy Andrei!

Yayyy! THE MOMMIST and family are here na!

FRANNYWANNY where is you???

We started off with some of SAMBA's feature drinks that month to wet our appetites and are priced as follows...

₱ 800 nett/person free-flowing cocktails, beers and wines
₱ 400 nett for an unlimited serving of non-alcoholic beverages

As much as we wanted to do some party-party tugs tugs, we got non-alcoholic drinks. He he he he he he! We still enjoyed them SO MUCH nonetheless!

I had the SAMBA Pina Colada and I was surprised that they really used 1 whole pineapple for the drink! Sarapppp!

The bunsoy Andrei got the SAMBA Magic Liquid!!!

The name enchanted him that's why he ordered it. He he he he he! He was happy with this because he liked the fruity taste of the drink in a ceramic bamboo! It made him feel like a grown-up having cocktails!

As for master Mati, he had this Spicy Iced tea that worked hard on giving his tastebuds that pleasurable kick. He didn't thought that he'd like this, but he did!

Let's drink!!!!!!




For the SABADO DE FIESTA in SAMBA, there were live cooking stations to start off our meal.

Taco Station!

Yup! Only the freshest ingredients will do!

You could request your kind of Taco straight off the griddle or you could get from the already made ones on the rack. 

I tried the pre-cooked ones and they were still warm and yum!

My favorite though is SAMBA's Ceviche Station because it was prepared by none other than SAMBA's head chef himself, Mr. Carlo Huerta Echegaray!

I was delirious upon seeing the fresh Salmon, Tuna, Mussels, Squid, etc plus the veggies and seasonings for my Ceviche. I suddenly had a "As Seen On TV" moment when I realized that with SAMBA's Ceviche station, "The Possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!"

He he he he he!

But of course, I let Chef Carlo do his thing because he IS the expert and I wanted to taste authentic Peruvian Ceviche!

And wow. It was looking good!

Oh yum!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful and refreshing bowl to start off our meal: fresh and sweet chunks of tuna in a light citrusy vinaigrette topped with crunchy onions, juicy corn kernels, nutty cilantro, and fish roe. The addition of that hard kernels (I forgot what it's called) gave a delightful texture and earthiness to every spoonful.


Time for the main dishes!!!

The dishes were served ala Family Style and since it's SABADO DE FIESTA, food was unlimited so we could just request for more if we wanted to.

I'm sure our appetites will be so happy with that. However, my sexy 6-pack tummy (tee hee) might have some objections. He he he he he!

We all started off with bowls of SAMBA Parihuela De Mariscos or Bouillabaisse, Peruvian style!

You get here the plump chunks of cooked fish and mussels in a hearty seafood broth then mixed with crunchy veggies. Great with a crusty piece of bread!

Yehesss! Our lunch is definitely off to a great start!

Next up is the SAMBA Mixed Anticuchos which consisted of skewers of Beef,Chicken, and Barbecue with matching sauces. 

I'm not sure if this is an appetizer or drink buddy but I would DEFINITELY eat this with rice!!!

The other mains served were big bowls of SAMBA Seco de Pato or Duck Leg in a flavorful Peruvian stew.

The pickled onions, tomatoes, and corn added a nice contrast to the rich and hearty gravy. 

SAMBA Sudado De Hero!

Juicy Grouper in tomato stew! I confess I wasn't able to taste this because I was too busy with the ceviche, the skewers, the tacos, and the rice!

He he he he he he!

SAMBA Arroz Ala Nortena!

A delicious cilantro rice served on a hot skillet with parmesan shavings and seafood. Give it a slight spritz of the lime and you're good to go!


Let's EAT!

We were served again with another bowl of Ceviche, this time with Scallops!

I liked the Tuna Tiradito because it had a generous drizzle of cheesy cream sauce that had some kick to it.

My favorite though is the Salmon Tiradito!!!!

Buttery slivers of fresh salmon in sweet vinaigrette then topped with salsa and a drizzle of truffle oil. OMAYGASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was soooooooooo good that I ate it with rice. I think I had 2 more servings of this! I swear if they didn't run out of the salmon, I would ask for more.

Wait. I wonder if I was the reason for that? He he he he he he!

As for my picky eater Andrei, he happily munched on his specially made tacos!

Yup! He requested to only have meat and cheese on his tacos! Yay!

I'm always happy when this little lord enjoys his food!


Somebody was also enjoying at the back! GRRRRR! Thanks for the shot Yub.

My first pa-cute plate. He he he he he! Would you believe me if I say that I had seconds and thirds?

For dessert, we had some Dulces Peruanos which consisted of Tres Leches, fruits, and my favorite, the doughnut holes made of pumpkin called Bunuelos! These were sooooo good especially with the thick maple syrup! I didn't expect to love it but I did!

I think I could have a full plate of the Bunuelos and lick my plate clean in a few minutes afterwards! Sarap!

So DAAAAAYM with coffee!

Besides having an enjoyable lunch with the family, it was fun hanging out with these foodie peeps!

Loved seeing dear FRANNYWANNY too!!!


We had a delicious Saturday fiesta with these happy hungry people at SAMBA! Too bad that SABADO DE FIESTA was only featured at the last Saturday of every month and this was the final outing of this special. Hopefully in the future this will make a comeback. When it does, DO try it out! Trust me, it's much, much, much better and will give you so much happiness compared to The Last Jedi. He he he he he he!!!!

Again, thanks so much Shangri-la Fort for having us!

It's always awesome to spend time with my handsome and kulit boys. So glad that we were able to share this delicious Peruvian experience with them!


8th floor, Shangrila at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City
 +632 820-0888
Buffet Price:
₱ 1,800 nett/adult and ₱ 900/child



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