Monday, May 8, 2017


If you're looking for delicious Chinese comfort food that is not cooked up the old and usual way, then KING CHEF is the way to go!

We were able to discover it for ourselves during one Saturday when we joined up with some of our KAIN TULOG GANG!


KING CHEF is bright, chic, but still had the old Chinese vibe that we sometimes crave for when we go to their restaurants.

The Chinese Dimpols and I were there before the scheduled time (yay), so we were able to chat up with the other early birds!

DUDE FOR FOOD and his lovely Mom, plus Ms. Marites Ang, President and owner of KING CHEF.

We were later joined by the adorable family of EATSPLORATIONS

For this Saturday, we are going to try out the MOTHER'S DAY SET menus that are available for the whole month of May at KING CHEF!!!

Considering that a priest (YES A PRIEST) once mistook me for the Chinese Dimpol's mom, I would say that I'm the perfect Mother's Day date for the Yub. 

Mukha naman niya akong nanay!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

While waiting for our grub, I filled our small cups with the Chinese tea from this lovely pot. 

(I wonder if it'll fit my bag? Oops... I shouldn't have written that.)


The Mother's Day Set has two menus both priced at P3,888.00 and is good for 6 people (perfect for that Mother's Day celebration). Let me point out though that the servings shown here may be more than what they have in the actual promo since there are about 12 of us per table. 

Let the eating begin!!!!!

(Wait... Does this mean that since I'm THE Mommy, I'll get to eat more??? He he he he he he he! Kidding!)

Here's our set! 

SET A!!!!

4 Kinds of Cold Cuts Platter!

ALWAYS a welcome start at any Chinese feast if you ask me!

KING's special Crab Roe soup!

Could I just get the whole big bowl????

The soup was thick with that appetizing mushroomy eggy taste at every spoonful. The crab roe added a slight saltiness at every slurp too!

KING CHEF Braised Beef Brisket with Tendon in Pot!

This was a strong favorite in the group (Mommies included!) because of the fork tender meat swimming in that addicting savory sauce. 

OMAYGAD!!! Where is that extra stomach when I needed one??? This was THE BOMB over the rice.

YES THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(You know that you're talking to a Mom wanting to act cool and hip when she's using that expression.)

KING CHEF Seafood with Brocolli!

Sweet fresh seafood fried up with crunchy vegetables!!!

There was also KING CHEF Steamed Pompano in dried Salted Beans (Taoso)!

This dish may be simple but the ground up Taoso makes all the difference!

It's like crushed garlic but with a more sweet and nutty taste!!! Yummmmmmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course, a Chinese meal is not complete without a big bowl of their Yang Chow fried rice!!!!!

This is me pimping up my fried rice!


And for every set, you'll get a free small order of KING CHEF Suahe with Salted Egg!!!!

Egad! This is so addicting!!!! It'll get  you diving with your hands for sure. I think this is my favorite dish with salted egg!!!

And to fight off the heat of the season, KING CHEF will arm you with these mouth-watering summer drinks!

I got the KING CHEF Boracay Sunrise with Strawberry and Mango!!!! I swear if it won't get me too full, I would order more to match all the delicious KING CHEF dishes!

The Chinese Dimpol went for the healthy route and got the On The Beach summer drink with melon and carrots!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with THE KTG in KING CHEF Restaurant for their Mother's Day specials!


And here's SET B!!!

KING CHEF Peking Duck!

Ooh lala!

I don't mind having 1 or 5!!!!

Seafood with Spinach Soup!

Spare Ribs in A1 Sauce!

Plus some Salted Fish Fried Rice!


While there, we also tried our KING CHEF's newest offerings!

KING CHEF Avocado Seafood Salad!

KING CHEF Mango Prawns Salad!

A "salad" that could also be my ulam! Ha ha ha!

Plus their Sauteed Seafood with Apple in XO sauce!

You gotta love their attention to detail... AND design!

I wasn't able to stay longer for dessert but at least I was still there when KING CHEF sang to one of the nicest bloggers I know for his birthday... Go! Go! Go! Pareng THE FOOD ALPHABET!

Thank you dear Spanky and Ms. Marites for having ERICJAZ FOODIES for this uber special Saturday lunch!

Call KING CHEF now to treat that special (but hungry) lady of your life this Mother's Day!!!!!

Hopefully the Chinese Dimpol will do so for his Sugar Mommy (aka Me!)

He he he he he he he he!

987-989 Banawe Street, Manresa, Banawe, 
Quezon City
02 2469069 ext:724

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