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Thursday, October 22, 2015


It may not be obvious but in THE YAPPY BUNCH, I am the only lady.

Yeah... yeah... You thought I was a guy again, but promise, I'm the only rose among the thorns. I don't really mind because even if I am outnumbered with 3 guys in my silly little family, we all share the same loves.

But as usual, boys being boys, I get left out when they all LOVE to talk about cars, basketball, boxing, videogames, tires... blech... things that I am so uninterested in.

However, when it comes to food, the boys and I share a deep LOVE for Sushi and Sashimi as opposed to the Chinese Adonis who does not touch the stuff....

"Sushi??? Hindi ka kumakain ng Sushi Yub????!"

That is why when we heard of the opening of GENKI SUSHI in the Philippines, the little lords and I lost no time in scheduling a family dinner there. We just cannot get enough of sushi and sashimi, so this would probably be like Disneyland for us.

Now you might wonder that for someone who detest these raw stuff, the Chinese Adonis was very willing to treat us to GENKI SUSHI.


Because that is how much he LOVES us even if he is the minority in this food decision! Naks!

10 pogi points to Gryffindor!!!!!



GENKI SUSHI is this famous franchise from Japan where the food plates are not conveyor belts. The dishes are actually brought to each table by an automated train!!!

I guess this is one of the main reasons why there is a line to get a table at GENKI SUSHI!

Dining there is truly an experience!!!!

Would you believe that we were 16th in line? But my bunsoy Andrei didn't mind. He was so entertained while watching the moving trains!

When we got seats inside, the little lords were still all giddy and happy even if they were sharing a chair.

What the... HUY!

As I stopped their "grooming", Andrei went back to stalking the trains!

Awwww... He's so cute!!!

Andrei's carrying a pack of Oreos because I thought he might get hungry from the wait.

Mommy and Mati!

And finally! It's our turn to get a table in this full packed house!

HMMMM.... Now what shall we get?

GENKI SUSHI menu 1...

GENKI SUSHI menu 2...

GENKI SUSHI menu 3...

GENKI SUSHI menu 5...

GENKI SUSHI menu 6!!!

GENKI SUSHI menu 7...

GENKI SUSHI menu 8!!!

And we're finally seated!!!


Lola Tinidora and little Alden!

Bossing and Lola Nidora!

(That's what Andrei calls me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

In GENKI SUSHI, not only will you be served in a high state-of-the art manner, but you'll notice that their table is equipped with all things you may need for a satisfying sushi meal!

There's a spout that serves hot water.

Besides the spout, there's a small tub containing green powder so that you could make your own tea!

There's also some soy sauce and a canister for their pickled ginger which serves as a palate cleanser.

Small saucers for wasabi which appears out of nowhere!

And that magical yellow button which automatically sends the car back to the kitchens!

Of course, it may be tempting to have the little kiddies sit by the railings so they could see the sushi action. But it would be best to have them sit at a safe distance to be sure. You don't want them to accidentally zoom off to the kitchens now would you?

Don't worry. GENKI SUSHI is really kid-friendly. When we ordered spoon and forks for the little lords they gave us these cute Hello Kitty utensils!

I hope they have something for boys soon but these were still very adorable not to use!

And there's a monitor for you to place your orders.

Once you are ready, lightly press the square indicated your table number.

Mati eager started the ball rolling!

Hmmm... What should he get?

After selecting your sushi or sashimi dishes, just press ORDER. You better be sure when you press this because there is no changing or returning of food once it has been placed!

Also, because of the limited size of the sushi train, you will only get to order 3 dishes at a time.

Now I'm sure the little lords are SOOO fine with this!

In less than 5 minutes, Mati's order arrived from GENKI SUSHI!!

Octopus Sushi (P150.00)!

Squid Sushi (P80.00)!!

Tamago Sushi (P60.00)!!

My little foodie enjoying his GENKI SUSHI goodies!!! He's more adventurous in eating compared to other adults!

(Ahem... Chinese Adonis....)!

Later on it's Andrei's turn!

He got the GENKI SUSHI Tuna and Salmon at (P80.00) each!

I didn't expect the prices of GENKI SUSHI to be so affordable! And believe me, the price is not evident in the food! The seafood is fresh and servings were just right! We were more satisfied here in taste and quality compared to other more expensive restaurants!!!

The proof is the bare sushi rice! He he he he he!!!

Don't worry, they ate this afterwards.

Later on the train bearing just one thing....

That's not Sushi.... That's not Sashimi... So what is it?

The Chinese Adonis' Chicken Teriyaki with Rice (P190.00) -- the only non-sushi dish among all the food!


My husband liked the Chicken Teriyaki from GENKI SUSHI but he found the rice a bit hard. I wonder if they were supposed to use this for the sushi? Hopefully this would not be the case when we return.

From the monitor you could check the status of your bill and your orders whenever you feel like it!

In GENKI SUSHI, if you plan to order their Temakis, do this ahead because it takes time to be delivered.

Even if it was behind the others I was still very happy with my Tuna Roll. Imagine, for only P80.00 I got six big bites of fresh tuna with soft rice, and great quality nori!

I also ordered a small bowl of GENKI SUSHI Edamame (P80.00) to munch on with my sushi!

Yowza! Now THAT'S a complete meal courtesy of GENKI SUSHI!

Yes! Fish, rice, and veggies COMPLETE me!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in GENKI SUSHI!

In GENKI SUSHI, we let the boys order whatever they wanted. The only deal was that they should finish first their plates before getting a new one. 

Mati's Corn Sushi (P60.00)!!

He ordered another round of GENKI SUSHI Octopus too (P150.00)!!

And another plate of Tuna (P80.00)!!!

As for Andrei, he had the Salmon Sashimi (P200.00)!

This may be pricier than the other plates but look how fatty and fresh that is! So worth it!

This made my little Andrei so happy!

Check out some of the little lords' empty plates!

Even if I was a bit full already, I was in the mood for some Salmon Roll (P80.00)!! 

This was so YUM! The tuna was good but this really hit me hard! Will definitely get more of THIS next time!

Even after many plates of sushi, the Matster was still in the mood for some dessert. He punched in an order of GENKI SUSHI Strawberry ice cream (P80.00)!!

And we're done!

After all that amazing food, it was bill out for us!

By the way, the total bill from the monitor doesn't reflect yet the applicable taxes for  your food.


We really enjoyed our whole dining experience in GENKI SUSHI! Not only did the boys have fun placing their orders and waiting for it to be served on sushi cars, but the food was utterly delicious even if it was priced so reasonably!!!

PLUS! They have a lot of grub that will excite even the non-sushi eaters!!!!!

Oh we will be back GENKI SUSHI!!!! 

We will not wait till the force awakens on this one! We will STRIKE BACK again in NO TIME!!!! 

Oh yes! I just saw the new trailer today! He he he he he he!


 2nd Floor, Bonifacio Stop Over, 
Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City, 
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, 
1634 Metro Manila
(02) 624 2867


We were supposed to check out the fountains of Bonifacio Central. But since it was closed that weekend, we just had some sweet fun in one toy store in the mall!

I just love hearing the excited laughs from the little lords!



  1. Hay Jaz I love your blog talaga! Yung mga gusto ko kainan, nakainan mo na kaya guide ko tong blog mo e haha! Nagsisi ako di kami nag genki sushi sa tokyo. Kaya excited ako nung nalaman ko meron na dito! Ang mura ng prices nila! Will try this pag dumating na husband ko. Hihi!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Wowwww thank you so much Erika! Kinilig naman ako! Pero at least you'll be able to eat GENKI SUSHI IN TOKYO mismo. That's not something I'll be doing very soon. Oo very affordable sila compared to the quality of their dishes! Ang sarap! Our instant favorite! Go date night na dito! Yohooo!


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