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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Very recently, my friend Albert celebrated his birthday and invited ERICJAZ FOODIES plus the CAMPOS to lunch.

The choice of the birthday boy that day was KAFE BATWAN!

Since I knew that Albert and his wife Suet are always on "military time", I rushed the Chinese Adonis so we would be at the restaurant early.

Let's just say, I got him out of the house even before he had a chance to curl his hair. He he he he he he he! Kidding!

It was a particularly windy day and eating al fresco seems mighty tempting.

But since the winds were as strong as Kanye West's self esteem, I just went inside and asked for the reservation made by the birthday boy Albert.

Now if there's one thing I could say about me is that, I love making people happy. I don't know why. I love making people laugh and feel good about themselves (even at my own expense), or just giving them small surprises. So usually, when it's somebody's birthday, I always plan an itty bitty surprise just to make the celebrant smile. 

Good thing that we got there before the Santillanas. So I was able to arrange a little something with the waitress. I ordered one of their best selling desserts and directed her in putting the special candle I brought with me. I also requested that a small message like "Happy Birthday Albert" to be written on the plate (like what other restaurants would usually do).

So that's that. 

In a short while, the birthday boy Albert with his hottie wife Suet came!!!!


Albert and Suet are regular customers in KAFE BATWAN and proceeded to order the dishes they enjoyed before.


KAFE BATWAN menu 1...

KAFE BATWAN menu 2...

KAFE BATWAN menu 3!!!

KAFE BATWAN menu 4!!

Later on the CAMPOS came!

KAFE BATWAN became full with hungry diners afterwards. Good thing we were there early!

And it's time to officially start Albert's birthday celebration for his 42 years of OC existense! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

See what I did there Albert? 

First on the table was a plate of KAFE BATWAN's Grilled Oyster Mushrooms (P250.00) with batwan aioli.

Just in case you'll notice, the "Batwan" is a fruit popular in Visayas and it has influenced many of the dishes in the restaurant. Hence, the name.

To be honest, I'm not really familiar what a "Batwan" is but judging from all the food that Albert ordered, IT IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my favorites was up next and that was KAFE BATWAN Nose to Tail Sticks (P320.00)!!!

We got lengua, tripe, and oxtail all in skewers and grilled to a perfect charred goodness! The flavorful meats were then topped with Tokwa't Baboy Glaze and Chopped pili nuts!

EGAD! Give me rice already!!!!!!

The grilled oyster mushrooms were so tasty believe me but THIS would already seal the deal for you even at the start of the meal.

If I wasn't with 5 hungry adults, I would've grabbed the whole plate and shoved it all in my big mouth!

KAFE BATWAN Trio of Pinoy Spreads (P250.00) with toasted biscocho bread!

It was our first time to try monggo labuyo, salted egg talong, and tahong ginamos as appetizers and we were pretty excited!

Well we were drooling actually but we were careful not to get it on each other.

You might have doubts if these creamy dips in wee saucers would be enough for our group but believe me it was. Each dollop on our crusty bread packed a lot of flavors that we were easily satisfied!!!!  

I was so curious with the Tahong Ginamos especially with the shocking orange color. It tasted as unique too!!!

I think I was the last one munching on all the bread and spreads of KAFE BATWAN! He he he he he he!

Pareng Albert raved a lot over the KAFE BATWAN Madrid Fusion Super Batchoy (P450.00) and I was honestly wondering why because it didn't look any different from the noodle soups of other restaurants. 

But when I put my nose (PNJ - pre-nose job... he he he he he) near the piping hot bowl, I got a whiff of the delectable broth!

Who would have thought that KAFE BATWAN would cook up this Filipino favorite ala Ramen?

It's like how I felt when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got together: they are already 2 super kaduper perfect beings who were great on their own but when they hooked up, THE BIG BANG!

I'm sure that's how Stephen Hawking might explain it to me. He he he he he he he!

The birthday boy proceeded to serve us bowls of this drool-worthy dish. 

If I could have my way, I would've zoinked the bowl even if nobody had a taste of it yet. The motto  "Sharing is caring" is not in my vocabulary at all times! He he he he he he he he!

I'm sure you'd know what I mean after a taste of that rich broth infused with pork that was simmered for 12 hours. 

Plus, slurps of the Tamago Egg, Chopped Char Siu, and crispy Tuna Skin! So perfect during this blistery morning!

Up next we got a barrage of main dishes that were all SOOO FRIGGIN GOOD!

KAFE BATWAN Siningang Fried Chicken with Cassava Fries and bell pepper cream sauce (P225.00)!

KAFE BATWAN Pinoy Fish and Chips (P350.00) had seasoned cream dory dipped in beer batter and fried onto a golden crisp!

KAFE BATWAN Lamb Caldereta with Sambal Beans (P550.00)!

Honestly, I'm not a great fan of lamb because I feel it's politically incorrect, but the hearty gravy made me a convert! It was a rich menage a trois of tomato, garlic, and sweetness!!! So perfect with rice!!!!!

KAFE BATWAN Batchoy Beef Ribs (P550.00) was indeed finger licking awesome especially with the sticky sauce!

We were already dizzy with all the food but still, this KAFE BATWAN Grilled Sugarcane Porkchop (P350.00) made quite an entrance!

It was thick, it was juicy, it was PERFECT for our ravenous selves!

AND like a kid getting his wishes on Christmas day, we were all rejoicing with the arrival of these cups of rice!!!!!

KAFE BATWAN Garlic Coconut Rice (P60.00)!!!

To wash down all those hearty dishes, the Chinese Adonis ordered a tall glass of KAFE BATWAN Green Mango Shake (P125.00)!

It was surprisingly sweet with no hint of sourness at all!

So refreshing!

ERICJAZ FOODIES celebrating Albert's birthday at KAFE BATWAN!


The massacre of the juicy and flavorful chicken!

Can't talk. Eating!

As the Filipino saying goes "Galit Galit Muna!"

Trust the Chinese Adonis to still try his best to make that dimple appear even while chewing.

Feeling Alden!!!!!!!

Since Albert was treating us for his birthday, he will be the "Pambansang Bae" for this day!


So many food for us oldies!!!!

MY PLATE! My mesmerizing, uber appetizing, would-like-to-eat-with-my-hands, PLATE!!!!

Of course, selfie muna! Teee hee!

Oh yeah, I know my priorities, ALWAYS!

For dessert, Albert ordered a sizzling skillet of KAFE BATWAN Budbud (P250.00) with generous amounts of ube butter and pandan coffee cream!!!

He also ordered some Choc Nut Turon (P195.00) that were fresh from the fryer!

This is actually the same dessert I ordered for Albert's surprise later!

That's why I didn't eat too much.

As usual, I had a cup of Cappuccino with my dessert.


It was during this time that I wondered what is taking my dessert and Albert's surprise so long. When I followed it up, the server gave my special candle back. I asked her where was the plate with the message and the dessert. She apologized and went back to the kitchen.

Imagine OUR surprise when she comes back with a plate bearing my candle that was taped UPSIDE DOWN.

There was no dessert BUT the message "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFRED!" was there!!!!

First off, how are we going to light the candle if it was upside down?
Second, what did you do with our dessert?




This was the most pathetic looking birthday surprise I ever laid eyes on! Everything was just... wrong!!!!!


We tried getting one of the turons from the other table to stick the candle that was now right side up.

But while dear "Alfred" was trying to poke it, the lone turon jerked at another direction and ruined his message.

We were all laughing hysterically at this point!!! This was like the Murphy's Law of Birthday surprises!!!!

I tried my best to make the "ALFRED" into an "ALBERT" but I failed.

Seeing there was nothing else we could do, we just lit my special candle up!!!!

And sang our hearts out in between howls of laughter!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALBERT... este... ALFRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My apologies to the senior guy at the next table who was checking what the ruckus was all about.

And after a thunderous song, the candle from the most pathetic-looking surprise died on. 

I'm glad we made our celebrant really laugh and that guy behind us (somehow) smile!

Later on it was time to give our gifts to "ALFRED"!

Sorry, that name will NEVER go anywhere now.

That's from me.


That's For The Watch!

The Chinese Adonis gave him a mug...



Pareng Jun gave ALFRED a bottle of wine while Mareng Gail gave a box of luscious desserts!

Chef JP Anglo, the hunky owner of KAFE BATWAN (and Sarsa) said hi to our birthday boy since Albert and family are cool regulars of his resto. I'm sure he's so used to diners praising his food but we all can't help it, we gushed out our appreciation over all the dishes! KAFE BATWAN served us up a mighty unforgettable lunch that's for sure!

The same goes for ALFRED'S surprise! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Thank you soooo much for treating us on your birthday!!!! Don't worry, we plan on treating you soon too!


We know a very handsome guy who makes the best ones for us! Tee hee!!!! I'm sure you've heard of him.

ERICJAZ FOODIES certainly enjoyed our lunch with the Campos and the Santillanas! Not only were we able to wolf down delicious Filipino food that was cooked up in a unique way, but we also outrageously confirmed that things may not go the way we planned but sometimes it yields out more fun and hilarious results!

We will NEVER forget that makeshift cake EVER!

Thanks KAFE BATWAN for the delicious and wacky memories!!!!

It was so windy my toupee might fly off!

Of course, thank you so much to the Santillanas the wonderful treat! We are so blessed to be friends with such a generous and cool couple whose company is always a megaton of fun per minute!!!

Looking forward muchos to our next getogether!!!!


Sorry! That'll stay with me until Kim and Kanya West lose confidence in themselves!! Ha ha ha ha!

So. There!!!

122 Joya Lofts & Tower, Amorsolo Drive, 
Rockwell, Makati City


  1. So happy that you were able to celebrate my birthday! Yours Truly, Alfred

    1. We're the ones who should be happy!!! Thanks for inviting us ALFRED!!!!!!!!!! We really had a great time!!!!

  2. Ang dami kong tawa sa Alfred! Hahaha!! Grabe!

    1. Hay naku! Lalo na kami Erika!!!! We cannot breathe sa kakatawa. At nakakaawa talaga yung birthday surprise!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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