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There's more reason to rejoice for hotpot lovers out there!

FOUR SEASONS BUFFET AND HOTPOT has opened another branch in Manhattan Parkview, Araneta Center, Cubao!! So that means we could slurp and gobble all that delicious soupy goodness in this side of the metro!

More reasons to celebrate!
More reasons to pig out!
More reasons to break that useless diet!

That's what the Chinese Adonis and I did when we tried out the newly opened FOUR SEASONS BUFFET AND HOTPOT in Quezon City. We were SUPPOSED to watch our food intake during weekdays but when we received the invite to have dinner at a restaurant from the Niu and Vikings family, we were there!

Diet shmiet! I'm sure my 25 inch waistline wouldn't mind indulging a little bit.

Oh and when I get this excited about food, I get delusional too!!!!



The sosy sounding Manhattan Parkview branch of FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET just opened it's doors last October 3, 2015. It's stamped proudly by VIKINGS, a name synonymous to affordable buffets at a hotel like setting! 

When we enter a Vikings restaurant, we are always awed by the posh interiors that you would think you're entering Manila's swankiest hotel.

Again FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET will welcome you with its comfortable leather couches and pristine surroundings.

FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET may be sophisticated with its colors and soft lighting. But accents such as pastel plants and romantic painted messages give the diners a very welcoming and homey feel.


Add to that the sweet smiles from the welcoming maitre d's and the servers, you know you will never go wrong with your choice for the night.

Personally I feel that FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET would turn your ordinary night into something more special!

And if you've got something to celebrate, FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET have many private function rooms for you!

Now in the fine words of my ancestor, Sherlock Holmes "Are you comfortable? Yes? Then let us begin."

When you're in FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET, don't think for just one minute that you'll only be graced with tables of Hotpot food.

You'll have your usual favorites from popular buffet restaurants to attack!

Like this Salad spread!

Sushi Buffet!

Sushi and Sashimi buffet!

Egad... My weakness... Salmon Sashimi! Should I load my plate now???

If carbs and finger foods are more your thing, there's a variety of breads and canapes in FOUR SEASONS too!!!!

Guy at the back got all confused with all the choices. Ha ha ha ha!

If you want delectable entrees to munch on pronto, head over to the Cooked Food section of FOUR SEASONS!

Decisions! Decisions!

To further boggle your mind, you will be at a crossroad between Continental or Western dishes!

This is also the station where you could grill up some barbecue!

If you're in an Italian mood, you could always have your own pasta made.

I think this is the first time I saw utensils for the younger diners. Good job FOUR SEASONS!

But of course, when you're in FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET, make A LOT of room for the HOT POT!!!

Start off with your meats!

When we eat at Shabu Shabu restaurants, the Chinese Adonis and I are so used to our processed balls! In FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT, they have fresh balls and dumplings made especially by their chefs!

I am so curious with these fish noodles!!! Hope I'll be able to try it later.

In FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT, meats are neatly distributed and apportioned. 

And you'll not see the usual pork or meat slices here. Who would have thought of putting PORK SKIN in my hot pot???

Pork liver!

Pork knuckles!!!

Blizzards of gizzards!

For some reason, when it comes to HOTPOT, we are always drawn to seafood!

Like the meats, the FOUR SEASON seafood selection are neatly divided and waiting for you at the chiller.

Now what should we get first???

Boiled crab?

Oooh... Imelda Heads!

What are they???

Fillets of fish!

Care for some fresh alupihan?

So fresh!

Of course there's more!

Oysters, clams, and.... squid strips!

Some love putting these crispy pastries into their hotpot. I haven't tried it yet though.

Because I'm more addicted to noodles and the choices here are A LOT!

Yeesssh! It's almost like one for every color of the rainbow!

Eggs for my hot pot? OF COURSE!

FOUR SEASONS also has the popular hot pot items that have always been a strong favorites!

Their lobster balls seem so fresh and plump!

What's soup without the nutrients of veggies right? Get your healthy fix at this section!

HUWAAAAT? The Chinese Adonis is getting veggies???

Don't be so shocked. It's for me. Ha ha ha ha ha!

To make your FOUR SEASONS experience more unforgettable, have your special dips and sauces ready before you get on slurping your hot soup!

Just in case you get all confused at the choices (like what happened to me), you could always ask the waiter to prepare this tried, tested and very popular formula!

Unlike other eat-all-you-can buffet restaurants, FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET is drink all you can!!!

A true Vikings family staple!

Quench your thirst from their numerous colorful juices!

Milk tea??? Don't mind if I do later.

I think this is the first time I saw a restaurant serve up flavored water.

But of course, there's nothing like guzzling on sodas while munching on your food!

For dessert, FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET will get you groaning some more.

But even if you're full, I'm sure you'll indulge yourself anyway!

Fondue fountain!

Make your own crepes!


Now enough talking and pictures...


My first plate of raw food!

When you dine at FOUR SEASONS regular tables, you re given  pot with the Yin nd Yang-like division for your soup!

In the VIP rooms, each diner is given his own pot and cooker! 

The Chinese Adonis went ahead and started cooking my usual hotpot favorites!



Before ladling me some soup from the FOUR SEASONS hot pot, I went for some sushi first!

Oooh... Something is bubbling and smelled SO ridiculously good!!!!!!!

I can't wait to dip it into my jampacked dipping sauce!

Me so happy!

My Chinese Adonis was already wolfing down his 2nd (or was it 3rd) plate of food!

Go Yub!!!!!

For the pogi gluttons in the world!!!!!!!!!

Of course, even if you're handsome as Alden Richards, you'll be wa-poise after biting onto this cheeseball with a hot and gooey center. 

Tee hee!!!

It's okay. The pogi burn victim says that it's worth it!!!

In between loud sips from my super flavorful soup, I also slurped on some baked oysters!

Ooooh yeah!

When you're in FOUR SEASONS, please save some tummy space for this ingenious dish...

"Binusog na Lechon!"

The skin was so crunchy and the rice stuffing (hence the term "Binusog") was seasoned very well! It truly complimented the savory chops of pork!


Looks messy? I don't care! I was chomping happily at this point!

For dessert, the Chinese Adonis wolfed down 5 bowls (yup, 5!) of ice cream!

I was in the mood to go Filipino that night so I was thinking of getting some piping hot bibingka!

In the end, I got my favorite -- buttery puto bumbong!! This was so creamy and comforting!!!!

Of course, it was the best with FOUR SEASONS special brew!


FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET is not your ordinary soup and whatever restaurant. It definitely offers SO MUCH MEGA MORE that you should plan your next special event here PRONTO!

Either THAT or just go here for your next pig out session. Believe me, you will certainly lose yourself with all that eating!


And because they want to make friends in the new neighborhood....

By the way, FOUR SEASONS is also giving you a chance to EAT and HELP as well!!!

Now when did those two words ever come together??

Such a fun and uber cool night with the KTG at FOUR SEASONS HOTPOT AND BUFFET!!!

Thank you so much to VIKINGS Marketing Manager in PR and Advertising Ms. Raquel Bartolome for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!!!!

And of course, super kaduper thanks to THE PICKIEST EATER, Mr. Richie Zamora (the blogger I stalked so much before) for inviting us!!!!


Ground Floor, Manhattan Parkview, 
Gen. Roxas Ave., Araneta Center, Quezon City
 +(63) 932-7777, +(63)939-7777, or 0998-988-5888

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