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Saturday, January 15, 2022


As mothers, we are all well aware at how our children won't be babies forever -- one minute they're cute and chubby as potatoes the next second, they're long and lean like french fries.

Okay ba my metaphor and simile?? He he he he he he!

My dearest first born Mati celebrated his birthday last January and I lovingly discovered that when your son is all grown up, you would really have to listen to what he wanted. Even if his plans are not same as your own, you would have to trust him enough to say "Okay. Ikaw bahala."

So days before his birthday I asked my son "How do you like to celebrate your birthday?"

He answered "Just at home Mommy. Maybe we could invite just a few of my friends."

At first I'm like "No more gifts? No more Kimpura? No more getaways???"

Mati just shrugged and said "Whatever's fine Mom but as long as I get to go shopping in Greenhills and have a getogether with my friends. I'm good na."

One part of me was overjoyed that my big guy's wishes were so manageable with my budget. Super mura lang! Another part is "we can't have just THAT for your birthday!"

In the end, sorry I would have to contradict (a bit) what I wrote up there. Syempre, I would follow the wishes of my big guy na shopping in Greenhills and getogether with friends only. However, we just love our awesome guy so much that we feel we should give him all that we can. Of course, if we're going to make an effort, the best would be for my sons!

And as what we would do because it is our love language, we'll do it with FOOD.

Sharing with you our celebrations for our Master Mati!

(Belated) Happy Birthday my dearest big guy!

Mati's birthday celebrations started with a pre-celebration at CATCH BY THE SEA in OKADA MANILA.

Yub's family were inviting us for a staycation but we're not ready yet. He he he he he! Next time na lang. He he he he he!

CATCH BY THE SEA served Chinese food. You would think that Yub's family would be tired of that but noooooh.... ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Sarap kaya!

Food was also so yum at CATCH BY THE SEA. It was a great choice that night.

After dinner, the CATCH BY THE SEA servers surprised Mati with a birthday song.

They say that you could see a person's attitude by the expression of his when sung with a birthday song. 

I guess Mati is always happy with a sense of hidden excitement always.


Teka bakit parang serial killer???

Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

The cake was sooooo yum too!!!!

Thanks dear Ivy for organizing. 

We had coffee and afterwards went home agad. 

In a few minutes, it was 12am. It's New Year... este... Mati's birthday!!!!!

(We haven't set up the birthday sign and put down the Happy New Year balloons eh. Bakit ba. He he he he he)

We officially started his big 1-7 with a birthday song at the strike of 12am....

Este.... 12:07am pala!!!!!!

My Mom asked "Why didn't you stay at the hotel till 12:00am so that Mati's first real birthday song is in a grand place?"

Dear Mati answered "Lola, it's because I want my first real birthday song to be here because I love our home. Also because i want to spend it with you!"


The Yub and I watched some netflix and waited for Mati to go tto bed. When he did, we fixed  up the wall!!!!

Nice!!!! I think we did a great job!!!!

We hope to surprise Mati when he wakes up.

And that we did!!!!

When he woke up that morning this was the first thing he saw!

Besides the decor, we also put there our initial birthday gifts for him!

Hala! Kinuha agad yung envelope.

From my Mommy and Daddy!

Enge. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I gave him naman a model of Darth Vader. Something he wrote in his wishlist.

When Andrei got up and saw Kuya's set up, he was like "HEYYYYY! WHY DOES KUYA HAVE A BLUE SHINY DECOR AT THE BACK??"

After looking at it pa he added "And why does his set up he have twinkly lights, mine doesn't???"

He consoled with the thought na lang that his HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign had more balloons. Ha ha ha ha ha!


It's funny pa when the Yub posted greetings for Mati and Andrei.

Upon seeing this, my bunso was like "Daddy mas magaling naman yung MINI ME di ba? Kasi APPRENTICE is like an assistant lang. E MINI ME means I'm more closer and important!"

Ay sus! Ha ha ha ha ha!

That morning, as per Mati's request, we went to GREENHILLS!!!!

I asked him if he wanted to eat in Pancake House or Gloria Maria Maris, or somewhere more special.

"No Mommy." He said. "I want Mcdonalds!"

Too bad that Andrei can't join us. So it's just 3!

After breakfast, we went to Shoppesville as per Mati's wish.

There, he checked out some model.

Toy models ah.

I really don't get his fascination with toy models. Parang for me, it's just on display tapos it's not really doing anything!


Sige Mati buy more models. He he he he he!

Si Wonder Woman o. Ganda.

Darth Vader and a floating Storm Trooper!

Mati got this!

Is that Commander Cody from Star Wars?

After buying his toy models, Mati got shirts!!!!!

While I was buying a new set of contact lenses, Ate Jojit came!!!!!

She treated Mati to a toy model of his choice. 

Thanks Ate Jojit!

We also had some coffee and donuts in Krispy Kreme!

When we got home, Andrei went out to meet us. His Kuya gave him the shirt he bought for our bunsoy and his pasalubong request! He he he he!

For lunch, we had our usual birthday spread!!!!!!

Thanks Mommy!!!!!

Saucy pancit Bihon for long life!

Tinola from the live chicken our guy bought from the palengke and cooked here (as pamalit buhay).

And Fried Chicken!!!!!!

Yummmm... Let's EAT!!!

May batang naiinggit. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We ate with my family. They didn't want to join the picture because they're wearing home clothes daw. He he he he.

When I asked Mati what he wanted for dinner that night, he said:


Ay may naiinggit uli.

Kidding! He's happy for his kuya.

It's been such a loooooooooooooooooong time since we last ate in SAMBOKOJIN. So we're all excited for tonight. 

This is our first time in the SM Megamall branch.

My happy celebrant!

More on the blog post!!!!

And syempre since it's his birthday, we gave him a loud birthday song!

Make a wish my darling!

It's funny how you are also the "wish come true" for us!

Happy Birthdayyyyyyy!!!!!

Even if there was a buffet full of desserts, the boys attacked this. Ha ha ha ha!

My big guy using the sign for pole dancing. 


The next day, Kuya Jay's family went down from Antipolo to have lunch with us. 

The cousins as usual hamming it up for the camera.

Ang kukulit!!!!!

Thank you for the gift dear Cio!

For Mati's family birthday lunch we ordered the Shabu Shabu set from SHABU SHABURI!

Loved this!!!

The kids were also fighting amongst themselves who'll get the pig faces. He he he he he....

That sate sauce was awesome too!

Besides the Shabu Shabu, we also got Bon Chon where KULANG INORDER NI YUB! Grrrr!

Yay! Another celebration for Mati with his favorite!

Before eating, we sang to dear Mati!!!!!!

I forgot why we were laughing.


Tee hee..... 

Cake was from OKADA MANILA (another piece from Yub's brother) and a donut.

Okay ba Mati's cake set up? He he he he he!

Sarap pa din!!!!!

Since we don't sweets that much, may leftovers pa.


After our super yum lunch, we had several rounds of app game similar to Pinoy Henyo.

Go Mommy!

Thanks again Kuya Jay and family for joining us this Sunday!

That night, we asked the birthday boy what he wanted for dinner and he said ARMY NAVY!!!!

He suddenly craved for a big burrito!


Parang kami ang tumataba sa birthday ni Mati. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The following week, we planned the small getogether of Mati with his friends.

Even if they didn't really expressed concerns, we assured the parents that we will be following all safety protocols and watch over their boys.

The whole family even had antigen tests!!!!!

Yohoo! It's Mati's getogether with friends!!!!

We got up extra early to prepare.

Recognize the sign? He he he he he he!

The table.

Even if Mati wanted to invite more, we limited the guests to just 10 pax.

For proper ventilation too they will just stay outside.

Good thing the weather was still cool.

We took out the TV for those who want to play PS4.

My grill is set up!

Yep! I'll be the cook!

I initially thought of leaving it to the boys but we didn't want to risk tummy aches just in chase they didn't cook their meats properly.

Wohooo! Some of the boys are here!

(They're all wearing masks all throughout. I would just ask them to remove it one second for the picture)

Andrei and Keane proceeded to play na with NBA 2k something

Syempre Mati and friends started playing COD na!!!

We reminded the boys to always sanitize with the alcohol tubs provided.

Wohoo! Josh is here!!!!!

They're all schoolmates and started chatting with each other non-stop.

The boys were getting hungry so it's time to eat.

Syempre we prayed first.

The grub!!!

Korean Barbecue (as requested)!!!!

The banchan and Sushi!

For the Sushi, we always get from GYOSHIN JAPANESE FOOD.

Cooking time!!!!!!!

These were SOOOOOOO good!!!!!!

Eating time!!!!!!

While the boys were happily eating outside, the Yub and I were just nearby to cook more barbecue.

Our view.

For Mati's birthday (cup)cakes, we ordered from CAKES N' ICINGS BY AVIE!

Just in case you're wondering, they're COD cupcakes!!!!! He he he he he!

The boys singing to Mati!!!!

Just for the picture!!!!!

Mati didn't blow on the cupcakes. Instead, he asked his friends to get one and blow on what they're going to eat/take home themselves.

My happy boy!!!!!

Back to playing!!!!

Aysus si Mati! Keeps on looking outside! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yay Jaira's here!

I told Mati that he shouldn't make reklamo if I take loads of pics. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We served naman Spaghetti for merienda.

Thank you soooo much everyone for coming!!!! You made my Mati so happy!

Thank you also to the parents who trusted us with their kids. Some of them said that this is their first time out during the pandemic. 

Woahhh! Thank you so much!!!!!

(FYI -- they're schoolmates!)

The eating and chatting continue on!

Inabot na ng gabi. Ha ha ha ha!

We were supposed to have dinner at KIMPURA that night but since Mati's getogether finished late, we just moved it to the next day.


I'm glad we did because one should never be late nor too tired for KIMPURA. 

It should actually be the highlight of the day. Ha ha ha ha ha!

More on KIMPURA on our blogpost!!!!!!

I asked Mati if he still likes a birthday song. He said, No na Mommy.


Oh yeah... We will always embarrass you dear Mati!

Look at his face. Bwa ha ha ha ha!

He's still a good sport all throughout (dapat lang no nilibre ko siya e!!).

Tee hee!!!!

Happy Birthday my dearest!!!! Thus ends your birthday celebrations this year!


Sometimes we get asked why our celebrations are OA  or over the top (sometimes it's 1 month pa... ha ha ha).

I always tell them that growing up, I remembered how my Dad would always make us feel so special when it's our birthdays.  That warm and loving feeling I carried until I grew up. I guess it also contributed why I just have that happy disposition.  That's what I want to share to my kids. Of course they're fine with anything but they're such great boys that it gives us great joy to give them more. 

Same goes for Mati. He actually has simple tastes (Mcdo nga lang for birthday okay na okay na) but he has been such a blessing to us everyday that we want to do all that we can just to make him extra happy during his birthday season. 

And you know what? For everything that we've done for him for so many years, it's still nothing compared to how happy he has made us. 

Happy Birthday dearest Mati!!!!

You are such a blessing to me and every day I discover something more to be thankful about you!  
You’re my favorite movie and foodie date...
You never fail to cheer me up when I’m crabby...
You’re the one who proved to me that kids really learn from their own mistakes and parents should allow them to....
You know how to handle money...
Even if you fight with him always, I know you love your little brother...
You’re so masipag with house chores...
You’re an intelligent conversationalist...
You’re growing up to be a true gentleman...
You have such a funny laugh...
You’re Mommy’s protector...
You are so thoughtful in many ways...
You’re so independent...
You are so trusting...
You would always look at the bright side...
You’re sooo witty....
You’re SUPER pogi!!!!
You make funny posts (although emo yung iba hahaha)...
You have such a great taste in movies...
You always look at the bright side...
You have such an endearing smile...
Super pogi talaga hahahaha!
You are simple and enjoy the finer things in life...
Plus sooooo much more!!!!
Aughhh! There’s too many!!! 

Basta... Thank you for making Mommy a better person because I know that I must have done something good for being blessed with YOU!

I love you soooooo much my big guy! I always pray that all your dreams and hopes will come true. Remember that Mommy will be here for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest!!!





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