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Thursday, January 13, 2022


It may be so trivial or shallow of me to say so but I find that one of the main things I'm disappointed with the pandemic is that it put to a halt to some of our family traditions.

Yeah yeah... I know there are more deep reasons out there, but just let me miss how life was before that blasted covid.

Last year we were not able to do our yearly Hotel Hopping (a tradition that I've always done with my family as inspired by my Dad). It's funny though because you'd think it was like several hotels... Ha ha ha ha! Naaaah! Just 3! So that would really count for 2 hops, ergo, hopping. Ha ha ha!

This year though, we're happy that cases went down (but not for long...) so we were able to go out and finally do this tradition. 

We wanted my niece Cio sana to join us but she felt sick that day. We have rescheduled this many times that we thought it's best that we go that night and just have another with her (next year ha ha ha ha). Good thing my brother was able to join. We were inviting my Mom kaso she'd rather party daw with her koreanovelas. Ha ha ha ha! Hay naku!!!

Anyway, finally sharing with you our Hotel Hopping 2021 to welcome the 2022!!! Wohooo!!!!!!!!



Ah eh... Syempre hotel hopping is expensive. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So we had an early dinner at the boys' request, KFC!!! Mura na, busog na busog pa! 


Ayan totoo na. 

Time to do some hotel hopping! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

First stop is NEW WORLD HOTEL!!!!

Tee hee...

At the parking we saw this dusty Porsche. I wonder how long it has been here. 

Inside NEW WORLD!!!!

Glad that they haven't removed the Christmas tree yet. 

The very accommodating servers led us to an available area in the lounge and we settled ourselves nicely.

Kwentuhan galore!

Ordering up!!!!


Mati, Andrei, and Kuya Jon!

Me and the Yub!

Our orders are here!!!!

Our orders arrived and Mati got the hot chocolate while Andrei got the iced chocolate. 

Hey Andrei!!! Di ba we went out to drink?????!!!!

Sa next hotel daw. He he he he!

Cheers for the boys!

Let's hope you don't get tummy ache mamaya. 

Kuya Jon had coffee while the Yub and I shared a mojito!

I ordered sana mocktail but the Yub said with alcohol daw. Okay fine. Mas mahal yan. Ha ha ha ha!

I let Mati try out my mojito!

Did he like it????

He looked like as if he swallowed a bug. Tee hee!

The best part about our hotel hopping of course is the convo. 

We chatted about movies that time.

Our pica pica for that session was FRIES!!!

In fairness ah I offered if they liked burger or pizza.... but they all said they were full from KFC pa.

(Mission accomplished.... Oh I'm Kidding!)


As always, there's a shy piece. 

Our bill!!!!!!

Done with our first hotel!

May lasing na. Ha ha ha ha!

Tee hee... We decided to do some "emo" shots like what some "influencers" (yuk) do. 

Andrei's turn!

Nahhh... We're really not good at posing. We prefer to be natural and kenkoy. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We cannot leave without having an artistic picture by the NEW WORLD HOTEL stairway.

Yun lang hindi na set ni Mr. Cameraman :(

The boys na lang. TEe hee!

Good bye NEW WORLD! Had a great time!


We're walking and walking...

The lobby was closed but we decided to check out LONG BAR. We haven't been here. 

LONG BAR is dark but had that mix of exotic and homey neighborhood hang-out feel to it. 

It's a perfect hub if you want to stretch out, unwind, and chat with friends, or workmates over drinks.

Of course, knowing me and the Yub, we'll go there with family!

Did someone say FAMILY????!!!

Egad! Andrei keeps saying that (he got it from a movie) and it's irritating that I got it na. Ha ha haa!

When we arrived I told pa the server, "Is it okay if you clean it? Somebody spilled peanuts kasi."

She said that it's really like that. We could throw our peanut shells on the floor.



The lady gave us agad a sack of peanuts and we all enjoyed munching on it and throwing the shells on the floor. Ha ha ha ha!

The boys were tickled pink at the thought of doing something they're not allowed to do so EVER. Ha ha ha ha!

Ordering up!

Our second stop!!!!!

Mati got gin and tonic while Andrei ordered a martini (he wanted to try it out). I'm sure he'll not be able to finish it so I'll be sharing with him. 

(I'm a bad Mom I know. Don't worry, they know their limits and would only drink with us. They don't even like it! Like me! I don't drink!)

The Yub got a beer while Kuya Jon had whiskey!


Again, I asked them if they wanted fries or small pizzas, they said they were happy with the peanuts. 


Infer I agree with them. 

Andrei tried out his Dad's beer and didn't like it too. Ha ha ha ha ha!

In the end, Yub finished our martini as well. We really didn't like it (I'm sure it was good for others but we're just not drinkers).

Had a really great night at LONG BAR. At first we were hesitant because it might be too "bar bar" for the boys but it was just a casual and fun place where we got to bond more with drinks. 

Sayang lang there were no live music. The Yub was so hoping for that he he he he he. 

Le bill!

I foot the bill this time. He he he he he!

Aba aba... May gustong magpaiwan. 

Yeahhhhh right. 

Bye RAFFLES! Thanks for being our hotel number 2!

Yup. Definitely drunk. Ha ha ha ha!

Going to the parking lot and on to our next and final stop.

Sorry that it's blurry... Do you know where we are???

This should give you an idea where. He he he he he!


We missed doing Hotel Hopping so definitely THIS would be on our list!

It's just always so soothing and relaxing to hang out at the MANILA PENINSULA lobby.

Glad they didn't take down the MANILA PEN tree when we came. 

Before kasi after Christmas they take it down agad in preparation for their New Year's Eve celebration. Guess they won't be having something so bombastic as before. 


It's great we were able to get a table ASAP. I remember somebody telling us before (2 years ago) that if guests wanted to have a table here during the holiday season they need to spend like this (huge) amount per person. 

Sabagay I don't blame them because a lot of people really go to their lobby to just STAY and take pictures without the "good for business" appropriate meals. He he he he....

My seatmate for the final stop.

The boys on the (other) side. He he he he...

Andrei showing us this weird and funny video. Ha ha ha!

Mati once again ordered a hot chocolate.

So rich and fudgy!

(It's a wonder though his tummy didn't act up. He he he he)

Oooh lala.... 

Happy with his hot chocolate!

They don't have the banana split and banoffee pie that we liked so we just ordered this Decadent Cake which was quite good din.

Guess who got the Turon???

The Androse had a cup of vanilla ice cream!

(Somebody will not be drinking for a long while... ha ha ha ha)

I got a Macchiato because I remember BTS' song. He he he...

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the fam in our 3rd and final stop --  MANILA PEN!


Le bill!

This time share kami ni Yub. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Of course, we're not leaving without having a picture by the MANILA PEN Christmas tree.

It was such a fun night and we're happy that we're again able to do this tradition. 

The boys have already imprinted this tradition in their cutie pie selves that I hope they'll also do it with their own families in the future. 


Didn't want the night to end yet kaya picture picture muna sa parking ha ha ha ha!


Took this one of Andrei and he liked it so much he made it into his profile pic.

Going home to Mommers.

Hala we don't have pasalubong!!!! H aha ha ha ha!

The pic is just blurry okay? We're not drunk... HICCUP.


We may not have done all of our family traditions this year because of stupid covid but I'm thankful that we're getting there and taking baby steps how it was before. 

If something turns up to hinder us from returning to our normal lives, then I'm thankful that at least we were able to do this one...

for Daddy. He he he he!




Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue, 
Ayala Center, Makati City 1228, Philippines

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Ave, 
Makati, 1224

Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, 
1226, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila
(02) 88872888



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