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Friday, December 17, 2021


It's my baby bunsoys birthday and syempre, pandemic or not, Yub and I will do what we can to make it an unforgettable one.

Last year, we had a surprise party for him when the bunso turned 13 years old.

This year, even if turning 14 is not as grand of a milestone as when he officially became a teenager, we still wanted to give him a celebration to honor our loving and talented bunso.

Of course, there may be no staycations nor multiple dinners at our usual birthday restaurants, but still, our munting celebrations were filled as much love as we could all muster.

So HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS my dearest baby bunso!!! We love you soooooooooooooooooo much!

We started our celebrations for bunso Andrei a week before.

It was a holiday (December 8, 2020) and we thought that there might be more restrictions in the following week, we should go out now.

My baby's choice was SUMO SAM!!!!

Yep! He's a little Japanese boy and will always have Salmon Sashimi -- his favorite.

Read the blog post HERE!!!!!!

Afterwards we had coffee at Starbucks.

The bunso doesn't normally order coffee related drinks (he he he eh he) but since it IS his birthday (coming soon) he got himself a Mocha Frap decaf!


That weekend, we had a Christmas getogether with our Bawal Panget Group!

At the same time, it was our birthday getogether for the Andrei!

He was sooo happy because again, sushi galore!

I arranged a surprise birthday song for him!


A loud birthday song for my baby bunso!

I don't think we'll EVER get tired of birthday songs.

Making his wish....


I'm so happy for my dear bunso!

There were 2 birthday celebrants that night! The other one was my beautiful kumare, Gail.

It was an awesome night with our BP Family!

The bunso was happy to celebrate his birthday with long time friends.

In the eve of his birthday, the Yub and I stayed up extra late to make munting decorations.

There was school and it was also a work day, so there was no birthday "salubong."  What we did was just give a munting surprise when the bunso wakes up.


Okay ba?

We know we're not too artsy fartsy but it's the best that we could do. It was made full of love and not like "Okay na yan!!!"

It may not look like it but we finished at around 2:00am na ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The next day, the bunso was surprised indeedy!!!!

Yun lang he was rushing off for his online school.

He asked if he could be absent. Normally, I'll say yes, but come on! Online classes na nga lang e. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Saying bye to the bunso before I go to work.

The headlines on Andrei's bday!

Whenever we have birthdays in the family, my Mom and Dad would buy a live chicken from the palengke to cook at home (sorta like pamalit buhay), It became a tradition na for us.

So this year, Mommy did the same thing for the bunso!

Fried Chicken!


And our special home made pansit bihon!

Thank you Mommy!!!!

This was always our birthday lunch every year and we always look forward for it. 

Tradition na!

My happy and hungry bunso!

And for tonight....

Since we cannot go out, we're having Andrei's requests!!!!

Yep!!!! These are all his wishes for his birthday dinner.

Pizza from DOMINOES!!!!

Truffle Cream Spaghetti!!!!!

Onion Rings from Burger King!

Ay naku! This is his favorite!!!!!!

And his birthday cakes!!!!!!


I surprised Andrei with these Among Us cupcakes that I ordered from CAKES AND ICINGS FROM AVIE.

Check her out ang gaganda ng gawa niya!

Best part of course of the night was that we celebrated Andrei's birthday with family.

Now we're going to sing to our baby bunso!

PICTURE MUNA though... Ha ha ha ha ha!

With Mommy and Kuya Jon!!!

With his Kuya Lester... Andrei's favorite bodyguard! He he he!

And with us!!!!!!!

Ayan, we finally sang to him!

Look at Andrei's happy face!

Making his wish....

We all pray that your wishes come true!

That's one loooong breath!!!! He he he he!

Andrei was so full from dinner that he plopped himself on the sofa. I told him at first that kami na bahala sa dishes.

However, we planned a surprise for him so kunwari we changed our minds and asked him to help.

Aba nagreklamo! More on because his tummy hurt talaga.

He finally moved and saw a box by the sink!

What is it Andrei???!!!!!!!

Andrei's much-awaited RC!!!!

He's been waiting for this for a year na!!! Ha ha ha ha ha haa!

He's been asking for this last February since there was a sale. We told him sorry no, because wala naman okasyon. 

He waited and waited. Ayan!!!

We were tempted na nga at times to just get it for him but we wanted to teach him about the value of money. We don't want him to be used to the idea of "what he wants, he gets" without doing anything.

At least birthday, so yay!

One of Andrei's super wishes (and he bugs us to do so every single day) is to play RC at his Ninong Fred's house.

Ayan finally natuloy din!

They were supposed to play in the park but due to rains, it was muddy there.

It's okay. BGP Marian and Manong Fred's place was juuuust fine!

Andrei also got to play the RCs of his Ninong Fred!


Andrei also got to play with his Best Guy Pal, Pao Pao!

We're thankful that the rain let up until all the batteries of Fred's RC run out.

Ang bait ni God no??? Mababaw yes, pero I really think so.

I'm not much into RCs but I had a great chat with BGP!!!!

When the batteries ran out, we all went inside.

While waiting for the grub, Andrei and Pao Pao played AMONG US!

Yayyy! Food is here!!!

Of course, Andrei's birthday won't be complete without his BGP Pao Pao!

We had pizza....

Plus KFC!!!!!

Ninong Fred also cooked Spaghetti for Andwei!!!

Awwww... Thank you!

Singing to the bunso!

Making his wish....

Instead of blowing on the cake, Andrei got the candles and blew it at a safe distance. He he he he he he!



The pizza was piping hot when it arrived that it was SOOOO good!

This is the grown ups table.

And the kiddie table! He he he he he!

Thank you so much Team Mina for having a birthday celebration with Andrei! We love youuuus!

Like my shirt???

Kwentuhan galore afterwards.

As we were leaving, the buddies took pics pa of the RCs!

Thanks Ninang Marian for Andrei's gift!

The last of Andrei's birthday celebrations is with his Best Buddy Jelo (who's also a December celebrant)... 

We went to Casa Virrey for a Korean night!

We had Koeran food!!!!!!

Cooking with BB Aning!

When the meats were cooked, we prayed to give thanks for the food.

Naku afterwards, the bunsos won't stop fooling around! He he he he!

Korean night for Jelo and Andrei's bdays!


Let's eaaat!!!!!

After eating, Jelo gave Andrei his card.

Awwwww! So sweet!

He made an AMONG US card!


So Andrei is the "Impostor" este... the Birthday Boy!!!


The cakes for the birthday boys!!!!!

Our favorite Red Ribbon Chocolate cake! For me, this is the best pa din!

Picture muna ang birthday boys!!!!!


Ang kukulit!

Talagang they won't stand still!

Hala sige pa!

Magsusubsuban pa sa cake!

Singing to our bunsoy boys!

Then it's play time again!

They all played together na with Minecraft!


For the adults, it's coffee time naman!

Thank you sooo much team Virrey for the fun night!!!!


And that's it for Andrei's birthday, 2020!!!!

Even though we were not able to do our usual month long birthday celebrations that are complete with staycations and pig outs at his favorite restaurants, I saw that my baby bunsoy had a lot of fun!!!!

Sabagay whatever we do naman, we know that it is full with love and affection for our dear bunsoy. Kung ano ang makakaya namin basta masaya siya, ibibigay talaga namin and do a lot of effort.

And it's all super worth it because we are blessed with such a happy, loving, lambing, and cute, baby bunsoy!!!!!!

To my favorite bunso who says he’s not a baby anymore, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We all love you sooo much 🙂 Your constant excitement and eagerness to face each day with a happy smile brightens us all up! Your never ending questions, funny pangungulit to us and our staff, your cute love for animals, your idealism, your positivity, your belief that the world is indeed a happy place, plus many, many, more, are just among the things that make you my  awesome little guy! Please don’t change and just stay as loving and sweet and crazy as you are! We will forever be thankful for YOU! I love you my dearest.

Happy Birthday! Sige na baby pa din kita!!!





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