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Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Our favorite season comes again and as usual, I'm not ready!!!!

Yep. Last year everything was soooo smooth when it came to buying gifts for my loved ones. Now, because of various reasons, AUUUGHHHHH I crammed as if I was still in college studying for Content Analysis (my best subject but I still hated studying for it).

Would you believe though that everything STILL turned out so well and oh so memorable???

Yep. I guess that's how really the Christmas season works. Because really, it's not about the shopping, the gifts, the bonuses, the parties, etc. it's actually about the birth of Jesus and the love that He has brought out in all of us.

You see when you look at the whole picture, no matter how down the situation may be, the love that you have around you will be more than enough to give you a wonderful and memorable season.

And for us, since the family is all here for Christmas (as opposed to last year when they were all in London) we have all the love we need to have another awesome Christmas!!!!



As what happens every year, Christmas OFFICIALLY starts for me when I've had my Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks.

Oh THAT and hearing CHRISTMAS IN OUR HEARTS by Jose Mari Chan!

Now I understand why my Daddy can't answer when we ask him what he wanted for Christmas -- it's because he has everything na.

At the end of the month, the Yub and I brought the kids to watch the Christmas On Display show in Cubao Quezon City. It used to be in Greenhills but now it's back to its original venue. Though it's farther from where we lived I had a feeling of sentimentality knowing that this is where my Daddy took us before so okay na okay na din!


Our BAWAL PANGIT FAMILY initially planned to have our Christmas getogether in Las Casas de Acuzar... then in Baguio... then in Discovery Primea.... then Black Olive.... then... I don't know na... ha ha ha ha ha!

To make a long story short, we ended up in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Capitol Commons then Tim Hortons after. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pa-Baguio bagio, hotel hotel pa nung una, sa coffee shop lang nauwi!!!!

This proved however that we don't need to go out of town or pay for an expensive staycation. As long as we're together, it will ALWAYS be a blast! 

And yep, that's what happened with our CBTL Christmas Getogether... Ha ha ha ha ha! Sosy no????

Yehesss... Our much awaited Christmas Party! And woah, this one ended with a bang!

It also really helped me when I won GCs in the raffle! At least I don't need to spend cash on the phone that I promised Mati!

Our GATS CONDO employee parties before were more "bongga" before because my Daddy loved having parties. After he passed, my Mom would always opt for the simple route. Pero masaya pa din. He he he he....

Yep. Though DIE HARD is not really a perfect epitome of a movie about love, it's still part of tradition. He he he he he!

And finally it's Christmas eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Yub, the boys, and I started early to prepare decors and the table set up since we'll be busy with gifts and cooking laters...

My Mom didn't like the black backdrop so it was changed to gold. Good thing we had this gold table cover ha ha ha ha!

And so it's time for Christmas Mass!!!!!

Santa ang creepy mo ah!

We're going to hear mass in the Sacred Heart of Jesus chapel!

The mass was at 8:00pm and we arrived at 7:00pm and woah, it was already jampacked!

We were able to get seats at their extension room to where the others followed. Yun lang ANG LAMEEEEEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He he he he... Sorry Anthony and Kuya Jon (they were praying).

During the mass, we could still see the priest, Fr. Jerry.

His sermon rocked and put us more into the Christmas spirit.

In one part of the sermon, he made all the guys stand up to sing.

He he he he.... Syempre the girls did better.

And syempre the Yub didn't take a picture of me.

As what we do during our birthdays, we heard mass for Jesus to thank him for everything.

Fr. Jerry said that there was going to be a fireworks show outside and the little Androse wanted to watch. Good thing it was still early and most of our dishes were already prepared.


It's like New Year's Eve already!

Andrei's so cute. Before he was SOOO scared of firecrackers. Now, he craves to see it!!! As in kahit magbayad siya!

The Rockwell fireworks were beautiful!!! Yun lang medyo you'll get a mild stiff neck while watching. Ha ha ha ha ha!


When we went inside the mall, it was empty. So syempre that meant PICTURE TAKING! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hay naku. Andrei is showing his protest by having a picture with his back turned.

Yay!!!! The boys cannot protest now because we're also in the pic. He he he he....

Going home!

The little guys went ahead to make sure we don't stop for pictures again. 

Back at home....

The table is ready!!

Do you like my set up?

We had a mini-pictorial before we get all messed up after Noche Buena (which I'll just show later). Ha ha ha ha!

I find it so sweet that my guy Mati wants his Lolo to be in all pictures. I'm sure my Daddy would be so happy that he's very loved by his apos.

After helping out in setting the table, the kiddies watched some Jokoy.

Kuya Jon was in charge of the steaks!

Yowzaaaaa... So fatty!

Ate Jit plated Mom's seafood boil!



Now THAT is a Noche Buena!

Surf n' Turf baby!!! Wohooo!!!!!

We got Steamed Crabs, Shrimps, Corn, and served with wedges of Lemon!

So fresh! Mommy and Ate Jit bought the seafood that morning in Farmer's Market.

More seafood!!!

In this platter Mommy put shrimps, corn, plus mussels and potatoes!

The seafood were all good on its own but it was extra yum with the Aligue Butter Sauce that Mommy made.

Kuya Jon's steak!! That's 4 fatty pieces in there.

He actually bought 6 steaks but Kuya Jon said it's easy to fry em up so he only cooked 4 for now.

He then topped it off with fried Fresh Shiitake and Enoki Mushrooms in reduced red wine sauce.

Ermigaaaaaaaaaaaaaah these were all sooooo good!

Cheesy and Garlicky Mashed Potatoes!

Buttered Corn and Carrots!

Thanks Mommy for preparing this wonderful Noche Buena for us! Your efforts in giving us memorable Christmas dinners every year (ever since we're kids) are always appreciated!

He he he... Somebody is hungry na!

Wohoo! Let's eat please!

Truth be told when my Dad was with us, our Noche Buena had MORE dishes! I swear! The spread would usually include Molo soup, Pansit Canton/Bihon, Morcon, Stuffed Chicken, Grilled Prawns, Lumpiang Shanghai, Ham, Quezo de Bola, etc etc that you would get full already just by looking at it! Remember, we were only 6 then (2 adults 4 kids!!). Typical of my Daddyowzers to have everything in abundance (especially when it comes to food).

When we were kids it was fine but as we grew older we were like, "Daddyyyy sobraaaa!" Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Plus when we became adults we would rather have enough dishes that complement each other. Ha ha ha ha! 

Although yeah, we all appreciated and remembered with fondness Dad's efforts in introducing us to the finer points of pigging out (ha ha hah ) but now, we all have to watch our diet and cholesterol kaya bawas bawas na!!!!!!!!! 

Before having dinner, a beautiful prayer was led by dear Mati. :) 

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mommy told me to slice the steak at baka may kumuha ng isang buo. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Seriously, with how good it was, I might do it myself!


Ate Jojit (beautiful eyes pa) and Anthony!

Karen and Kuya Jay!!

Kuya Jon and Mommy!!!

Me (haggardness ha ha ha haa) and the ugly Yub!

My plaaaate! My very first plateeee!

OMG! This was sooooooooooooooooooo good!! 

Rocio and the boys were at the kiddie slash buffet table. My Kuya said they're the ones who got it lucky because the food was just at arm's reach.

Yun lang, Kuya Jay got the last pieces of steak even if they begged for it. 

Sorry, walang bata bata sa steak! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After dinner and cleaning up (to which everyone helped out even the kiddies.... awwww), it's time to open gifts!!!!!


I gave na Andrei the ultraboost that I bought for him in Japan. O di ba? Since it's a Christmas gift, I just gave it to him that night. Ha ha ha ha! Kudos to his patience for about 2 weeks for it.

I gave Cio a Gryffindor bag. She loooved Harry Potter!

I remember Kuya Jay asking for that android tv box for his set... Yay!

My guy Mati asked for a celphone because the hand-me-down from his Daddy (which was about 5 years old na) broke down. I told the Yub that I would take care of it and would just save for it. Good thing I won GCs in the EB Christmas Party that I didn't have to dip in my savings anymore. Yayyyy!

Gifts! Gifts! All around!

I gave Mommy a mosquito killer because she kept on borrowing ours!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

To Ate Jit, I gave a griller...

The Yub gave me an external hard drive... Yayyyy! That's on my wishlist!

As for him, he asked for P5,000 GCs. I told him he could get it from me. Yun lang I didn't tell him san niya sakin kukunin (wink wink). Ha ha ha ha ha!

The Yub gave ate Jit and Anthony couple shirts!!!!


Afterwards it's our yearly family picture taking for Christmas!

We actually took this before cooking kaya fresh pa kami lahat. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mommy and Daddy with the ladies!

Mommy and Daddy with the apos!

Mommy and Daddy with each fam!


One thing I could say for sure, CHRISTMAS WAS SOOOO BITIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I didn't go out as much as before I still had an ultra great time and felt the love of the season. I felt so thankful for the people around me that I didn't have to go far and wide just to have an awesome Christmas.

Everything and everyone I need is right here.

(I remember Mati telling my Mom "Wag na kayo pumunta sa London pag Christmas uli ah??")

He he he he... Kami na lang kaya??


I hope your Christmas was as blessed, meaningful, and as happy as ours. (Belated) Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!








  1. Hi again Ms. Jaz! Is there such a thing ba as belated Merry Christmas? Hahaha.

    I agree, Toffee Nut Latte talaga ang official start ng Christmas season :)

    The COD display is a few tumblings lang from our place, we live on the other side kami ng Cubao :) Maganda na siya, pero I still miss the old COD display.

    Love love the mushrooms in red sauce reduction <3 <3 <3

    Yaaaay for the bagets helping sa pag-clean up :) Rocio is soooo pretty <3 Master Mati, wag gagamitin sa pagtext ng chicks yan ha hahahaha :D Macoconfiscate yan hahaha

    1. Hulooooooooooooooooooooo dear Yanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Yes meron yan!!! Belated naman means "delayed" kaya na"delay" lang greeting ko sayo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Di ba??? I love also the Chocolate Overload Cookie ng Starbucks available only for the holiday season. Haaaaaaay! I'm missing Christmas na tuloy because of it (babaw no??).

      Really?? Cool!!! At least, Christmas na Christmas ang feeling mo. Before in my place we have this tiangge sa may munisipyo. Then they removed it this year for traffic reasons. Ang lungkot na tuloy. I agree with you, mas maganda yung before pero masaya pa din yung today. :)

      SUUUPPPPPPPPPER sarap niya! My brother used pa fresh mushrooms kaya perfect na side dish!

      Thank you! I find her pretty too. She's sooo prim and proper pa and very ladylike. Yes, we really taught the kids kasi din to teach them about responsibility and hard work. End result din is that at least nakakatulong sila especially now that we don't have maid. Very big help sila and I'm so grateful na I don't have to fight with them to do housechores. Isang sabi lang gagawin agad nila.

      KOREKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! Ay naku may kamessage na nga! Huhuhu!!!!!!!!

      Mwah mwah take care dear Yanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ang tagal ko inintay ang post na 'to Ms. Jaz..hahaha!!! Happy and blessed 2020 to you and your loved ones!!!! --Carmen Watkins

    1. HA HA HA HA HA! Thanks dear Carmen!!!!! I miss you! Ngayon ka lang uli nagcomment! Pero I know you're always there. Ha ha ha ha! Mwah mwah! Belated Merry Christmas and have an awesome New Year too for you and your family!!! Mwah mwah!


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