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Monday, January 6, 2020


Besides the "isang libong isang tuwa" that EAT BULAGA is very popular for, one of the reasons why I loved working in TAPE INC., is attending our annual Christmas party.

Yep! It's always EPIC!!!!!!

I had my fair share of work experiences (an advertising company, a radio station, a rival TV station, a public service radio and tv show) and I swear they are all NOTHING compared to what I experienced in EAT BULAGA.

Talagang EPIC!!!

I don't know. Every year we have the same food, the same activities, and the same people. But every year, we still experience a different kind of fun that get us talking about it even weeks after the party.

So sharing with your again our EAT BULAGA Christmas party 2019! And if you read till the end, you'll agree that's also something that I will be remembering for a LOOOOOONG time!!!!!


Like every year, we start our party with a thanksgiving mass.

After the mass, comes our favorite part ...


We settled on our table and saved space for Tita Florie and Tita Grace who were on their way pa lang.

Yay! Finally they arrived!

Roll call!

Tita Grace and Tita Florie!

Jai and Tita Josie!

Me and Mam Zeny!

We're the TITA'S OF TAPE!!!!

Our merienda cena was catered by our favorite LA COMIDA. We're thankful that some of the servers brought the food to the table.

We had sizzling roasted calf...

It may be politically incorrect but this is SOOOOOO good!

LA COMIDA Pancit Bam-I!

So flavorful.

LA COMIDA Fried Fish with Spinach!


LA COMIDA Lapu Lapu!

And our favorite, LA COMIDA Kare Kare!

Yep. Every year we have it and it's the best I've had!

The star of the night for me though were these uber pamatay sa sarap na chicharon shared by our President. 

Each bite was so crunchy, flavorful, and fatty that I ate it with rice.


Mam Jeny joined our table... LET'S EAT!!!!

My plate!!! My LA COMIDA delicious plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think we could finish this.

(Hmmmm... Time to do a Sharon Cuneta... "Balutin mo ako....." 
Ha ha ha ha ha!)

And even if we're SOOOO full, we made room for our other LA COMIDA favorite, Bibingka and Puto Bumbong!

These popular Filipino Christmas desserts were cooked on site kaya it was served to us piping hot pa. So perfect with coffee.

Afterwards it's back to the studio for the program!

So excited to sit beside my BFF Tita Flory! She's my good luck charm, my inspiration, my bestie, my super kaduper fun officemate that I uber love.....


She's my frenemy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

The program starts and like every year, it is hosted by Direk Poochie.

From the minor raffle prizes, we had a small break where Ryzza and Baste had a dance off.

Baste did a very good dance number that kahit si Bossing napatayo. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The calling of winners for minor raffle prizes resumed and yay! I won something!

Wohooo! Awesome!

Taking a break from the raffle, we had a game of "Takbuhan."! 

It was the girls turn first!

Syempre I joined! Here I am with our Sales Exec, Jewel.

During the Grand Raffle, Tita Flory and I had a short "truce" because we bonded over not winning anything.

Not everyone wins in the grand raffle and we're getting nervous.

I was like "Please... please... If you make me win I won't fight with Tita Flory for 1 week!"

Tita Flory however would give something else in exchange "If I win, I won't fight for Jaz in 2 weeks".

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I told Tita Flory that if I wasn't going to win I'll be very happy pa din if she or Tita Josie will.

Tita Flory had something else in mind "”Sige Jaz, ikaw na lng ang manalo kasi pag ako nanalo kawawa naman si Josie. At pag si Josie ang manalo, maiinggit ako!!!”"

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Yep! You'll know how good  a friend you are in our office by the amount of bullying (and sympathizing) that you'll get! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And then finally I won!!!

YAYYY! I'm so happy because I don't usually win in our major raffle draws!

Yun lang I can't rejoice too much at yung katabi ko hindi pa nananalo! Ha ha ha ha ha!

(BTW, I shaded the amount because when I posted it on Facebook, I got a bit peeved when people took notice of the amount and all the shopping that I could do! I'm sure they meant well but it's just getting out of hand. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

 Also instead of the shopping (and catering to the materialistic tendencies of some people), I posted this to highlight my gratitude and thanks for working in a company who in turn, shares their blessings to their employees as well.

Di ba THAT is the true meaning of Christmas and not just "shopping?"

And yep. I'm serious. May ugali akong ganon. Sorryyyy!!!!! Ha ha ha h aha)

Even though I got nervous at the start, I knew I would win something this year because my "partner" in winning minor and major prizes, got something huuuuge too!

YAYYY! Sana sa Anniverasary uli Mam Zen!

After the program, Mr. Tuviera gave a short but very inspiring. 

And the program is done!

Of course, before going home, we had some picture picture sessions!

Syempre, our EAT BULAGA Christmas party is not complete without some picture picture!

When I lost in our Major Raffle draws before, I would console myself with having loads of pictures with the Dabarkads.

Now... He he he he he.... Whoever I bumped into na lang!

With Kuya Jose...

With Paolo....

With Kuya Wally....

With Tito Jimmy!!!

With Tito Joey, Ms. Eileen, and Mrs. Tuviera!

My favorite Dabarkads!!!!!!!!!!!

With Kuya Anjo (the next day...)

And that's that. Another EAT BULAGA Christmas party, DONE!!!

I would say that this is one for the books... like, the book about raffles. Ha ha ha ha ha! (Pinilit no???)

Seriously though, besides winning one of the grand raffle prizes, this would still be another memorable night because of all the food we ate, the laughs we made out loud, and that warm feeling of togetherness as we are part of something special. 

Yep. Every year we may do the same thing but every year we would also like to honor the year we've all had -- that's why there will ALWAYS be a Christmas/Thanksgiving party.

And that is why I will never stop jotting it down here to forever remember it.






Yun lang next day, medyo sumama pakiramdam ko that these are my "baons" going to work. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah  ha!

Too much party party tugs tugs!

When I got to work too I saw how Tita Flory, who didn't win anything, marked our Christmas cake as hers to take home agad. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Check out all the nametags she put!!!!

ABA! Hawakan ko nga!

Ayan... She let us eat it tuloy for merienda.





  1. Isa talaga to sa mga hinihintay kong posts, Ms. Jaz :) Congratulations on winning the raffle :) Forever malas ako sa raffle hahaha.

    Iba talaga mag-alaga ang EB, kaya feeling ko ganado everyone to give their best sa trabaho everyday.

    As always, if may opening ng taga-punas ng pawis ni Papa Alden, I'm always here Ms. Jaz :D :D

    Happy New Year to you and the family :) Huhu sorry, late na ko ng one week :( Also, happy birthday to Master Mati ---- wag muna magjojowa, makakapaghintay naman si Lady Olga :)

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Huloooooooo pretty Yanna!!!!!!!!!

      Yes I remember!!! I know that my super cool readers (naks) are waiting for this ha ha ha h! Seriously ok lang kahit na medyo parepareho ang content? Pero me kasi super fun pa din kaya I will really keep on writing about it. Thank you talaga that you share the same enthusiasm with me about it.

      Korek!! Lahat kami not just sa pera pero we're all working at something that we believe in. Naiinspire kami lahat. That's why ang dami nagtatagal -- we really love our job and, like you said, talagang alaga kami. :)

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Naku baka di namin afford sweldo mo! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Ano ba it's okay! Thanks nga for the greeting!!! Thank you soooo much for always staying with me dear Yanna. I really appreciate your kind words always and hope to meet you soon.

      KOREK BAWAL GF!!!!!!!!! GRRRR!

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Take care mwah mwah God bless you always!

    2. Huhuhu di naman super cool na reader, sakto lang ako hahahaha :D

      Okay lang Ms. Jaz, promise. Nakakatuwa kaya whenever you post yung mga Christmas ganap sa EB. It gives ordinary people like me a glimpse of how EB works and celebrates like a family, hindi yung tipong corporation lang ang peg.

      Kahit hindi mataas ang sweldo, Ms. Jaz, basta makapagpunas lang ng pawis niya. HAHAHAHA feeling ko mabango siya in real life :D

      Yeeees yeeeees, feeling ko talaga masstarstruck ako sa inyo huhu, sobrang I look forward to meeting you too Ms. Jaz :)

      Take care din po and God bless you and the family :) Looking forward to more food adventures and inspo :)

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha! Basta you're reading ERICJAZ FOODIES, cool ka sa paningin ko. Ha ha ha ha! Syempre, love your own! Naks!

      Yay thanks! I'm glad you like it! Alam mo madami pa actually stories dyan hindi ko lang malagay kasi censored ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Kaya sometimes I just put keywords para maalala ko. Hay naku, iba talaga if you're there. If I could share lang talaga na hindi ako matatanggal sa work, I would!!!!!

      Sige ba!!!!! Yun lang kung talagang tagapunas lang ng pawis ni Alden, sa GMA talent center siya nakacontract e ha ha ha ha ha! Pero kung EB matters, submit resume mo sakin! Naks!!!!!!

      Hala! Bet ako yung super maeexcite??? Alam mo when I meet readers talagang I get so happy and hyper! Tapos I want to ask for pictures kaso promise, nahihiya ako. I don't know why!!!! I want to ask for pictures kasi syempre remembrance pero I have this thing na I don't want them to think na nagtake advantage ako or baka ang kapal ko na feeling kaya I don't ask. Kaya promise ha, when we meet up picture tayo??? Para di na ako magtanong ha ha ha ha! Or para di ako madyahe!!!!!

      Thank you sooo much dear Yanna! Your comments make me so kilig. Take care always pretty lady! mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Hahahaha keri na ko sa censored kwento, Ms. Jaz :) Actually kahit every year ang posting ng company Christmas party, hindi nawawala yung wow factor ko. At the risk of sounding very jej, eto yung totoong "sana all" ng Christmas party ganun hahaha :)

      Ay for sure ang pictures!! Ako talaga yung hihingi ng maraming pictures with you Ms. Jaz <3 <3 Kaso macoconscious ako kila Mati and Andrei baka maweirdan sila saken hahaha :D

      Take care din po Ms. Jaz :) Di man ako laging nakakacomment, pero I always read every post when I have the chance :)

    5. Yihiii! Thank you always dear Yanna!!!!! I hope you have an awesome 2020!! God bless you always and your family!


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