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Saturday, January 4, 2020


THE YAPPY BUNCH have many traditions especially during Christmastime and one of them is watching the COD (Christmas On Display) Animatronic show.

The tradition actually started when my Daddy would always take my brothers and sister to COD mall to watch their special Christmas programs led by robots. I remember that even if there were no seats and we had to squeeze ourselves between loads of other watchers, we still had an enchanting cold night (that would usually be capped off with a Chinese dinner somewhere). Yep. So fun.

And that's why I wanted to carry on the tradition with my boys and we've been avid watchers ever since.

Yun lang, BOO HOO, the COD show in Greenhills Mall (where it's been "performing" for many years now) closed up. So for two years the Yub and I have been left wondering if our growing guys will still get a chance to watch it again.

Then lo and behold, the COD show is BACK and it returned "home" to Cubao Quezon City! The mall (which it was really named after) may be gone but the legacy it was named after stands tall again mighty proud.

So upon learning that, the Yub immediately said that we should go to COD forour family Saturdate.

"But we were supposed to have a videoke night, remember?" I said.

The Yub, however, stood his ground. Nope. We're going to watch the COD show even if it's in Cubao. This is tradition after all. Besides, it's one of Andrei's favorites too while growing up!

I'm so happy (and thankful) that even my husband recognized the importance of this Christmas tradition and how much it meant to me. It's either that or maybe he's enjoying this kind of night out as well.

Whatever the reason, if the COD show will always be here to make our holiday season more special, then we are sooooo game for it. ALWAYS.


It's the COD show!

We immediately OOOOHED and AAAAAAHED before crossing the street for it.

Between the two, it's Andrei who really LOVED the COD Christmas show. I remember that when he was younger he would really ask to watch it for 3 or 4 times in one night!

And here we are!!!!

It's placed much lower now compared to when it was in the mall and in Greenhills.

Oh well at least, no stiff neck for us!

There were a lot of people that night but we still managed to go around.

We stayed at the side muna figuring out first where we'll settle our butts.

Yay! Thanks Yub!

Come to think of it you could just look out for empty seats after every show because some people will most likely leave after watching.


My guy Mati, MEEEEH, and my puting buhok Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yub and the bunsoy!

While they saved our seats, the Yub said we should go ahead and buy our food.

Hmmmm... Now where to go???

I don't remember if they had this before in COD MALL but what we also loved the show in Greenhills is the food stalls that we could indulge in while watching!

There were some fast food kiosks available that night but I'd rather go for the ones that I couldn't just get in the mall.

Iwata Bento stall...

Oooh Big Sausages stall...


Priced so reasonable pa!

Filipino food stall...

Bagnet Stall....

Malinamnam talaga ah??!!!!

Fried Food Stall....

Bibingka Stall...

Barbecue Stall!!!!

Andrei chose this one for him.

Ihaw Ihaw stall!

As for Mati, he decided to try out this Hot Pot stall.

Hmmm... I don't blame him. Imagining these ingredients in a hot soup is mighty mouth watering!

Yun lang at P1 per gram you'd think it's cheap but it's not. Be careful on loading these all up.

Now let's get this COD party started!

Good thing that while we were eating, the show was on break.

My bunsoy got the barbecue.

As for me, Bagnet and Sisig!!!!

I also got a Hungarian Sausage which the Yub shared with me (along with the sisig and bagnet).

Yummm... Let's EAT!

Then it lighted up!!!!

Show was usually every 30 minutes and it would run for about 20 minutes.

Stories vary every year. Tonight, the show was about this kid asking his dad about the meaning of Christmas.

They even featured a fake Olaf!

My bunsoy really watched (nakanganga pa he he he).

And laughed along with his Daddy!

In the finale they got everyone onstage -- the 3 Kings, the 3 Wise Men, the Nativity, an Angel, and yes, even fake Olaf. Ha ha ha ha!

After that show, we were able to get a table! Yay!

Mati got carried away with loading his bowl that it cost a total of P500!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh well... At least masarap siya!

I got bitin with the Bagnet and Barbecue that I asked the Yub to order a Hotdog Sandwich. He he he he he!

Yep! I never get tired of this.


And it's time to go!

We parked inside Araneta Center so this is the way back.

Tee hee... Check out this life size picture of a security guard.

As long as we can and as long as it's there, THE YAPPY BUNCH will always go to the COD show. It may be just a simple gimik where one could get discouraged with the crowds and the simple animatronics. But really, this is like a Filipino Christmas staple that every kid should experience at least once with his/her family.

I know I did. And I haven't forgotten the magical feeling it gave me inside that up to now I look back at it with smile. Hopefully my little guys will feel the same even when they're all grown up.








  1. Howdy Bestfriend!

    Just came back from my almost 2 months European Vacation. Medyo jetlag pa so I finished ur 2 months worth of post in just one sitting haha.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year belated!

    I saw you went to Japan pala. Next time Asian Tour naman then Arab countries inuna ko muna yung malayo. Went to Berlin, Germany, Vienna, Austria, Rome, Italy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Barcelona, Spain, & Athens, Greece. My Dream Vacation indeed & it cost an arm, leg, & stomach LOL.

    Nkakamiss talaga when you lose someone you love the pain is indescribable I can very much relate di ba nga yung Favorite Uncle ko then my Lola. But all of us have an expiration date here on earth so we need to make the best out of it. Live the best life you can do everything that makes you happy basta wag makaka sakit sa iba.

    I agree with how you spend ur time should do it wisely. Dont be with people you dont like or mga tupperware aka plastics haha. Ako naman I stay away from Negatrons & reklamadors nasisira mood ko when Im near them kahit 5 feet pa LOL.

    Hope you had a fantastic holiday break because I sure did ☺ Still waiting for ur Christmas & New Year Posts haha.


    1. Helooooooooooooooooooo Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you??

      GRABEEE I'm so inggit!!! Could you further add to my suffering by saying that you traveled via business or first class??? Hay it's my dream. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you tooo!!!!!

      Yes! It's my Mom's wish for her birthday and she treated us. Pero syempre in some meals or gimiks we treatd her na din. I have only been to Italy from your list kaya haaaay I want to go to your line up too! I'm sure even if it's tiring, masaya pa din. I'm not sure though if I could go on vacation for 2 months! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hellleeer I'm sure the cost was nothing to you. Kumbaga medyo nakurot lang wallet mo. Medyo lang. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      So true :( You'll just learn to live without them kaya the tears lessened na but still, the affection and the missing will forever be there. Yes you're right that's why I choose to be happy na lang palagi and stay away from things that would make me worry or stressed out (people included) I'll just be with the people who are truly worth it. Kaya sana will meet you soon ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      Thanks dear Kyle! Yes I did!!!! Ikaw din I'm sure you had an awesome one too! Sayang would love to see pics.

      Take care best friend!!! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  2. Hello Bestfriend!

    Nope didnt fly first class I would have kick myself if I did dhil super expensive haha.

    I have been saving for the longest time that spending so so much money is new to me. I save 70-80% of all my incomes.At first glance you may ask how can he live off on only 20%-30% right? I have 10 sources of income including businesses % investments so when you pull them together malaki sya tlaga.10% naman I set aside for fun anything I want to do. So yung European vacation pinag ipunan ko talaga galing sa 10% plus a few bonuses. Yun na gift ko sa sarili for 3 years haha. Tapos save up uli for the Asian Tour which will be easy kasi hindi sya Euro. I can spend less but get so much more dhil sa conversion.

    Galing ni Mommy mo na treat kayo lahat but Im sure she would not have it any other way. You guys are her happiness ganun naman talaga yata pag Mom na you will do anything for family.

    It was a trip of a lifetime but my family couldnt come with me for almost 2 months. Nag meet up na lang kami for 2 weeks then they had to fly back because of work but still da best holidays we ever had.

    I want 2 give my private details 2 u but other people will see it this is after all your blog LOL.

    Im on the same page I already have more than enough things 2 worry about having multiple businesses isama mo pa dyan yung mga tao ko plus family % friends. Ayoko ng sakit ng ulo so I keep my distance from people I dont like. What a waste of time ��

    I would love to meet you bestfriend. Nkita ko andami mo ganap sa Awesome Yappy 2019 Part 1 & 2 tama yan. Malay mo sa next Awesome Yappy 2020 or 2021 kasama na pics ko dun haha.


    1. Helooooooooooooooo Bespren!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Soooo business class?? Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm gonna believe you if you say yes. He he he he he!!!!

      Haaaay you're so good with money! Alam mo I know that I'm older than you but you are doing so much better at this adulting thing. Ha ha ha ha!!!! I'm happy for you. Me too I always save for any gimik that we'll do as a family. If we're going on an out of the country trip, I'm gonna save na this amount until the date of departure. Ha ha ha ha ha! Haaaay... Kaya yun I never shop or buy fancy clothes because I spend more for the family and building memories with them.

      Yes you're right. My Mom is really the most kind and family focused Mom I know. Talagang she prioritizes her family over everything that's why my siblings and I felt so loved growing u. Sila ni Daddy talagang even if they have jobs or have lots of friends, they always go home first to us. And for that Japan trip she could just go with her amigas (na kkb pa sila) but no, she chose to be with us. Thanks for the kind words.

      I could just imagine. Wow kahit na 2 weeks lang I'm sure you were able to go to places with your family that will give you loads of happy memories. Ang saya. Hopefully we could go on a trip like that with my Mom soon kahit na kkb or treat pa namin siya. :)

      Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! Oo nga!!!! Maybe you could dm in IG? Para I'll follow you din!!!!

      Woooowwwwwww... Teach me naman. Give me raket. Ha ha ha ha ha! You're so blessed and galing that you're able to manage everything. Exactly! Life is short kaya let's just spend it with people who are worth it.

      Sana naman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's make that a goal this 2020!!! Yayyyyyyy!

  3. Good afternoon Bestfriend,

    It 's my 2nd day going back 2 work & Im having a bit of a hard time. Hirap gumalaw after 2 months of touristy stuff doing nothing living like a King eating & going to amazing/historical places.

    Im still adjusting going back to my normal life with so many responsibilities & so Im taking it slow. Im currently at my Laundromat Store which is one of my businesses baka may gusto ka ipalaba #freeadvertisement haha. Will give myself a week or 2 tapos back to hardcore working na.

    Just read ur last 2 posts. Congrats on winning the major prize at your office party. Ang galing so generous your Employer YEAR AFTER YEAR. Having a supportive & good boss can have a huge impact on your life but a bad one can you make resign in no time haha.

    This is the same reason why I do my best to be da chill/cool/better leader.If you are surrounded by good hardworking people then business will succeed. It took years to master but Im good at reading people. It also helps that I have CCTV on my establishments/businesses para I check on them from time to time no trust issues here LOL.

    Spending Christmas with family & great friends is the real treat it makes the time so priceless whether its in London or Japan or kahit pa nauwi lang sa Coffee Bean & Tim Horton ang party haha.

    I actually gained weight dhil sa overfeasting kaya din I made a promise to go back to the gym either one or 2 weeks which is another reason why Im not yet back to my regular overwork sked aside from some mental adjusting that I need to do on my part.

    Im now waiting on your New Year post haha.

    Nope not a business class just economy para tipid ☺

    I love to read since I was a kid until now tapos I started with this thought while young that I want to do everything I want. I soon realized that money makes da world go round & da only way I can have my total freedom is to have immense resources. Dun ako nagsimula mag save & invest & I never stoped since. Kya ako umabot sa multiple businesses catering 2 probably all people from all walks of life.

    If you give me a spot for 1 month on your blog I will give you 20K LOL. Will teach you the Stock Market & my other investments when we meet up. Baka maging lecture na sya because I could go on & on talk for hours regarding investments haha.

    Oo nga hopefully we can do it this 2020 my treat ANYWHERE ☺


    1. GRABEEEE sige pahabaan tayo ng comment... JOKE HHA HA HA AH AH AH AH AH!!!

      Hulooooooooooo dear Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bespren!!!!

      I get you. Me din after getting back from work I was soooooo sleepy for many days (actually up to now bwa ha ha ha ha ha). Parang I forgot a bit din of my duties... ha ha ha ha! Pero good thing I have hardworking people around me that got me back on the groove. Ha ha ha ha! Their sipag helped me a lot!!! :)

      What's the name of your laundromat and where? My friend put up a laundry business kaso in Las Pinas pa and naku, she's having a hard time in getting a profit. Sana pala nakausap ka niya. Ha ha ha ha! Pwede magpalaba ng mga wig? Bwa ha ha ha! Pero yeah, I'll go there one time to try pero secret tapos if mean sakin tauhan mo sumbong ko sayo. ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

      Thank youuu!!! Di ba??? Our President really takes care of us not just sa Christmas party but whole year round. Compared sa others, we receive many bonuses tapos there's rice pa for the long timers. Pero truth be told din, most of us work not only because of the pay (of course factor din yun) but because we really believe in the show and we are so inspired by our President. Talagang everyone, even TVJ, really want to help and true their concern sa viewers. Kaya even if mahirap ang work, many stay (my boss since 1979) because of this. Ang galing. And dito lang din ako nagtagal na biro mo 11 years na. Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      That's so true! Our people also sa business namin talagang matagal din because we also consider them as family. To think ah, my Dad grabe he gets angry sooo fast and yells! Pero he knows how to handle and talk to people na kahit masama siya magalit he knows how to motivate them pa din and treat them special. I hope to learn that trait (and what you do as well) because hay naku, I don't have patience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! My friend's Kuya (who owns LG2) ganon din puro CCTV. That's why he could monitor even when he's out of the country. Ang galing also!

      So true! E it doesn't help pa na medyo kuripot kami ng friends ko ha ha ha ha ah ha! Kunwari pa maghohotel... asusuuuus... Pero really, I thought that was a cliche before but when I had my own family, ganon pala talaga. As long as magkakasama kayo you wouldn't mind wherever you are. Me and the boys pa are such cowboys ha ha ha ha kaya game basta hindi nilalangaw. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Hay naku... I really didn't include exercise in my resolutions because I know I cannot do it for a loooooooooooong time. Diet lang muna kaya ko.

      Do you know one of my friends si Albert? He's the Pogi CEO and the one who makes sushi cakes, somehow he reminds me of you. I'm imagining his face and built tuloy sayo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Do you guys look the same???

      ha ha ha ha well me even if Cargo class basta I'll do the same 2 month trip as you did, GAME!!!! Ang saya! I'm so inggit! Someday... THAT'S WHY GIVE ME RAKETTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

      That's so inspiring. I'm impressed at your knack for business. Me kasi promise, I'm scared. I'm scared to take risks. Gusto ko sigurado. Kaya if ever work na lang me because at least I could control it. But I do want to try out other ventures. Siguro talaga you need to be risky right?

      What do you mean spot for one month? 30 entries? ha ha ha ha! Aba papayag ako pero baka pwedeng P30t? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (bad ko no??) Just kidding! Pero yeah I'm interested in learning something new for investments and stock markets. I don't have to do it agad agad pero I'm sure in the long run it would be helpful to be aware of such things.


      Thanks dear Kyle! Have a great weekend!!!!!


      (Why do I get jejemon sa comments?!)

  4. Heya Bestfriend.

    Already read your New Year post haha. Dito naman ako sa water refilling station ko lending a hand. I have 3 employees that needed some time off they are from the south & affected by the Taal volcano eruption. Good thing I was able to recruit 5 part timers 2 help out.

    About your friend having difficulty making a profit honestly I cannot relate kasi we are always full everyday. Ano ba hitsura store nya is it aesthetically pleasing? maybe da staffs? marketing problems? or competition?. Every month after all expenses are paid including income of employees & taxes I get 5 to 6 digits of profit.

    Kailangan talaga marunong ka makisama it doesnt mean that because ur the employer eh dat gives you the right 2 be a jerk. People can make or break ur business so treat everyone with respect.

    Same as your Dad or everyone else I also loses my cool pag may palpak or hindi ginawang tama employees ko but I talk to them over coffee & give them my expectations. Importante din to reward them if they did something amazing or nag effort na mag extra mile. Pag problematic naman I let them go kasi its not worth it. Thankfully once or twice pa lang nangyari na I fired someone dahil sa incompetence.

    Sagot ko pala lunch & merienda nila everyday another perk for working for me. Aside sa 13th month pay pag it's a really good year I give them 14th month bonus plus nag pa pa salary loan din ako if needed.

    I love people who are kuripot kasi alam ko hindi mangungutang sa akin hahaha. Meron ako mga kilala sasabihin blessed sa Facebook kung ano ano i post na binili or mag travel either local or overseas but a week after they are asking me for a loan. Meron pa a "friend" asked for a downpayment pambili car para i pang Grab. Kapal di ba LOL.

    I have seen Albert in some of your posts we dont look alike he is more formal than me haha. I read pag enterpreneurs may similarities sa ugali lalo na sa kasipagan & dreaming big. Im sure magka kasundo kami if given da chance to talk.

    I like taking risks because of da potential rewards da payback is better than you expected. I have this ugali din to speak my mind so working for someone else eh hindi ko matatagalan haha.

    Pwede 30K for 30 posts para lumalabas 1K per post ☺ Yep learning new things is always a good thing because that's how you grow. Hindi pwedeng stagnant lang it gets boring.

    Spiral for 10 pax? Iniinsulto mo ba ako bestfriend ang konti naman nyan hahahahahahaha.


    1. Hullooooo best friend Kyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wow! You have water refilling station also??? Grabe you really have a lot of business!!! I hope your people will be okay. It's very kind of their boss to help out. Naks!

      I haven't been to my friend's store in Las Pinas pero she said kasi that she only discovered about 2 or 3 laundryshop competitors when she opened. Tapos even on a good day what she's earning is not enough with the expenditures. Oh well... I'm sure she'd like to meet you too. She's also very interested in business.

      So true! Kaya pala your people are really loyal because you know how to take care of them. I know somebody who would boast how their Dad is feared by his work people because lagi siya galit. For me, being "always galit" is so easy. What's more hard is building a relationship with your people (like my Dad, he jokes with them and friends talaga) but when they blunder in work, ayon masama magalit. The way I see it, it's more hard to get angry with friends rather than just acquaintances. So really, a boss who has a closer relationship with his people (not just puro galit galit) has a more challenging task but it's more fruitful I'm sure!

      HA??? LIBRE LUNCH AND MERIENDA??? PWEDE MAGAPPLY???? Kidding! Kami din! Kaya super big help sa pay ko.

      I am prouuuuudly kuripot and I won't borrow money from you too!!! Kaya yayyyyy you'll be my friend!!! He he he he he! I don't have anything against people spending on lavish things as long as it's their money AND they're not neglecting their kids/family in the process. Ako, I'm very kuripot sa akin (happy na ako sa secosana bag and first edition iphone ko given by my boss) because I would rather share it with my family (not sa akin lang). When you become a parent it's so true pala talaga the saying that your kids' happiness is your happiness na din. Ang saya saya ko when I see them laughing and enjoying. Kaya I wouldn't mind spending if it's for experiences for my kids sa restos and trips. Yeah I know what you mean that's why lately I'm irritated with some acquaintances who post things SO different from the truth. Parang duh.... It's such a waste of time! Why put on a show when some people know the truth? It's just too weird for me.

      I'm really imagining Albert's face sa yo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You two should meet. He's also a very decent guy. Nakukulitan lang minsan sakin ha ha ha ha ha!

      BWA HA HA HA HA AH AH HA!!!!!! Thanks again dear Kyle! Really hope to meet you sooooon!

      PPS... I just watched Godfather last night. First time to watch it AND WOAH. Mind-blown. Yep. It's all my mantra in a movie!!! Ang galing! I thought it's always a guy movie kaya I stayed away from it pero ang ganda nga pala niya talaga. Want to watch it again.

  5. Heya Bestfriend,

    We dont pay rent plus da nearest competitor is 20 minutes away. Sobra Marami din tao plus IG worthy yung aesthetics. Malamig din with ample comfortable seating/ couches for clients plus have 20 units of washer & dryer.

    We also sell snacks like nachos etc & refreshments like milk tea & frappes. May wi-fi din & cable TV. Kumpleto sa amenities plus it looks awesome haha so I have loyal customer base.

    I also believe in Good Karma & Blessings so whatever you put out/release in this world it will come back 2 you ten folds. If you're a lousy & greedy boss or a bad person in general it will bite you in the ass sooner or later.

    Sarap kaya ng food nyo sa Eat Bulaga pag may party kayo especially pag Christmas Party ka ka gutom LOL.

    There was a time before wherein I love to help anyone in need but I soon realized that some people will take advantage of you & show zero care yung ginagamit ka lang. Kya I choose people that I hang out with same as you.

    I lend money 2 close friends at zero interest. Sila na pina papili ko kung kelan mag bayad pero make sure that they comply kasi sa kanila naman galing yung payment date.

    Pag hindi I will re evaluate our relationship kasi trust issue yon unless with valid reason.I already lost friends (maybe they were never friends to begin with?) dhil lang sa utang. Yung iba deadma yung iba hindi na nag pa ramdam ang kapal haha.

    Haha pwede ka umutang bestfriend basta may exposure ako sa blog mo specifically my businesses �� every day yon ah.

    When you share your blessings without expecting anything in return 2 ur love ones it feels amazing. Kaya nga Euro Trip gift ko sa kanila 2 my family last Christmas & New Year.

    Siguro pareho kami ng sense of responsibility ni Albert & wanting to take care of the people who works for us parang ikaw din/kayong Gatdula family sa employees nyo sa family business.

    Havent watch Godfather yet. I will check that out on my next staycation or kung kelan ako magkaroon ng long time off ulit.

    Cige Bestfriend mag pa pa sweldo pa ako bukas kailangan mag compute. Regards sa whole family. Ingats!


    1. Hulooooooooooooo KYLE!!!

      Hala! Sorry late reply! I must have published this and forgot to answer! SORRY SORRY!!!!!

      I was doing my blog and I wanted to make kamusta on how you're doing (since I know you have many businesses). I hope you and your family are still safe and healthy plus businesses still intact. Really thought of you kaya I checked on your messages to make a comment. Tapos I discovered THIS. HALA! Soreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!

      Again, hope you're not heavily affected by this pandemic. Hope you're doing okay pa din.


      In answer to your comment (ha ha ha sorry late)

      Agree with you on the points about karma and wow... You really know your way around business.

      You're right in people taking advantage. Sometimes din as much as I want to help, some people will be relaxed and don't do their part as well. Parang nasasanay na isusubo lahat sa kanila. Kaya sometimes I just extend a helping hand na din and do what I can but not do everything for them.

      True. Some people, even friends would abuse kindness. Hirap lalo pag dating sa pera dun minsan lumalabas totoong kulay nila. And di ba sa halagang, lets say P5,000, they would ruin their name and friendship? Yun lang pala katapat nila? Frustrating also that when you're the person lending money, ikaw pa mahihiyang maningil. Some will put you in a bad light pa and say "Damot naman niyan! Naniningil agad!" Haaaay nako.

      True. I love doing things for my family too and treating them. That's why I'm gonna work extra hard din for that. For me din investment ang quality time with them.


      Did you watch THE GODFATHER na? I'm sure with the ECQ you had time! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      Sige best friend. Thanks again! I really remembered you and wondered how you were that's why I sent a message. Take caresies!!!!!!!!

  6. Bestfriend!

    January 20th last message ko & ang reply mo May 29th haha. Delayed but no worries dhil yung reply ko sayo you never received so quits na lang.

    Re reply me now...

    Mrami tao if u extend ur hand 2 help out they will snatch ur entire body haha. May mga mabait pero hindi mwawala yung mga abusado at manloloko. I had my fair share of those & learned my lesson da hard way. I let all those people go & til now Im always careful when it comes 2 friendships & relationships. Masakit kc pag ganun sobra hindi mo akalain na mgagawa nila sayo but they did.

    True. Love my family 2 death. Whatever I am now dhil sa kanila. Love 2 treat them 2 & all people I value. I jusf follow one rule...

    I can splurge of spend without guilt but 70% of my net income goes 2 savings & investments. Da Europe Trip pinag ipunan ko tlaga ng matagal.

    Sige Bestie sama ka next time pero alam ko you cant leave ur family behind especially ur 2 boys haha.

    Godfather? Naku hindi pa I had 2 read some self help books whatever I cant talk about dina daan ko sa pagbasa ng libro. Lahat nman tayo na affect ng Pandemic but mg problems are miniscule/almost nothing compared 2 other peoples worries. Khit nga I dont work for years I'll be more than alright/ comfortable. But still I need 2 sort things out kasi mejo nkaka praning ang Covid19 alam mo na.

    Im much better now dhil sa sariling sikap by reading ayoko din kasi 2 burden other people including family not when they have their own life 2 take care of.


    1. Helloo Bespren!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oo nga! Sorry na! Ha ha ha ha! My fault! See kaya I'm not as sikat as the others. Medyo malilimutin. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! But I always get so happy when I read comments. Yun lang minsan pag sagot, I forget to press PUBLISH. H aha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Agree. Ang dami niyan! And usually pa talaga when they are so used to you saying yes, once you say NO, ay limot na nila lahat. Hay naku!

      Haaaayyyy teach me nga! Ang galing mo!!!!

      Ay sama sila syempre. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I never want to leave ever without my guys.

      DON'T ANSWER NAAAAAAAAAA! Take cares!!!!


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