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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

KTG FOR 2020!

ERICJAZ FOODIES started the year with a getogether with our favorite foodies...

Photo from Timothy Cheung

The gathering was held at U HOTELS in Makati City. 

It's our first time there and we loved how it was just so near our place!

Syempre we lost no time making chika chika!


Somebody commented that we were all chatting and laughing as if we're already drunk when in reality, nobody in our table had a drink yet. Ha ha ha!

Our KTG bossman Spanky gave opening greetings and welcomed everyone.

Opening prayer!!!!!

And then our favorite part -- eating!!!!

Yehesss... I'll attack everything that within sight!


We got a big slab of Roast Angus Corned Beef!

So flavorful and juicy. Truly what dreams are made of.

This big roasted pig was from LYDIA'S LECHON!

For our Christmas parties in EAT BULAGA, we would usually get our lechon from LYDIA'S also so I was already familiar with that delicious crunch from the skin! 

Now let's move on to the other side. 


This looked so saucy and jampacked with toppings!

Carbonara, Barbecue, Chicharon Bulaklak, etc... from MAMA V DELICIOUS MEALS!

Everything looked so good I'm confused which one I should start with!

They also gave us this ready-to-cook Kropek for our midnight snacking! Yeheesss!

You da (wo)man MAMA V!!!!

One of my favorites for that night was this full platter of Dinakdayan from SEYA'S KITCHEN!

It just had everything that I would want for in a dish -- crispy pork, onions, chili, mayonnaise!

Bring me the rice please! Oh and the take home bag. Ha ha ha ha ha!

U HOTELS provided our party with some delicious grub too!

Honey Orange Chicken!


Yep! That's what they called this. You might not believe it but there is a bed of chewy noodles under all that peanuts, fried pork, herbs, and egg there. Seriously delicious especially with a drop (or more) of their chili oil.

This kept so well in the fridge too because I took home some (he he he he) and after a zap in the microwave, it was still so yum after 2 days!

At the end of the buffet line, there's whole Turkey from MAKATI DIAMOND RESIDENCES!

Yehessss... (Belated) Merry Christmas na talaga!!! He he he!

For dessert we got my favorite Quezon De Bola Cheesecake from INDULGENCE BY IRENE.

It's one of my favorites then, still one of my favorites now!

My first plate!!!!

Yep. This is after declaring that I'll go on a diet for 2020.

All that rich and flavorful food would go oh so well with these tall ice-cold glasses of SERENITEA!

After eating it's time for our raffle and exchange gifts!

The Yub got Bea!

Yub was picked by LIFE IN TECHNICOLOR

As for me, I got THE FOOD ALPHABET!

In his wishlist he wrote "Anything for his son." So I got something from Toys R Us for my inaanak. Syempre I still gave dear pare a little something from EB. He he he he!

Woah mareng Joan got me naman! 

Thanks NINES VS FOOD for the pic!

For the raffle, I won a book by Chef Sharwin!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyy! Syempre I asked for an autograph agad. He he he he he!!!! So cool! I've been wanting to have one of these!

Wohoo! I also got a special gift from THE BISTRO GROUP!

If you're looking for the boys, they're busy playing in one of the rooms upstairs. They went up after eating. 

It was great catching up with people whom I've not seen for a loooong time...


Thanks for the pic NINES VS FOOD!

These guys...

In fair, we're all blooming this 2020... Ha ha ha ha!

Thanks THE FOOD ALPHABET for the pic!

And mare THE FOOD ALPHABET (the reason why we became kumares was because I made prisinta! O yan!!!)

In fairness we look so good in this pic!

Thanks Spanky for having THE YAPPY BUNCH!

Have a great 2020 dear KTG!





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