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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Christmas started early for THE YAPPY BUNCH as we received an invitation to experience the holidays in our home away home.... 


It was actually the eve of Bonifacio Day, but because of this family staycation, we got a head start on the Christmas season!!!

And yes, no need to say that we are sooooo excited!

The Chinese Dimpol and I arrived at F1 HOTEL MANILA after work and we proceeded to go for dinner.

Yes. Dinner agad. No checking in.

Well, we're not part of THE KAIN TULOG GANG for nothing. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I was happy to learn that dear Chef Decker Gokioco and his team cooked up an early Christmas feast for us!  

Now THAT is just music to my ears because I was effin' hungry!!!!


There was a great buffet that night and these are the dishes that really caught my appetite and made me get seconds (drats!!!!)....

F1 HOTEL MANILA's Beef Cheek Salpicao!

Man this was crazy good! If you love buttery tender beef with butter and garlic, then THIS is so perfect for you!

I wasn't able to try this but when I asked the Yubhub if the pizza was good, he answered with a resounding "AY OO!!!!" As in emote na emote.

Okay. Fine! Masarap nga siya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Almost everyone was posting about the F1 HOTEL MANILA Lumpia Shooters so that made me wanna try it. And the name really describes it for what it is -- all the goodness in one shoot! He he he he

I was so surprised to love the Latin Style Chicken with Red Chili Aioli because I thought it was just another take on our usual roasted bird. When I had my first bite though, YIHAAAAAA! It was so damn delishes especially with the creamy spicy sauce! This dish just made me break my "no rice during weekday rule".

The baked Salmon deserved special mention too because even if I tried it later on when everyone was finished, it was still moist and juicy! 

Another crowd favorite that night was the Salted Egg Fried Prawns!

Salted Egg seems to be the rage these days because you'll see it on potato chips, buns, and even on pastas. But this take on the fad is my favorite so far because the slightly salty yet creamy flavors worked so well with the plump and juicy prawns.

Me likey. Me likey A LOT.

For dessert we were all spooning ourselves (what the...???) with bites of the Chocolate and Berries! Yup! Because the tartness of the fruit compote worked so well with the fudginess of cake. Yummers to the next level.

I also fancied oh so much the Strawberry and Yogurt cake because it was a different take on my usual cheesecake. 

Oh and also because I wanted to taunt my fat hips that night with this. He he he he he he!

My plate!!! My delicious-first-serving-of-F1-HOTEL-MANILA plate!!!

Now you see it....

Now you DON'T!!!


While we were having dinner, F1 HOTEL MANILA staff sang a belated Happy Birthday to our dear Bossman, Spanky Enriquez!

WOHOOO!!! It's always great to have getogethers with THE KTG in F1 HOTEL MANILA because this is the hotel where it all started!


It was about 11:00pm when we decided to finally check in. Time flies kasi talaga when you're having fun.

Good thing that checking in was so easy peasy in F1 HOTEL MANILA as always!

Ooh! There were Christmas trees everywhere!



(Ariel happened to me.... Ha ha ha ha ha!)

YEHESSSS! Now THIS is a great sight after a looooooong day at work!

The little lords were mucho excited to have their own space too!

And WOW!!! F1 HOTEL MANILA gave us some welcome sweets of our dessert favorites!

This would be so perfect for our midnight snack later!

YIHAAAAA! And our F1 HOTEL MANILA holiday staycation officially starts NOW!

In no time, the sofa was converted into a bed by the efficient staff of F1 HOTEL MANILA!

The Chinese Dimpol went back to the KTG party for more drinks and videoke. As for me, I stayed behind with the little lords to unpack and prepare Master Mati's midnight snack!

While dear Mati was snacking on noodles, me and Androse were memorizing a stanza of his school declamation poem "PROMISELAND". It's a long piece so we made it a point to memorize a stanza per day. He he he he he he!

(Note: Andrei's hard work paid off because he got a perfect score in his declamation! YEYYYY!!!!)

(Note again: EGAD! I look like a cabinet or aparador from behind!!!!)

Next morning....

Wakey wakey little lords!

It was time for breakfast and we delightfully discovered the enchanting Christmas display by F CAFE -- ALL DAY DINING!

We were also welcomed by a lovely fairy!

Yihiiiiii! Andrei!

I have always loved the breakfast buffet at F CAFE because they always serve our usual favorites!

Creamy Scrambled Eggs!

Luncheon Meat Chips!

I love "spam" and to have it fried up to a crisp is just ingenious!

Of course, we shan't ever forget GLORIOUS BACON!!!!

This time it was fried up to a perfect crisp that it went straight from the buffet to our mouths. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! No more requests for extra frying!

Is that all for us???

Master Mati loved the make your own lugaw station.

It was complete with Tokwa at Baboy too!

The Beef Tapa was seriously good too!!!! It was like the fried up version of the beef we had last night.

F CAFE's Egg station!

Yup! You could have your eggs any way you liked!

Noodle station! Yum! I'll surely be dropping by here later.

My Master Mati was ready to start wolfing down his food!

Yub's plates!

As for me and Andrei, we were still deciding what to get.


Don't worry. My extra cup of garlic rice was on the a separate plate. He he he he he he he!

Like I said, I got a bowl of the Beef Soup with Rice Noodles! I was able to drain the whole ball with my rice meal. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We so happy!

Little Andrei would normally fill his plate with pancakes but this time, he agreed to fuel up on rice and eggs!

THE YAPPY BUNCH having breakfast in F CAFE -- ALL DAY DINING!

Later on, we were joined by our kumare and kumpare of THE FOOD ALPHABET!

After eating, little Andrei asked if we could go to the pool!

Master Mati said he'll just follow because he'll be watching SMACKDOWN!!!!

When we got to the F1 HOTEL MANILA pool area, we saw some of the KTG again!!!

Edgar of PINASMUNA is just adorable!!! Whenever I see his funny posts on FB, it definitely gives me happy vibes the whole day!

After I got settled on where to station my big butt, little Andrei jumped into the pool!!!

A little later, Master Mati arrived and joined Andrei! Yeyyy!

We love it at F1 HOTEL MANILA because they have 3 pools that are perfect for guests of any age!

There was also a comfortable area for those who would just like to lie down and chat while the kiddies swam!

Hello Mati, Andrei, and Sky!!!!

THE YAPPY BUNCH may have had many staycations already at F1 HOTEL MANILA, but trust me, we will NEVER get tired of spending the holidays here. And why would we? This is indeed our HOME away from our home -- our stays are always so comfortable, so sulit, so fun, and just always PERFECT!!! We will ALWAYS book a weekend here for some quality family time especially in celebration of the Christmas season!!!!





Want to escape the hustle and bustle of Manila during the Christmas season but you still want to be nearby to shop or meet up with friends???

Book a weekend staycation at F1 HOTEL MANILA this Christmas!!!

32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Metro Manila

(632) 928 9888

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