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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Though THE YAPPY BUNCH had a lot of fun in the ASIA POP COMIC CON last 2015, we decided to forego the comical event and head out for HISTORY CON instead. I asked the little lords and they shared the same sentiment because they are also fascinated with history (especially Master Mati). The same goes with me -- although I'm not one to be in tuned with the exact chronological order of the past, I am enchanted with the romanticism of how the people were like before. When I see an artifact, I tell you, I could gaze at it for a long time because I feel that the "ghosts" of the golden age of the past is right before me.


So we booked tickets for HISTORY CON and we were excited to see what's in store. I was secretly hoping it was like a modern museum but Master Mati said it would probably have exhibits on THE HISTORY CHANNEL programs (because the cable channel presented the event). I don't have time to watch the popular cable show but the little lords loved it so I'll just rely on their knowledge on it.

In the end, HISTORY CON was not what I was expecting (Yup! Not by a long shot!). But did we enjoy our day? 

We most certainly DID!

On our way to HISTORY CON 2016!!!!

It was a rainy Saturday but good thing there was no traffic.

Our HISTORY CON tickets we brought online!

Even if we already had tickets we still had to get ourselves stamped by the entrance.

And we just got H-ed!!!!

While I was doing so, somebody was already getting busy with the HISTORY CON exhibit!

Woah! Dream granted for Andrei!!! He has always wondered how it was like to ride a Harley!

After Andrei got his fill of the Harley, Mati asked his little brother to accompany him to the car display. There he saw a car whose driver obviously loved BATMAN (gravel voice).

Going inside for some HISTORY!

ACKKKK! There's a lot of people inside!

Good thing I learned that it's for an Alien discussion and not the line for the entrance. He he he he he eh!

I would have loved to attend this one but I don't think we'll have the time anymore. 

Uuuuy! Even there was a lot of people inside World Trade Center, I was able to see a pretty familiar face... RINA'S RAINBOW!!!! 


The schedule for today in HISTORY CON!!!

Yeah!!! Time to have our dose of HISTORY!!!!

Like I earlier learned, HISTORY CON will feature the cable channel's popular programs like COUNTING CARS!

This was so fine with my boys because they just LOOOOVED automobiles. Something they share with their Daddy and not with me. 

I just want to ride 'em not ogle about them! Tee hee!

Master Mati and a.... silver thingy.

It was a full house! That meant Manila really wanted to make history!

CAR WARS was having a panel discussion onstage and we could hear it from where we were standing.

I was really looking forward to seeing a display on Ancient Aliens but HISTORY CON had talks and conferences on the subject which we missed.

There were many displays by sponsors and Andrei had fun checking them out.

Yup! My little basketball boy would immediately play if he sees a hoop and free ball!

As for Master Mati, he was more curious with gadget and checked out this virtual reality ride.

After a long wait, it was finally the boys' turn!

The virtual reality will give the rider a parachuting experience. 

Master Mati, the very kind Kuya that he is to Andrei, let his little brother go ahead.


You would actually be "lost" in the virtual experience. That you would be clueless of what's going on around you!

My bunsoy was so happy!

Now it's Master Mati's turn!

Look out below!

Where am I???

I asked the gentleman manning the virtual reality experience if I could just take a short peek at what it looked like and he agreed.

It was my first virtual reality thingy!!!!

Like the boys before me, I didn't know that they were already making fun of how I looked.


While I was lining up for the virtual reality ride, the little lords went around with the Chinese Dimpol!

They saw PAWN STARS...

And an Army Display!!!!

I shall return????

I was surprised how my boys got suddenly so curious with Philippine boxing!

The Chinese Dimpol stayed with Andrei who was so fixated with the live fight.

I think it's Andrei's first time to see a boxing fight up close.

Anyone feeling like shooting some arrows???

Andrei got interested in the PAW PRINTS.


My two boys checked out the Air Soft Manila Booth!

WOAH! Real machine guns!

The boys lined up for a short shooting lesson!

Don't worry. They used pellets for it!

And it's Mati's turn!!!!

The nice lady showed him the different parts of the gun and how to properly shoot.

Same goes for Andrei!

Go Master Mati!

Oops! You have a stalker at your side. Ha ha ha ha ah!

Go Andrei!

Shoot a bird for me Andrei!


Good job bunsoy!!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha! Mati and Andrei's new found friend was watching and waiting for them.

Wohoo! That was fun!

After the shooting range, Mati and Andrei checked out the antiques store that their new found friend's Dad owned.

In HISTORY CON, they had a small corner for snacks!

The most popular one was the Zark's Burger booth.

Ooh! Car Wars!

I'm sure my boys will love this show.

But the boys were more interested with this...


Asian TV Wrestling!!!!

We actually have tickets to WWE show coming but the boys were still so excited to watch this one.

The Singaporean wrestlers were really mean AND good!

The first fight between the long haired guy and a lady was entertaining as well!

At first, we thought that a guy battling a girl was mean. But in the end, we pitied the guy! Ha ha ha ha ha!

And another fight begins!

It's was fun watching this wrestling because we could hear their verbal banters onstage.


We all held our breaths when the wrestler in red was about to jump on his opponent.

Do you think he made it?

Yup! You're right.


THE YAPPY BUNCH stayed till the last fight between the meanie Singaporean wrestler (in white shirt) and the Philippines (in the classic wrestling costume).

The guy in the white shirt was really good in portraying the mean guy. We yelled out BOOS to him and he would answer.

And our kababayan won!!!!!

WOHOO! What a great game! 

THE YAPPY BUNCH certainly had a fun time watching Asian Wrestling.

Now who would have thought that THAT would be part of HISTORY CON???  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Like I said, HISTORY CON was not as I expected it to be. But still, THE YAPPY BUNCH had a great family day and we were so glad that we tried it out this year!


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