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Thursday, December 8, 2016


THE YAPPY BUNCH are having an early Christmas staycation at our favorite hotel in BGC, F1 HOTEL MANILA!

You could already feel the holidays upon the F1 HOTEL MANILA entrance!

Yup! It's just Christmas everywhere!

This was already day 2 actually of our F1 HOTEL MANILA stay and after a full morning of eating and swimming, we're back in F CAFE AGAIN!

This time, FOR LUNCH!!!

As always, Chef Decker Gokioco cooked up a storm for the lunch buffet.

And what a delicious storm it is!

Here are some of my favorites....

Appetizer Station!

Yep! Because wherever I am, I would always check out the Salmon Sashimi!

These colorful makis are making my mouth water!

The Kani Salad station may look simple but I loved it. There was something about the freshness of the cucumber and the sweetness of the mangoes that kept me coming back for more.

I was already getting full from the sashimi and salad but I would always make room for F CAFE's cold appetizers!

"Please sir... May I have a lot of it NOW?"

The Tempura Station certainly got a lot of attention with its variety of fried goodness and elegant presentation.


When in F CAFE, you should always try out this grill station because you'll get juicy barbecues that are hot off the grill!

And woah! I bet you haven't seen THIS in any other buffets!

Nasi Goreng!

Yep! Because plain rice doesn't cut it out for me anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I know I shouldn't just pass it by because I've had Pork Binagoongan before. But I was sure glad to have a taste of F CAFE's take on this dish because they fried the pork to a golden crisp and drizzled sweet, spicy bagoong on top!!! So good!

The Grilled Squid was absolutely delish!!! 

Found myself getting seconds and thirds because I cannot get enough of its tender meat that was so flavorful with soy sauce and onions!

I don't know about you but Grilled Squid goes so well with hot sinigang soup! 

And in F1 HOTEL MANILA, they have a Sinigang station where you could fill it up with whatever you're in the mood for!!!

If you need more beef in your system, check out this Korean Stew. 

Ladle some of the sauce onto your bowl with rice and you have a different kind of comfort food that's perfect during the chilly holiday season!

Creamy and so yum with any bread and rice, Lengua Pastel!

If you want to go light, this Baked Maya Maya is something to try out instead.

I know I should already be watching what I'm eating but when I see a pot full of creamy pasta, I'll go for it. And this Alfredo Spaghetti from F CAFE certainly satisfied my noodle cravings that day!

And let us not forget...


I think THIS would be a great centerpiece during Noche Buena, right???

With each tender slice of fatty and so perfectly roasted beef, you might forget anything else and just focus on THIS. He he he he he he!

And what's for dessert???

You could have freshly made crepes and sweet toppings in this station!

The cotton candy station was popular with my boys because they could choose what flavor to be whipped up!

Getting ready to eat with the ONE BIG BITE family!

Master Mati focused on some sushi and sashimi first!

Little Andrei followed suit immediately!

Master Mati loving his sashimi!!!!

As for Andrei, he was still busy playing with his new friend!

THE YAPPY BUNCH is in F1 HOTEL MANILA for lunch and now it's time to EAT!!!!

(In fairness, parang ang pretty ko dito sa pic! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

My first plate!

(Sorry. I'm not known for my food styling! He he he he!)

And like I said about the Kani salad... I must have gotten twice after this!

I also had a bit of seafood fried up with butter and garlic!

Aughhh!! I could never have enough of their oysters!

These were sooooo appetizing fried with garlic and butter!

The grill station was MIGHTY yum too!

Dessert comprised of tarts, MORE choco and berries, and some creamy panna cotta that I had 3 servings of.

I am not kidding that I was still asking for more even after my 3rd small bowl! Ha ha haha ha ha ha!

If that was not enough, I also got a bit of bread pudding with cream sauce!

Of course, dessert was so perfect with hot brewed coffee.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, ONE BIG BITE, THE FOOD ALPHABET's wife, and dear Spanky!

And because you could never have enough songs during your birthday month, the F CAFE servers and fairy sang to our dear bossing another birthday song!!!!!


Before leaving the little lords hung out at their favorite couch in F1 HOTEL MANILA!

You can't really blame them  because this is really an art piece in itself!

After that heavy lunch, we had more swim time for Andrei!!!!

My little boy was so happy!

I cannot swim that day due to girly reasons but there is still happiness in seeing my son have fun!

After swimming, my bunsoy and I just stayed in bed waiting for our late check out time.

And now it's time!!!!!

Sorry but now you are subjected to see our traditional...


Our "drunk in bed shot!"

Our "welcome to our room" shot!

Our "serious room shot!"

Our "little lords love Mummy" shot!

Notice anyone missing? 

The Chinese Dimpol and I were LQ towards the end of our stay so he was out of the picture. Ha! Photographer na lang muna siya! HMP!

Yeah I'm mean. I know. He he he he he he!

Bye room!

Doing our usual hall shot before leaving!

Thank you muchos room 2711 for having us!

The boys were so sad to go!

Checking out!

Auuughhh... Vacation ends again! 


No matter how many times we have a staycation in F1 HOTEL MANILA, we still have a more awesome time than the last. Even if we do the usual eat, sleep, swim, and be merry routine, we always find loads of enjoyment because THE YAPPY BUNCH is together along with other foodie family, THE KTG. 

And with that, we're glad that F1 HOTEL MANILA has many gimmicks, promos, and specials for the Christmas season. At least if we want to spend more time together as a family but don't want to be too far from the parties and the shopping, F1 HOTEL MANILA is soooo perfect for us!!! Their rates are so affordable too!!!!!

Try out something different for Noche Buena and book a table at F CAFE -- ALL DAY DINING!!! You and your family will surely enjoy the delicious hot dishes of Chef Decker that'll get really into the holiday spirit with tummies full!!!!

And to welcome 2017 (Egad! where has time gone????) go for F1 HOTEL MANILA's countdown party!!! With the great view of the Metro, cool music, and colorful drinks, you'll surely be saying goodbye to 2016 and hello to the New Year with a festive bang!!!

Check out F1 HOTEL MANILA Facebook Page or call (632) 928 9888 for more details!!!!!

Thank you as always to dear Spanky for inviting THE YAPPY BUNCH!!!

And also to F1 HOTEL MANILA's Cindy Brual and Twinkle Lacsamana (Augh we don't have a picture!!! :( ) for having us!

F1 HOTEL MANILA is FOREVER KTG's second home!!!


32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Metro Manila

(632) 928 9888

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