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Friday, December 19, 2014


Call me a fuddy duddy or just plain old but even in the emergence of Iphones, Tablets, or whatever (ran out of examples), I could never get the hang of using the Reminder and Note application. YES! Nothing beats my trusty old pen and paper even if my penmanship is something that Sherlock Holmes could not ever decipher. That is why during the holidays, besides loading up on the delicious hot and cold drinks of the season, I also try my best to collect the stickers that go with it in order to get that prized planner in return! Nothing is more sweeter than getting that drinking the java that my little heart desires and get rewarded with the much needed planner that is very useful in my (zero) social life.

Lately however, I have lost interest in working up an appetite to get those famous planners because honestly, the whole thing became boring for me. Imagine, buying numerous drinks to just get the same pen and paper that I could very well buy in my nearest bookstore.  Major snoozefest at the counter! So I forgot about it and just scheduled a trip to National or told myself to get one from the office. He he he he!

Then, I came upon many rave posts about SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL. Yup! It's not just an ordinary planner. Not by a long shot! The SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL is something that would encourage me to jot down my dreams, goals, and whatever plans I have in my sorry life! The freebies and contents just seem so fun! Plus, it doesn't take a hundred of drinks slash stickers to get it! You only need 18!!!

You want to know what's more cool about it? Getting the drinks slash stickers won't be such an ordeal because SEATTLE'S BEST COFFEE brings back your Christmas box office hits plus more for your total enjoyment.

Yes. Getting a hold of that DREAM JOURNAL never felt this good!

Now THAT is indeed a sweet treat this Christmas!

The SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM journal 2015!

And it's here!

It's like opening a box with your life's memoirs! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The DREAM JOURNALS come in 4 colors : Red, Green, Gray, and Navy Blue!

I got the navy blue!

The dream journal is fastened by inserting one of the flaps inside the belt. 

First page!

Of course, the dream journal has the basic notepad for your scribbles and whatevs.


I have never encountered a planner with an audio CD before so it came off as a bit surprise that the dream journal had one. 

I love listening to music while working (HA!) and these songs just have the right melody to make my head do the bop (with kagat labi to match) while it's playing.

Well what do y'know! A free mouse pad?

(In Ralph voice from THE SIMPSONS)

"Hello! I'm a mouse pad!"

Would you believe that in the day and age of  touch screen, I still cannot let go of a mouse even when I'm using a laptop? Yup! 

Of course, the SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL includes a monthly planner.

Here's February! My favorite month!

You could see from these days the number of my birthday!!!!

From what I remember somebody POGI is celebrating his birthday on March...


The SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL also have these chic coffee paper clips that I dare not touch.

Aren't they cute? I certainly hope somebody gifts me with a full box of these!

Most likely though, I wouldn't use it! Ha ha ha ha ha!

A small doodle pad also comes with!

PLUS!!! Colorful stickers for that creative touch on your notebooks, bag, or head. He he he he he!

And get this, have you ever had a planner that would give you FREE internet for THE WHOLE friggin day???


The SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL has 24 stubs each good for 1 hour of free internet use!!! 

Now you could very well surf the net for one whole day or 2 afternoons with your favorite SEATTLE'S BEST coffee!

As if all of that wasn't good enough, the dream journal also has monthly freebies for its lucky owner!

Yu-uh! Check out the front AND back!


Like I said, it is SO easy peasy to collect stickers for the SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL because not only do they already have delicious drinks to begin with, but their Christmas favorites and MORE are now available in hot and javakulas!!!!

Caramel Apple, Coffee Hazelnut, Cookies and Mint, and Salted Almond Truffle!!!!!



Now, how to get the SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL you ask? Just follow these very simple instructions... 

1. The Seattle’s Best Coffee (SBC) Dream Card is available from October 24, 2014 to January 15, 2015 for FREE!.

2. One sticker is given for each Seattle’s Best Coffee beverage purchase.  

3. You must collect 18 stickers to redeem one SBC Dream Journal. 
              - The 18 stickers must be composed of:
                    a) 8 holiday drink stickers!
                    b)10 regular drink (excluding bottled drinks and water) stickers!

4. Please present your SBC Dream Card to the cashier upon purchase to get the corresponding number of stickers. 

5. Once all stickers are completed, you could submit the SBC Dream Card to redeem an SBC Dream Journal from any of the participating Seattle’s Best Coffee cafés nationwide.  

6. Collection of stickers at any Seattle’s Best Coffee café is from October 24, 2014 to January 15, 2015 only.

7. Redemption of the SBC Dream Journal is up to March 16, 2015 only.

 PLEASE REMEMBER TOO that a portion of the total sales of a completed SBC Dream Card will be donated to Seattle’s Best Coffee’s partner organization – World Vision.


I told you that getting a SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL is nothing to sweat about. But since I love you all so much and I know how we should all share our blessings, gifts, yadah yadah, during Christmas, get this..

I'll be giving away a FREE SEATTLE'S BEST DREAM JOURNAL!!!!!

To join! Check out the RAFFLECOPTER below!!

Congratulations MS. EMILIE CANAPI UDASCO!!!!

Please send me a message via our FB fan page to claim your Dream Journal!!!

If we don't receive a message in 7 days, we will be drawing a new winner :)



You have to be at least 18 years of age.

You should be a Metro Manila resident or know someone (even not within Metro Manila). Prize is for pick up either at Quezon City or Mandaluyong! I might mail it depending on my mood. He he he he!

The SEATTLES BEST DREAM JOURNAL is not convertible to cash.

Please do not remove FB status/posts for the giveaway after getting the points so that we may be able to verify when we pick our winners.

This EricJaz Foodies GC giveaway is by no means connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and Google+!

Good luck!!!!!


  1. Ganda nga niyang journal na iyan, ibang-iba dun sa isa pang coffee place, hahaha...

    Good luck sa lahat ng sasali! =)

    1. Yes Mr. Snuff!!! Even if I frequent that other coffee place, I liked this journal and Christmas drinks much better!

    2. Ah nagkakape ka din pala dito sa tindahan ni Ka Loleng sa tapat ng bahay namin? Namimigay kasi sila ng notebook na may pic ni Jolina sa cover kung bibili ka ng sampung kape at limang tapsilog sa kanila, hahahahaha....

  2. joining Ms. Jaz! Merry Christmas to your family :)


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