Monday, December 1, 2014


One Saturday, BGP (Best Gal Pal) Marian and Manong Fred invited me and the ultra hot Chinese Adonis (you could tell he did something good today he he hee) to have dinner outin Greenbelt. We were supposed to meet up that Friday but Manong Fred thought we could should just join their families that weekend. 

Our venue for tonight was


Whenever we're craving for Filipino food in the Metro, it's always RECIPES for me and BGP. We could never go wrong with their delicious selection and affordable prices. 

Weo.were about a group of 20 pax and they were not accepting reservations that weekend. Good thing that turnover was fast and we were able to get a long table after a quick wait.

My very pretty BGP ordering up!


RECIPES menu 1.... 

RECIPES menu 2... 

Now who's that hottie on the reflection huh? Who???

RECIPES menu 3... 

RECIPES menu 4... 

In a few minutes, we were able to get the long table inside RECIPES.

My simple RECIPES table setting!

Manong Fred and BGP Marian!

He's covering his face because he has a LOT of boils.

Trust me.

Tee Hee!


Ordering up!

While waiting for the food to arrive, my pogi godson Paolo was playing around with BGP Marian's daddy.

It was my cheat day so I had some RECIPES bottomless iced tea (P65.00)!

I could down 4 to 5 glasses of this believe me!

First on the table is our favorite, RECIPES Chicharon Bulaklak (P170.00)! Egad these are so good! Crunchy with right amount of saltiness into it. So perfect with garlic rice!

I'm sorry for the dark picture but when you're in RECIPES, please don't forget to order their specialty, the General's Chicken (P225.00).

This strongly recommended dish in RECIPES haD crispy boneless chicken fillet in batter then mixed with sweet and spicy brown sauce that had the right amount of kick into it. You may find it odd that they add some grilled eggplants but believe me, it works to tone down the strong flavors of the chicken with your rice. 


Come to mama...

This too is so perfect with my garlic rice!!! 

They ordered the RECIPES kare kare (P395.00) and it was my first time to have their version. 

According to the menu that it's good enough for 2 but their bowl was huge and could easily satisfy 3 to 4 people (especially if you ordered other dishes).

The sauce to this RECIPES Kare Kare was very thick and creamy. I love that the vegetables were still crunchy and not wilted down like how they serve it in other restaurants.

Another must have in RECIPES is their simple but ultra satisfying Crispy Tilapia (P225.00)

The fish has been torn away from its bones then dipped in tasty seasonings and deep fried to crispy perfection. I loved that there's a slight crunch when you bite into this RECIPES bestseller but the meat is still so tender and juicy.

BGP Marian also ordered some RECIPES Lechon Kawali with Kang Kong (P225.00). This was very similar to the classic favorite Tokwat Baboy but instead of the fried tofu, they had steamed kang kong.

And like I said, everything is perfect with RECIPES classic garlic rice (P50.00). 

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Mina and Redor family!!!

A long table filled with food.... and a hand.


My plate! My very-full-but-super-delicious RECIPES plate!

I was only about to start eating when Yub was already scraping his plate clean.

There was still A LOT of food on our table!

And finally I'm done! Check out how very neat my plate is!

Please show your boils Fred. It's okay we will still be your friends.... BWA HA HA HA HA!

Thank you so much Manong Fred and BGP Marian for inviting us along to your family's dinner at RECIPES!!! That was such a delicious dinner!

YES! Our tactic of knowing your schedule and dropping by accidentally WORKED! YOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tee hee!


RECIPES Café Metro
Greenbelt 3
2/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St
Ayala Center, Makati
(02) 728-0917 or 20


  1. "and the ultra hot Chinese Adonis (you could tell he did something good today he he hee)..." ===>>> TMI!!! TMI!!! hahaha... so masusundan na si Andrei? hahaha...

    -eeeekkk! di ko afford ang presyo dyan! hahaha... seriously, though, the prices are very reasonable
    -at mukhang masarap ang pagkain!!! nummy! hehehe
    -so hindi pa pala ito yung nakita ko sa IG post mo na lakad niyo nina Sir John Lloyd at Mareng Gail last Sunday...

    Have a terrific Tuesday Jaz! Mwah!

    1. Huloooo Mr. Snuff!!!

      1) Hoy! You're so bastus ah! Baka naman kasi I meant he gave me pasalubong or he downloaded the 3 movies I asked from him! Over ka!!!!! Wala na sa bokabularyo namin yon! Ha ha ha a ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      2) Asuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus! Kayang kaya mo yan and Yes I know you're joking!!! Yes you should try it at Recipes... Simple, Cheap, but delicious!!!! YUM!!!!

      3) Hindi pa. This was 2 weeks ago. Ha ha ha ha ha! Backblog! Ang tagal kasi ipadala ni Manong Fred nung group picture e! Grrrr! He he he he he he!

      You too! Mwahness!


    2. Di ba 29 ka pa lang? Bakit wala na sa bokabularyo niyo yun? You're still so young! hahaha...

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha! Wala na! Puro blog daw kasi ako e! Joke! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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