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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Christmas is upon us once again and as much as we want to revel in the beauty of the holidays, there is that incessant need to make a dash for the most suitable gift to give to our loved ones, friends, relatives, office mates, and uh, people you just want to look good to.

Now normally, NORMALLY (I'm stressing ala Chandler Bing here), you would order up on the usual default gifts like ashtrays, T-shirts, mugs (I know I did... Ha ha ha ha ha!), but I think it's high time to up the ante a bit and give something that your recipients will ACTUALLY love.

Oh yes. I'm so confident in declaring that because it was REALLY love at first sight for ERICJAZ FOODIES and these delightful KOUIGN AMANN from CICOU. We didn't expect to like it as much (since we were TRYING to go on a diet) but one bite made our mouths do the "Jingle Bell Rock"!

There will be Christmas gifts and there will be REAL SPECIAL Christmas gifts! Try out these nummy yummy KOUIGN AMANNS (or whatever the plural is) and you will really feel (and taste) the joy of this season!

By the way, if you're hoping to receive some KOUIGN AMANN from me, I'm sorry but the mugs have already been purchased. ALSO, even if I did buy myself boxes of these heavenly pastries, I'm not sharing. Yup. Simple as that.


Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU

KOUIGN AMANNS (pronounced as "queen a-mahn") from "KA" BY CICOU!

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU

These lovely KOUIGN AMANNS were created by the genius Chef Cyrille Soenen of BRASSERIE CICOU and he has whipped up new flavors for everyone via "KA" BY CICOU.

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU

KOUIGN AMANN actually hails from Brittany, France and is similar to that of a jampacked croissant and danish pastry. 

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU

But these French babies are oven baked with a layering of caramelized sugar adding to the lusciousness and overall delectable appeal of this sweet snack. 

Of course, if you think that "KA" BY CICOU will just serve you up the usual KOUIGN AMANN that the typical french cuisine offers, you are soooooooo "sacre bleu" wrong!

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU

The "KA" BY CICOU KOUIGN AMANN I received were the following:

The SAVORY Selection (top)

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU
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Bacon and Cheese!



Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU


The PREMIUM Selection (middle)

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU


Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU

Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU


The GLAZED Selection (bottom)

Chocolate Kouign Amann


caramel kouignn amann


coffee kouign amann


Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU

The Chinese Adonis and I were pretty excited to try out these goodies from "KA" BY CICOU  Of course, my poor husband would have to wait until I finished taking pictures.

I could actually hear him panting that it was irritating. This coming from somebody who was trying to diet this holiday season.

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU

I told him that one more shot will do.... 

And right after he heard a click, the Chinese Adonis immediately claimed the Peanut Butter and Jelly KOUIGN AMANN!


The Chinese Adonis and I heated up our "KA" BY CICOU goodies and thought of pairing it with coffee and some hot chocolate! So perfect to warm us up in the chilly cold night of the holidays!

To "celebrate" our first try of the KOUIGN AMANN, I used my favorite Phantom of the Opera magic cup since we're going for the french route. He he he he he! 

chocolate kouignn amann

Doesn't my Chocolate KOUIGN AMANN look so drool worthy?

The KOUIGN AMANN may not be as soft as your favorite dessert but don't get discouraged. 

chocolate kouignn amann

All it took for us was one taste and with that one chunk of KOUIGN AMANN we were delirious. We were delighted to slowly bite into layers upon layers of buttery and flaky pastry with the sweet caramelized sugar that protected its "realm" from its outside goodness. 

You would think that these delectable KOUIGN AMANNS would be very cloying with sweetness but they were actually quite pleasing to the palate going down. Each morsel may be sticky, decadent, and gooey with the toppings but you'll find yourself happily licking your fingers each time before reaching out for another KOUIGN AMANN!

And just like that we wiped out our first plate of "KA" BY CICOU!

ensaymada kouignn amann

I nonchalantly asked the Chinese Adonis if he wanted more and I was surprised that he answered with a "YES" that had so much gusto you'd think I was offering something kinky.

We heated up some ensaymada and caramel KOUIGN AMANNS this time, and both came out glistening with crusty sugary awesomeness! 

My husband was a bit shocked at how quickly I wolfed down each bit by scrumptious bit!!!

And once more you see an empty plate.

I went to my Mom's room afterwards and offered her some of the KOUIGN AMANN. Here's how our conversation went (I kid you not):

Me: Would you like me to heat you up a KOUIGN AMANN?
Mom: It's okay. I'll just take a bite from what you're having.
Me : Eric and I already wiped out 4 pieces.
Mom: SUSMIO KAYONG DALAWA GABING GABI NA! ("Oh heavens you two! It's so late already!")

Remembering my Mom's expression always make me snicker. 

lemon kouign amann

In the end, I heated her up a KOUIGN AMANN in lemon flavor, Of course, it was subjected to a taste test by yours truly before serving. :)

Photo grabbed from KA by CICOU facebook page

Make it a hassle free but super tasty Christmas for you and to the people you want to earn "pogi" or "pretty" points to! Drop by "KA" BY CICOU in SM Mega Fashion Hall and get boxes of KOUIGN AMANNS!

"KA" BY CICOU menu!

For this season of giving, KA BY CICOU has a special deal with marked down prices on their KOUIGN AMANN! Let me warn you though, if you're a foodie like me, you might find yourself hesitating to give it away and even to succumb to having "taste tests". Yu-uh... It's THAT GOOD!

Kouign Amann "KA" by CICOU christmas gift

Happy Holidays! 

Ain't that pretty for your noche buena?

Nom... Nom... Nom.... :)

2/F SM Megamall, Mega Fashion Hall, 
Julia Vargas Ave
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong


  1. Penge!!!!! hehehe...
    -dapat aside from your treat sa amin sa spiral, the sampler of indulgence by irene cheesecake, isama mo din ito sa gift mo sa akin, hehehe
    -ehmeygerd!!! di ko kinaya presyo!!! di ko afford, hahahaha
    -I really love KA! madalas kme bumili ni the partner niyan.
    -yun lang nga baka may trauma na ako pumunta sa gamol, dun kse ako na-aksidente, hehehe
    -but I still want to try their other variants kse parang ang sarap nila talaga!
    -katawa yung dialogue niyo ng mom mo, hahaha


    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! Grabe naman! After ng Spiral, Indulgence, may KOUIGN AMANN pa!!!! Buti na lang hindi ako ang SO mo at mamumulubi agad ako! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      2) Yes! I never thought I would love it too because I'm not really fond of pastries pero one bite, I'm HOOKED! Iba ang lasa niya!!! It's not what I expected really!
      3) Ha ha ha ha! Ingat kasi! Wag masyado tingin ng tingin kay THE PARTNER para di na madapa! Mwah!
      4) Sige! Tell me which ones are good ah!
      5) Grabe kahit ako natatawa when I remember it. She's very mahinhin but naout of character sa SUSMIO! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      Thanks dear Mr. Snuff!!! mwaaaaaah!

  2. How can you call these cakes "kouign amann" ??? They can be everything you want except Kouign Amann !!
    There is ONLY one kouign Amann. It has been invented in 1865 by Yves René SCORDIA from Douarnenez (Brittany, France). There is only one recipe made with flour, butter, water, salt and little "baking powder". So cakes you make are certainely delicious but don't call them kouign amann. King regards. Didier Calloc'h

    1. Hi Didier! I'm sorry you feel like that but I'm sure the person behind these KA BY CICOU, Chef Cyrille knows what he's doing since he was a chef for many years in several Michelin starred restaurant in Paris, France. Of course you are right on the basic recipe for the KOUIGN AMANN but I'm sure with the times today, adventurous chefs want to try out something new for more variety. It's a good thing too because now Chef Cyrille has given recognition to these KOUIGN AMANN in our country and now many Filipinos love it! Thanks for dropping by. Appreciate your comment :)

    2. Callocha! Sobrang purist ng ibang tao. After 150 years dapat magpatawad sila kung may maka-isip mag-innovate ng recipe.

      Heniways, thanks for this post about KOUIGN AMANN Jaz! Itong KOUIGN AMANN na lang bilhin ko para sa ortho ko pag nagpa-checkup ako this Tuesday. I'm sure matutuwa sya sa KOUIGN AMANN na ibibigay ko. Masarap kse ang KOUIGN AMANN! KOUIGN AMANN is the bomb! Mwah!

    3. Teka, hanggang kailan ba yang promo nila? At sa megamall ba bibili niyan (at promo rates)?

    4. Ha ha ha ha ah! Mr. Snuffkers!!! That's a great idea! I*'m sure your doctor will love these delicious KOUIGN AMANN!!!

      To answer your question, promo rates apply really in bulk so this may be good depending on how much you order. The small kouign amann are available only in KA BY CICOU in SM Megamall. :) But according to KA BY CICIOU, if you'll be getting big orders, they could come up with something if you need to pick it up in Greenhills or what. :) Thanks!!! mwah!


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