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Friday, May 9, 2014


My husband and I recently celebrated our 11th year wedding anniversary last April and I let him take the reins in planning for it. By the way, I said "wedding" because we also had a MU, Mag-Un Anniversary (blech to the ultimate level) which we also celebrate every October.

With regards to our Anniversaries, you could say that we are pretty low key. No over the top gifts for us. In fact it was even a lucky day if I get a greeting at all!

I remember last year on our 10th Wedding Anniversary, I didn't receive a greeting from my VERY romantic husband. So what I did was, I posted a Facebook status about it, then a flood of wishes came from my friends and family. One day, two days, 3 days had passed and NADA. Until I received a comment, NOT A POST, but a comment from the Chinese Adonis on MY status.... Could you even find it?

Honestly, even I had difficulty finding it for this post. 

Very hard to see without squinting right? Okay to help you out, HERE'S the comment I'm referring to:

Wow! I received a comment for our 10th year Wedding Anniversary! Ma-LIKE nga!

OW EM GEE. I know! Ha ha ha ha! Oh well! Though I didn't see the joy of it during that time, I love recounting that DOA greeting whenever I feel like having a laugh with the Chinese Adonis. Ha ha ha ha! I've got to hand it to him though, intentional or not, he knows how to make something unforgettable. Ha ha ha ha!

Don't pity me too much. My husband may not be the best of Valentino's and I don't mind. In fact, after having past relationships with bad boys who surprised me with flowers and took my breath away with gimmicks, I would rather be with someone who is NOT used to wooing the ladies and just stay loyal.

Naks! I hope the Chinese Adonis does not see this, come to think of it, he doesn't read our blog anyway. Ha ha ha ha!

Check us out 11 years ago. YUP! We made these specially labeled frames for such special occasion!

Anyway, because of that blasted 10th year Anniversary, my husband wanted to do something special to make up for it (me thinks it's really because he wanted to shut me up since I always "reminded" him of it. He he he!) We were supposed to go to Quezon province but work required us to stay for Saturday. Though I suggested to the Chinese Adonis that we could still meet up with his family on Sunday, he suddenly became adamant about his "special plan" and said we could schedule a "Timbuktu getaway" at another weekend.

My hub? Adamant? Suddenly a turn on! He he he he!

The day before our Anniversary, the Chinese Adonis cannot hold his excitement any longer, he blurted out that we will be having dinner at 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT in Eastwood. Wow! I've read about the place and was instantly excited for our celebration. And since it would be a different kind of dinner for us, I cannot NOT have the little lords around to experience it with us as well.

It's okay. I would rather have family over romance. THE YAPPY BUNCH officially came to be on our Anniversary after all. 

The 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT is located at the penthouse of the MDC 100 building in Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City.

The entrance!

Though it is not the first in the Philippines, the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT  by Chef Jesse is the only revolving restaurant that is currently operational in the country. 

If you are confused with the concept of how a restaurant could "revolve", the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT is circular in structure and it goes around a complete 360 turn for every 2 hours. 

Don't worry. You won't really feel the earth (or restaurant) moving save for some tugging sounds if you really pay attention to it. 

If you want to enjoy 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's moving action (and I strongly recommend that you do) you should sit by the window along the gray carpeted floor. The view by that area is just breath taking!


If you want to stay put while eating in 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT, request for a table on the wooden floor. 

You'll still be able to enjoy the view from your table!

As for Andrei, he chose to enjoy both "worlds" at the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT!

Excited for our Anniversary dinner!

At first, the boys were hesitant at the thought of dining in a "revolving" restaurant. But when we got there, they lost all worries and enjoyed the wonderful view. The lights from down below were just dazzling! Hopefully we could eat here again during the daytime. 

It's a shame I was not able to clearly get a picture of the street lights and moving traffic. Trust me, the view is really a sight to see!

Yub (the BALD Chinese Adonis) and Mati (my Master Cutie!)

Me and my MINI ME Andrei!

Somebody was excited about our forth coming trip that he brought along his plane!

Oh yub, I could see your bald spot!

A few minutes later, the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT server gave us some crusty warm bread!

It came with this olive oil based spread with tomatoes and green peppers!

It was like our make-your-own bruschetta!

Little lord Andrei loved spreading butter on his bread. I was happy that he ate a lot of it considering his very meek appetite!


The fun thing about the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT is that you don't have to get up from your table to look around the restaurant -- it will move along towards you! 

Want some drinks? Here's the bar!

When you want to go to to the restroom, just wait for it to to pass by. Ha ha ha ha! 

Later on we passed by this mysteriously illuminated door.... 

... which turned out to be the kitchen (yes I have a weird imagination I know).

When the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT kitchen passes by, stop whatever you doing. You could eat, text, facebook, or play footsie under the table, later. This cannot wait. You should see the action happening in the place where the chefs cook all the food!

It's nice to see a very sanitary and substantial kitchen where the chefs are seriously doing their work.  

I somehow expected some blond British guy shouting from the top of his lungs...


He he he! At least there's no fear of a "WAITING" incident in your food. 

If you've seen that movie, you'll learn to be nicer to the waitstaff,  aka, the hand that "feeds" you in the restaurant.

Aww my cute little lord cannot see!!!!

Kuya Mati was so sweet and carried his brother so he could see what's happening inside the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT! I'm so proud of my eldest boy!

By this time, my worst nightmare happened! I wanted to see the kitchen for myself l that I jolted up to join the kids. But stupid me did not see the boys' bag on the floor that when I walked, I slightly tripped then my heels disabled me from balancing myself. The result? A VERY embarrassing fall on the floor. H aha ha ha ha! As in I FELL FLAT ON MY BUTT!!!! The little boys were laughing that I immediately stood up before any picture was taken. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

Yes it WAS funny. Most definitely, it made the Anniversary dinner MORE unforgettable!

Oh well... I just busied myself with the beautiful view on my right!

Somebody would not let me forget about the fall though... Ha ha ha ha! Yes it was actually funny afterwards. 

First to be served on the table was 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT'S Seafood Chowder (P250.00) which was good for just one person. 

I think we asked for some extra crusty bread again because it would be perfect to munch on with the very creamy soup!


Master Mati, my little foodie, liked the flavors of his 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT soup. But, he felt that it lacked seafood. I would have to agree because he only got a few pieces of salmon and some other fish. He mentioned it to our waiter afterwards and proceeded to enjoy his appetizer. 

Mati was craving for some seafood that he ordered 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's Tiger Prawns in Curry Sauce (P950.00). 

It may be a bit pricey for one plate of food but the prawns were actually very plump and fat! The sauce was also very scrumptious that we asked for an extra serving of it.

Dear Mati loved dousing his flavorful java rice with spoonfuls of his curry sauce. 

Mati was so happy with his order!

My husband, the forever pizza guy, ordered the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's Classic Pepperoni (P395.00). 

I find the pizza sort of "MINI" for its price but one bite and Yub understood why. The crust was crunchy and chewy while the cheese was as gooey as he wanted it to be. 

He really was not planning on sharing but little Mati and Andrei asked for some. So, up yours Yub! Ha ha ha ha!

I was in the mood for some carbonara that night so I ordered the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's  Spaghetti Ala Creme (P700.00). 

The aroma of this pasta dish was just heavenly! The truffle oil was really doing its work while the parmesan made it all the more inviting!

I shared this with Andrei because I know how much he loved creamy spaghetti. 

And yes I was right. He kept on eating and eating and eating!

Wohoo! Score!

My little lord even asked for extra parmesan cheese since it's his favorite!

The 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT pasta serving was good enough to share with my little Andrei!

Happy Yub and Mati!

Why oh why does my forehead HAS to have a shadow????

Same goes for me and my little Andrei!!!! We loved the food at 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT

Come to think of it, you could never go wrong with a Chef Jessie restaurant!!

Oh my.... what big nose I have!

The thing with the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT is that since it is going around, the lighting is not as "stable" as we wanted it to be. As a result, we were at the mercy for the next coming light bulb to get clear shots!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my Chinese Adonis!


While the adults were eating and playing footsie (ha h ha ha! I'm obsessed I know), the kids were again marveling at the view at the 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT! I think this is the first time in a while that they forgot about minecraft!


Prawn : "Whew... I'm safe".


Check out my foot INVITING my husband to play footsie. I was unsuccessful though... Ha ha ha ha!

Then the light was upon us.... 

... and it was gone again.

Dear waiter, please tell us when you're done... We've been holding this pose for about 10 minutes now...


For dessert, we ordered 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's Chocolate Souffle (P300.00) and I requested for the HAPPY ANNIVERSARY writing in chocolate. 

The kids loved poking the souffle with their fingers. They licked off some of the powdered sugar too!

The 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT's souffle was served hot and came with this pudding cream sauce. 

You serve it like so!

The kids loved this. Even if we were already full, we wiped out this light but satisfying dessert in no time!

And that's the way it is... :)

The kids were so happy with our dinner that were very playful afterwards. 

Since Andrei was so engrossed with the moving carpet floor, Mati attempted to kick his butt. 

Andrei caught him before any kicking happened!

Yes, my Andrei was so mesmerized with the "border" of revolving! That's how he is. He loves observing and just stare at things he finds interesting. :)


My very handsome son!

The little lords!

My heart warms up when I hear the little lords laughing and playing with each other. 

Andrei wants a hug!

Mati wants to be a Power Ranger instead! H ehe he he!

The little lords trying their best to stay still.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Yub! I may want to wring your neck sometimes but I will love you forever and ever and ever! There's no getting rid of US!

Do you think this picture is sweet? You should see the uncropped version... 

AND...there it is. Ha ha ha ha!


I just noticed that Mati was attempting to cup my boobs! Why that!

Check out my left foot... I was already limping by this time.

HA HA HA HA! I still laugh at the thought of falling up to now. All in the name of stupid vanity!


We truly enjoyed our dinner at 100 REVOLVING RESTAURANT. Yes the food may be pricey and servings may be not enough for some but I guess we were also paying for the whole revolving experience. My family will be back here for sure! 

When you can, bring the kids or your special people for this breath taking dinner. If it's okay, ask the waiters if they remember a lady falling to her butt last April. I'm still hoping nobody saw it. H ah aha ha!


100 Revolving Restaurant
33rd Floor, MDC 100 Building, 
C5 corner Eastwood Drive, Quezon City
+632 962-1016

Check these out!


  1. thank you. this is very informative. my sis and i are planning to treat our parents here for their 27th anniversary :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. My husband and I are hoping to bring back the kids there sometime. Have a good day and Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!!! :)


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