Monday, May 5, 2014


People would often ask me if I eat this, or if I eat that. I always answer that I eat ANYTHING just as long as it was not an endangered species, a household pet, an insect, or a human being (duh). I cannot answer the same thing about my husband though. He has A LOT of restrictions (by choice) when it comes to his diet -- no vegetables, no weird smelling sauces, no herbs, no mustard, no ketchup, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... In short, no life -- boring! He he he! Kidding! I love you Yub!

Anyway, that was the exact question I received from dear Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA) when she invited ERICJAZ FOODIES for the ARABIAN DELIGHT buffet night at the Corniche of Diamond Hotel. I loved exotic food and I was so stoked that I would get to eat all I can of it! Since my husband was not overly fond of that type of cuisine, we would only have a date night of Indian or Arabian food when he's raising his "pogi" points for something (naughty naughty!). But now, not only will I be able to pig out on my favorite once in a blue moon type of food, my finicky husband will also get to devour the deliciousness of other Corniche dishes!

Wow! The night was already perfect, and we haven't even started yet! He he he he!


DIAMOND HOTEL's restaurant CORNICHE features buffet nights where they highlight a popular international cuisine each night! 

Check it out :

Thursdays -- Steak Spree P2,350.00 nett per person
Fridays -- Salmon Nights P2,395.00 nett per person
Saturdays - Mexican P1,750.00 nett per person

But tonight, we will be feasting on Middle Eastern food via ARABIAN DELIGHTS of the CORNICHE for P1,980.00 nett per person!

Beside the usual CORNICHE buffet favorites, Executive Chef Marko Rankel and chef Chi Ang prepared a gastronomic Middle Eastern feast that will certainly fill your craving for something exotic!

Appetizer station for ARABIAN DELIGHTS!

They served an assortment of cured meats... 

ARABIAN DELIGHTS Saucisson Sec with hazelnut.

Salmon Milano!

Saucisson Sec with Rond' Avergne


Smoked Tanigue... 

ARABIAN DELIGHTS Grilled Aubergine Tatzki!

ARABIAN DELIGHTS Chicken Liver Pate!

ARABIAN DELIGHTS cured meat condiments!

... that you may pair up with the ARABIAN DELIGHTS' cold mezze and salads!


I loved the cucumber with spiced yoghurt with everything!

The ARABIAN DELIGHTS Bell Pepper salad was extra crunchy and had that perfect bite!

Freshly baked ARABIAN DELIGHTS pita bread!


Creamy hummus!

Tasty Bubba Ganoush!

I loved hummus and I got some with pita bread to eat my ARABIAN DELIGHTS with!


The ARABIAN DELIGHTS buffet night also had cheese which you may pair up with their dried fruits.

A different kind of salad bar from what we always see in hotel buffets!

A variety of dressings for your salad and/or to splash some extra flavor on  your ARABIAN DELIGHTS food!

Middle Eastern station!

The colorful dishes and the aroma coming from this station just made my taste buds drool in excitement!

If you love shawarma (like I do), you might do the jump of joy and help yourself to never ending servings of this Iron Man craving!

Just ask the friendly CORNICHE chef to prepare you this middle eastern food cart favorite!

Ain't that so beautiful that you could just devour it in just one bite?

Then have two!


This was so perfect with their special rice and/or pita bread!


The Salmon was very moist and baked perfectly.

I helped myself with gusto to this Whole Steamed Fish with Preserved Lemons with Seafood Rice!

The ARABIAN DELIGHTS Prawns with Feta Cheese was a different take on this seafood. 

I was not really fond of meatballs but the ARABIAN DELIGHTS Arabic Lamb ones I liked!

My husband fancied the Arabic Style Steak Rasco with Grilled Corn!

It may not be politically correct, but I enjoyed the ARABIAN DELIGHTS Lamb Stew!

Vegetable Medley Pasta!

Oh I am so happy! I was like a kid in a candy store!


My plate! My ARABIAN DELIGHTS plate!

Another ARABIAN DELIGHTS plate for me!


Delicious CORNICHE Cheesecake!

Almost done!

But the night was far from over... We also celebrated the birthday of our dear friend Stonibert Lim (The FOOD ALPHABET) with a song and cheesecake from CORNICHE restaurant!

"Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Birthday to you!"

We got major LSS after that! Ha ha ha ha!

Happy Birthday dear Abet! God bless you always and Joan!!!!

Naks! Thanks DIAMOND HOTEL for this!

I always love meeting up with my favorite KTG Foodie Family!!!!

l-r Jericho (TASTY PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY), Karla, THE AMAZING CHINESE ADONIS AND HIS EMMA STONE, Kathi (hey!!! MUCKING AROUND MANILA), Chef Cecile Chang (SILK ROAD), Stonibert (FOOD ALPHABET) and his lovely wife Joan!

Thank you so much Ms. Melanie Palorina (Public Relations Manager) and Ms. Chel Francisco (Public Relations Supervisor) of  THE DIAMOND HOTEL for having ERICJAZ FOODIES!

Super Kaduper thanks to the very camera shy Kathi Raneses (MUCKING AROUND MANILA) for inviting us! Ha! You can't get away from us now!!!! :)

If you want to savor your favorite Middle Easter cuisine plus MORE, then head on to the ARABIAN DELIGHTS at the Corniche in DIAMOND HOTEL! If you're with the same type of finicky eater guy that I have, then you may NEVER want to leave the buffet ever again!


Roxas Boulevard 
corner Dr. J. Quintos Street
(632) 305-3000 / (632) 528-3000

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  1. Sa lahat na yata ng blogs natin merong fez ni mother mucker except in her own blog hahaha!!! I-update na yan Kathi! ;) Ginutom ako sa post mong ito Jaz! Mag pera-padala nga pls.

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Sayang lang I was not able to eat a lot because I got there late eh medyo nagsasara na! ha ha ha! Ay naku dear Jane, ayaw nga magpapicture, ayan tuloy niyakap ko talaga. Wala siyang takas ngayon! Ha ha ha ha h ah! Miss you! Hope we could meet up soon!


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