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Sunday, May 5, 2013

IHOP (International House of Pancakes - Part Deux)

I love breakfast... and I am confident to declare that, breakfast loves me!

I would never in my life, even dare, wake up and not have the meal that COULD have eggs... WOULD have garlic rice or pancakes... and SHOULD have coffee. It would just be... wrong....  

At the same time, I am positive that the breakfast gods love me back because there is now an abundance of restaurants which offers this marvelous meal not just in the morning, but at WHATEVER time!

And one of the heavenly hubs that offers this great morning grub is IHOP (International House of Pancakes). This international franchise made quite a rave at its launch in the country that almost millions of hungry diners would patiently line up to get a taste of it.

My husband and I have already endured their lines and enjoyed the great pancakes of IHOP (see our meal there, HERE!!!! ) before. This time, we brought the little masters so that we could all bask in the wonderful meal that would jumpstart our family day Sundate to a great one.

Of course, a meal that loves you would do that for sure :)

IHOP !! Wohoo!!!

I immediately ordered an IHOP Splashberry (P175.00) and was glad to discover it was BOTTOMLESS (my favorite word besides ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT). After a few sips I felt like my tummy inflating like a michelin tire (being a carbonated drink and all) but my Yub gladly yanked it away from me and owned it. ha ha ha ha ha!

TEAM YAP got great seats! Probably because my little masters are SO darn cute! (Tee hee!)

Such a great view at IHOP!

(I'm talking about my boys... kidding!)

I don't know what is up with IHOP after a few months in operation because now they don't have the blueberry and pecan syrup pitcherS ready at the table. Either you have to get it by request or they ran out of stock. Instead they replaced it with a small bottle of Tabasco....

... Maybe somebody sneaky (like me) took all the pitchers home....


As if this face could do that.

You could stop gagging now.

My ultimo favorite at IHOP, their New York Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake (P285.00 ala carte, add P50.00 to a meal).

Many diners would usually and proudly declare that "the one in the STATES has bigger servings" but the kindly IHOP manager exclaimed they adjusted it to make prices lower for the Pinoy crowd. (The US counterpart of this dish has 3 stacks of yummy pancakes) :)

I'm not complaining... Our appetites are not as ginormous anyway :)

I decided to try something else and went with IHOP's Bacon Temptation Omelette (P285.00). I requested to have the tomatoes on the side because the kids are starting to follow suit and detest veggies.

Although... technically speaking... Tomatoes are fruits. He he he! But I'm sure they won't care. Ha ha ha! Oh well!

Ahhhh.... such a great meal to start our Family Sundate! Thanks IHOP!

The IHOP Bacon Temptation Omelette was just okay for me and nothing to go lady gaga about. I would have preferred the cheese to be more runny or creamy and the bacon to be crispier. But that's just my personal preference. 

If ever I rule the world someday, THAT will be MY second order.

The first would be "KNEEL BEFORE ZOD... este Jazmin pala!" He he he he!

Still, it was not ALL bad. I was able to finish this IHOP omelette!

My little masters ordered IHOP's Breakfast Sampler (P395.00) which consisted of all things juicy and crunchy! It also comes with a 2 stack plate of pancakes!

We would also order an extra cup of Garlic Rice and this would be a great meal for two!! 

The ever doting Daddy that he is, Yub asked Mati what syrup he preferred for his IHOP buttermilk pancakes.

...or maybe he was saying "Mati you could only get 1 tablespoonful of this because I'm going to chug this down like water."

Eeeew... Kidding :)

My happy little Master Mati!

You would know if it was Yub who cut up his pancakes if it was done "pizza" style :)

My husband did the same thing with our pancake breakfast in MALCOLM's (Check it out HERE )

He he he! Mark Anthony Fernandez look-a-like...

Or am I just THAT hungry???

My little Master Andrei was his usual "tantrummy" self. I forgot what he was demanding for this morning.

But he decided to lighten up later on after having a bite or two from his IHOP pancakes!


One IHOP pancake down... another one to go.... in mah belleeeh!

My husband took over my IHOP Splashberry and asked for extra rice. He wanted it to be "below zero" cold. Ha ha ha ha!

My little Andrei started to daydream later on....

While my little Master suddenly decided to be angry like the hulk because he wanted to order the IHOP make your own pancakes! ha ha ha!

They always take turns in having tantrums. 

Oh well... there's another excuse for us to have our next Family Sundate breakfast at IHOP.

It's a great thing I love IHOP...

and possibly, because of the food and bottomless coffee, IHOP loves me!



IHOP Restaurant
W Global Center, 30th Street, cor. 9th Ave. 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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