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Sunday, May 26, 2013


Even though I came from the wonderful land of (beauty queen shout and pause) MANDALUYONG CITEEEH, I always have a soft spot for Lucena, Quezon Province. 

For one, Dad being an Engineer, had a lot of construction jobs in the area that we would usually stay there for the weekend with him at the Fresh Aire hotel. I vividly remember me and my sister going around the Fresh Aire park and playing with this cocky monkey who would pull a raspberry on us when we get near. 

Come to think of it, I seem to remember a chinese snotty boy whose hair was pulled by this arrogant monkey. The little thin guy was too near, taunting the monkey that the beast got the better of him. Ha ha ha! I hate the monkey but that boy got what he deserved!

Also, my favorite cousin Kuya Nap (see him HERE !!!) met the love of his life in Quezon Province and got married in Lucena. Guess who was one of their flower girls?


Guess where they had their reception?


That's why besides volting up with my husband's wonderful family when we go to Lucena Province, we love eating at CAFE ANTIGUA. Not only because they have such delicious and cheap food, but they are a structure of many wonderful memories since they have been in area for about 30 years or more.

To think that when we would eat here when I was a little girl, my soulmate and future significant other was just meters away, hair being pulled by that mean monkey.

Yes that snotty chinese boy grew up to be my chinese stalker.

THE love of my life. My home...

And he's sitting across me at CAFE ANTIGUA where I ate 30 years ago :)

But you do not need to have the same eeewy sentiments to enjoy the food at CAFE ANTIGUA. Just one taste and you'll agree, it would cause your soft spot too in Lucena, Quezon Province.

It's like coming back to YOUR home. Now don't blame me if you get all too mushy and squishy. Food always does that to me.



Where food is so good your dreams will come true! He he he he!

CAFE ANTIGUA serves food similar to what you will find in Binondo but restaurant is clean, spacious, and aircondition blaring. I love the comfort they bring to the diner and I'm impressed that they were able to maintain it for over 30 years.

CAFE ANTIGUA had wide function rooms in their upper floors which served as venues for many weddings years ago. I am not sure if they still offer function rooms, but I remember that for Kuya Nap's wedding, I really enjoyed the food. I even felt that we were in a hotel because of how they made up the place and the service!

We arrived straight from Manila and guess where we had our "upon-arrival-to-Lucena" lunch?


We were joined by Yub's younger brother Syoti and his cute daughter little Isha!

My sons, Mati and Andrei, just adore their ninong Syoti and cousin Isha that they demand to see them once we get to Lucena!

Check out the prices? Cheap right?


Yub said locals would usually take out in CAFE ANTIGUA since their food stays delicious even after you get home. Tourists and former residents of Quezon province are the regular diners of the restaurant since, like I said, eating there brings back loads of memories!

If you are from Lucena, what do you prefer when eating the food in CAFE ANTIGUA? Eatin in or take out?

Yub and Syoti at CAFE ANTIGUA!

Andrei and his lovable cousin Isha!

Me and my favorite little man Mati!

When you go to CAFE ANTIGUA, please try their BLACK CHAMI (P120.00). If it were not for the kids, we would have them do the usual on the noodles and have it cooked the sweet, spicy, and delicious way!

(We might do it next year whether they like it or not. We have sacrificed long enough! Ha ha ha!)

It is black because of the soy sauce they put but don't worry, it is not salty at all. Just the perfect scrumptious  and savory filipino pancit that will be sure to be one of your comfort foods once you get a taste of it!

I love that it is extra saucy as always! Just in case you do not get the same serving of that glistening oily stream of awesomeness, the servers of CAFE ANTIGUA would most likely give you a cupful more when you ask for it. 

We always do!

Oh yeah come to mama....

CAFE ANTIGUA'S Morisqueta Fried Rice (P180.00 for large)! This is another one of CAFE ANTIGUA's must tries as it is also a perfect epitome of "Kanin Pa Lang Ulam Na" (or complete meal in a rice dish!) Each spoonful would give you that meaty flavorful sausages, egg, and perfectly seasoned rice. I love this! We cannot have a meal at CAFE ANTIGUA without it.

Actually when eating at CAFE ANTIGUA, just order their Black Chami, Morisqueta Fried Rice, and softdrinks and you already got yourself one helluva meal.

But knowing EricJaz foodies, we always want more... SO we will get more!

Brothers Yap!

The kids always need some so we order CAFE ANTIGUA's Nido Soup!

It may taste like the instant version, but we don't mind. It's hot and a filling side dish for the other heavily flavored grubs in CAFE ANTIGUA. The kids love it! Especially the quail eggs.

CAFE ANTIGUA's lumpiang shanghai! Andrei's favorite!

CAFE ANTIGUA's Crispy Chicken (small P160.00) are always fried perfectly with crunchy and yummy breading! 

Of course, when there's pancit, there should always be chicken!

... and if it is this juicy, we would not mind ordering it everytime!

Plus it comes with this special CAFE ANTIGUA sauce which is perfect on everything! The chicken is very delicious already, but will be the bomb once you add this!

I sometimes add this on my CAFE ANTIGUA morisqueta fried rice. Oh don't judge me till you have tried it! So appetizing! YUM!

We now have a full table in CAFE ANTIGUA... let's EAT!

I love eating at CAFE ANTIGUA because I don't have a hard time feeding my finicky eater Andrei. He loves their saucy pancit and crispy lumpiang shanghai!!!

BUT! He still wouldn't let his picture taken with the group in CAFE ANTIGUA. It's okay! As long as he's enjoying his food, I'm happy!

Don't look at my big thigh.... OOPS! Made you look! Grrr! :)

This is what I love doing with my CAFE ANTIGUA Black Chami... I crush some red chili's and mix it with the saucy pancit.

Very spicy and MORE delicious! 

(AAAAUGH why do I have to do my writing for EricJaz Foodies here in Manila and in the middle of the night! I am getting hungry again!!!)

My plate! My wonderful plate!!!

The kids are quietly eating at CAFE ANTIGUA....

While my Chinese Stalker... Soulmate... Love of My life... is checking me out...

Or is he just glaring at me to stop taking pictures so he could eat already?

Mati stuffed himself silly at CAFE ANTIGUA too! I remember him telling me after this meal that he ate too much and had a hurtsy tummy!

Almost done!

Just finishing the last few bites of my CAFE ANTIGUA plate!

All done! (Mati so full already hence the face)

Our bill in CAFE ANTIGUA! Cheap right? I think we even ordered take home for my yub's family!

When you are in Lucena, don't forget to check out CAFE ANTIGUA and it may also become YOUR soft spot for the area. You may not  meet somebody who could be your soulmate (like I unfortunately did... Blech! Ha ha ha!) but the delicious food will surely get you coming back for more.

As we (now being EricJaz Foodies) would fortunately do. :)


Quezon Avenue cor. Gomez Street
Lucena City
Quezon Province

ERIC JAZ FOODIES note (January 17, 2014)

We recently had lunch at CAFE ANTIGUA and though the food was still as delicious as we remember it, we discovered how they could be unsanitary in preparing the dishes. Nothing happened to us though but it may take a while before we eat there again :)


  1. All time Favorite since i was a kid...

    1. I wonder if nagkita na tayo dati sa Cafe Antigua when we were kids???? Like in Fresh Aire!

  2. nakakagutom mga pics.. gotta eat there tonight to satisfy my cravings.. he he he =)

    1. Hiya Syoti! Naku inggit naman kami! Hahaha! We better eat here the next time TEAM YAP is in Lucena and order all of the same food pa din! Yum!

  3. we've been here several times na! My father calls their noodles chami "tamtam" because of the overflowing sauce haha! :)

    1. Hiya dear Berylle! Yes! Ha ha ha! They never scrimp on the sauce!!! I love how after a meal, the leftover sauce could still coat a tablespoon or two of their marisqueta rice... YUM!!! Thanks for reading and the comment :)

  4. I haven't been to Lucena yet, but if I do, I'll definitely visit Cafe Antigua :D You got me at that serving of saucy black chami!

    1. Hiya Sumi! Yes! Lucena or Quezon Province is such a foodie paradise! Along with Antigua, don't forget to go to Palaisdaan, Hacienda Inn, Ugo Bigyan, and Ground Zero! When you eat at Antigua don't forget to request the black chami to be sweet and spicy! Yum! I'm drooling right now! Thanks for the comment and reading! :)

  5. It's not black chami... It's Chami na Binalibag sa toyo...

    1. Thanks for the added info! Yup we know, but we just call it "black chami" to make it simpler for everyone to understand. Apparently, Cafe Antigua understands it naman. Ha ha ha ha ha! Great that you made an extra clarification though. Cheers!!!!!


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