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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Just in case you are interested (and oh, a few people are), I am such a NIGHT person.

But before you think of me, partying and screaming "YEAAAAAHHHHH" at your nearest rowdy bar, that is far from it.

I stay up late just from watching dvd's... drinking loads of coffee... playing with my 2 sons... chatting on facebook... exchanging banters with my husband Yub... and playing Candy Crush (oops! That slipped)... Oh I am SO LIVING the life BELIEVE me :)

Which brings me the ergo... therefore... and in other words... that... I HATE waking up early. ESPECIALLY on weekends. Really I do. My husband could just go up and at 'em at the break of dawn. But not me. I'll be snoozing and letting out fumes to those who even attempt to wake me.

But for this one particular Saturday... I was the one who woke up my snoring hubby at 9:00am (Oh yeah judge me all you want. 9:00am is early for me. I work hard all week... just let me sleep!!). And if you guys know me (only a few do since I don't have many friends) there is only 1 thing/reason which would make me get up and stretch to say "Hello world at this early hour!"

Yup... Obviously it's FOOD!

Which brings us to... MALCOLM'S DELI (yum!)

Yep! Only a loving Yubhub would agree to posing like that in front of a restaurant... that's why our silly little food blog is called ERICJAZ foodies! Ha ha ha! His only request though was not to include the motorcycle in the shot...

Sorry Yub... you do remember that I'm technologically challenged. Ha ha ha ha! Besides, I was so eager to get inside!

Wouldn't you be as eager to get a real life taste of THAT?? So plump... so juicy... so...

Oh please don't look at my "bye bye" big arms....

The meynuh....

The OTHER meynuh again....

Since this silly little foodie blog entry is more on breakfast, let me show you what MALCOLM'S DELI's other offers!

The meynuh once more with feelings....

Prices are very reasonable considering the more-than-enough-for-1-person servings which I saw from other diners.

I was getting too close at a table though that one guy gave me a good glare... Ha ha ha ha!  

Anywho, in this picture, my husband gave me several kicks under the table because we were SO early. Yup that is a first since I was very eager to try this place out. 

Later on, my leg was appeased because YEY there was cable TV inside the deli airing the latest NBA game! The better half of this silly little food blog is now happy!

While I was deciding what to order, I was informed by one of the nice guys from MALCOLM'S DELI that they also have the breakfast buffet offered during weekends. You have the option to have the buffet as it is for P250.00 or as part of your breakfast meal for only P150.00.

Pretty darn good crazy kind of deal right??!

You might think that it is a simple spread but it is what a complete breakfast buffet should be. You got your cereals, your coffee, your breads...

Heck, it even has your choice of eggs however you want it cooked AND congee!!! 

The next time I eat here, this is what I would be stealing! Yeah! I believe it IS such a steal since MALCOLM'S DELI will give you a breakfast for champions at a cheap of a winner price!!

Looking around some more, I saw that they have on display several wines and liquors... but fear not friends-who-hate-noisy-places! MALCOLM'S DELI focuses more on giving diners a meal that they would enjoy in epic quietness.... No bungling of crowds here... Just a cozy hub where you could enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, at your own sweet pace.... 

Did I already mention that they have free wifi? Oh boy oh boy! CANDY CRUSH TIME!!! 


Wine display of wine to go with your meats should you decide to order them....

... and Yub still deciding what to order even if I know already what he's going to decide on in the end. I know him and his vibe... H aha ha ha!

Yey! People are coming!

Wohoo! I finally meet this lovely little lady named Rain! Isn't she very pretty? :) So adorable!

But... finally (again)...

The FOOD is here!Yum

As I predicted, Yub ordered MALCOLM'S DELI pancakes and I am sure glad that he did. What was laid down before my eyes were a stack of 3 pieces of thick, plump, and wonderfully creamy warm pancakes!

It is wonderfully dusted with powdered sugar for that extra sweetish zing. From the whiff I got when it was in front of me, I wanted a forkful right away, but sticky gooey syrup was poured over....

Oh yeah... come to mama.....

My Yub likes to eat his pancakes like so.... Slather 'em heavily with butter... Stack 'em up... Slice 'em like Pizza's and voila!

Eat 'em all at 8 bites!!!

Dear Spanky gave MALCOLM'S DELI pancakes a good stare before owning it...

My loving husband however, gave me a good glare when I asked for mmmmore?

Just kidding. He gave me 1 whole pancake which I pounced on asap!

And WOW! It was truly one of the BEST that I have eaten!! YUMMMMM!

MALCOLM'S DELI Eggs Benedict with your choice of toppings:  Irish (Wagyu Corned Beef P300), Classic (Canadian Bacon P300) Malcolm's Benedict - pictured (Sauteed Beef P300), Garlic Shrimp (P300) and Garden Vegetable (P260).

Do I need to describe how heavenly this tastes?

Yedy of Yedylicious food blog gave me a taste of this and how I wished I ordered this TOO (take note: TOO and not INSTEAD)... Bread was crunchy, Meat was so flavorful, Eggs were runny and gooey, while sauce was just creamy  and oh so wonderful!

However... I DID order some WAGYU STEAK AND EGGS....

Oh yes... Now you'll envy me... Besides the WAGYU steak and potatoes fried in wagyu oil you could choose how you want your eggs done...

Be it scrambled...

... or Sunny Side Up...

... Or BOTH!

Either way, I will have mine with GARLIC RICE!

Was I pigging out? Well not so much... New on MALCOLM DELI'S menu was the WAGYU ADOBO FLAKES...

Do I REALLY have to explain how I will enjoy this????

Okay fine, I spooned GENEROUS servings of this on my garlic rice and shoveled it all inside my mouth. No seasoning needed. It was so crunchy, flavorful, and so overwhelmingly perfect! I imagine Andrei enjoying this on our next meal... He'll be doing the happy dance surely which I could only perform in my mind... He he he he!

Sorry... can't talk... BURPING.

Such a GREAT morning with DELICIOUS FOOD and great people! Not only did I get to eat to my heart's content, but I also met some of the food bloggers which I have stalked for most of my internet lifetime. (l-r The Pickiest Eater, Rina's Rainbow, ERICJAZ foodies (he he he), Between Bites, Mr. Jerome Mitra, Mr. Norman Zamora (sorry  that I initially forgot your name. You were so nice and sweet though.. It's not you it's me), Dude for Food, Mr. Spanky Enriquez, Ms. Vicky Lauchengco, Hefty Foodie, and Yedylicious!

When I'm excited, I do the Mr. Pogi sign... and that's why I don't have many friends... ha ha ha ha!

Anywho, Ericjaz Foodies was SO HAPPY with the grub and the experience at MALCOLM'S DELI... More so upon learning that they truly aim to be a hang out hub for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of other breakfast places out there. The good thing pa is that they don't just serve EXCEPTIONAL breakfast grub, they have lots of lunch and dinner dishes to offer.  

Oh let me just blurt out, WAGYU MEATS all day long.. Even at mornings! Now THIS made us more excited to bring the kids to MALCOLM'S DELI soon!

Even if I have to wake up at the shameful hour of 9:00am again... ha ha ha!


Malcolm's Deli
Fort Bonifacio
G/F Fairways Tower, 5th Ave cor McKinley Rd
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 556-3186



  1. Daya! You met up with the Pickiest Eater and we have yet to set up our eating schedules...hahaha!

    1. Ha ha ha! Sorryyyy! Come on lets set it up! With the kids or not? Where? It should be a resto that is not so expensive and that you have not tried yet....

      But you should try MALCOLM'S your little ones will love it!!!

    2. We all should grab a meal some time!!

    3. Yes Richie Z and Bap2! Tara! Along with our beautiful/pogi significant others! That'll be supakadupafun!!!

  2. Nice breakfast place, Jaz. We'll try it there!

    1. Hiya Abel! Yes! Mosdef you guys will love it... Free parking... free wifi... GREAT FOOD! The pancakes are so YUM and the beef are mostly WAGYU! Whatta deal right? I want to go back there nga e.

  3. Loving the look of those eggs benedict! :) wanna try the wagyu steak and eggs too :)

    1. Hiya Berylle! I so agree! At first I was gazing enviously at the others who were eating the eggs benedict because it just looked so scrumptious and lovely. And wow, after I had a taste of it, their eggs benedicts was utterly delicious too! Yes please do try the Wagyu Steak and eggs! You can't go wrong with the tender Kitayama Wagyu Beef! I can't stop raving about it because that's how much we enjoyed the meal talaga! Don't forget the pancakes too! YUM!

  4. steak looks divine!


    1. Hiya Phranczeska!!! Its Wagyu beef from Kitayama!!! Check it out! Their contact number is (02) 887 5848. They also have a facebook account :) Thanks for reading!!! :)


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