Saturday, April 20, 2013


If there is one thing I am positive about myself, I know that...

it does not take much to excite me!

It could be many things: Kisses from my baby Andrei while saying he hopes that it will make me feel better....  A comment left in my silly little foodie blog by somebody who is not a friend (really yey!)... Finding out that Agent Coulson (Avengers) LIVES, 

and....  discovering new restaurants that serve good food at a cheap price! 

And yes, that is what we saw in TUDING'S!

Tudings!!! And hey, it's been with us since 1985! I was not yet born then! (Weh?)

TUDING'S is your usual eatery where anything goes. Diners visit this restaurant not to hang out or to people-watch.... You go here to EAT and SAVOR the best porkchops in Laguna!Let me warn you okay, there is no room for EEEEWY in TUDING'S. Go somewhere else if you want fine-dining ambience, obviously! :)

Our ultra late dinner... Order up guys! I'm SO hungry! This porkchop you've been raving about better be good!

TUDING'S have increased prices but hey, it is still so cheap!!!

Happy cooks!!!

Happy Chinese guy who is on the verge of tears since he is finally eating again at TUDING'S!

.... and FINALLY!

The grub!

TUDING'S famous porkchops may be served the most simplest way but, the smell and crispy appearance just makes everything so mouth watering!

The meat by the bone is the best!!! I loved sucking on these things!

My sister (guess which one is older) loved TUDING'S eversince her med school days. To her, every bite into their crispy porkchops is a trip down medical lane!

We have this insane belief that we could eat fatty stuffs as long as we will have a can of pineapple juice afterwards.... This is our natural "lipitor"! ha ha ha ha!

SISTERS!!! I'm so sorry Ate Jit if you seem tired in this picture. I should not have posted this but still, TUDING'S won! ha ha ha ha ha!

My sister told me she would always make this dipping sauce in TUDING'S which I found SO weird. You would agree with me when you discover that it consists of KETCHUP, VINEGAR, and CHILI!

Weird right?

But this was INSANELY good with their porkchops! YUM!

Yub was savoring every morsel of  TUDING'S porkchops very tasty meat!

Bawal ang diet dito! You should have their flavored fried rice as well!

Almost finished! I was so tempted to order a cup more of rice but I was TRYING to diet. 

Besides, I was still planning to eat the crunchy fats on those small plates!

Overall I understand why my ate and husband can't stop raving about TUDING'S with matching drool. It was just no muss, no fuss, SUPER tasty porkchops! I know I may have said that you don't go here to hang out, but after cleaning up my plate (I almost licked it like a kitten does to it's milk) I would stay here for a few more hours so that I could have another round of their cheap but hefty plates of grub!

Oh and yes, I imagine myself eating here again the next time I am in Laguna! Do pass by here if you can.

Let's EAT!

National Highway, 
Brgy. Real, Calamba City, Laguna, Laguna, 4029


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so muchos dear Tara!! I'm glad you liked my entry :) I hope you get to try this soon! It's simple but delicious and worth the trip! So cheap but true value for your money! :)

  2. How much money i need for franchise?

    1. Hi! I'm not sure if they franchise. Just call their contact number to inquire. Thanks!

  3. Nagpa franchise po ba kayo?

    1. Hi! I'm not sure if they do. Call the number up there to inquire na lang. Thanks!!! :)

  4. Hi nagpa franchise ba kayo?

    1. Hi! Sorry I'm not sure if they franchise. Maybe you could drop by their store to inquire.

  5. Can i ask the contact number? Thanks

    1. Hi! Sorry I've been searching for a contact number too to update my blog but I can't find any. Maybe you could just visit their restaurant soon and just pig out on their pork chops. He he he he he! Sama kami!


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