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Thursday, April 4, 2013




Ever since my first MITSUYADO visit (click HERE!!!) I have been there almost MILLIONS of times...

Okay maybe not millions but a number or two less :P

I ate here with my hubby before my birthday (February 20 ata) just so that I could try their TSUKEMEN (regular P240 / large P280)

I ate here again when I treated my family for my 25TH (ahem) birthday (March 2, 2013)

... that was a fun day! 

I ate here again with my husband to try the noodle cart...

I ate here again with my son Mati so that he could try the noodle cart... he he he! His favorite is their Pork Tonkatsu Ramen (P420+) which was only available for a limited time.

I think the reason why I dragged my hub here again was because I wanted to try their KARASHI RAMEN (regular P260 / large P300).

AND on another day (again) I pleaded with my hub that I am aching to try their TAN TAN RAMEN (regular P280 / large P320). 

If you have noticed, in the MILLIONS of times that I ate there, I only got the usuals but not their real specialty... the CHEESE SAUCE TSUKEMEN (regular P310 / large P350). Call me a scare-dy cat (which I AM with flying cockroaches) but I tend to always stick to my default orders. Because if I dined for example at Le Ching and got something else besides the SPARE RIB RICE. I will NOT be able to sleep at night if the dish I ordered was a disappointment. Believe me... I will fret over it for days until I get to eat at Le Ching again and correct everything by having the Spare Rib rice...

Even if everyone raved over the CHEESE TSUKEMEN I was still doubtful how something that would probably taste like Kenny Rogers' mac and cheese with soup will be good??

Thankfully I got brave and finally tried it out! I had it the previous night and I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! I just have to have it again! 

And I did! He he he he!

When you eat at Mitsuyado, they only serve house teas (ice and cold) to aid in your digestion. If you want water, you could order their bottled servings which a portion of the price goes to charity.

I have a very tricky tummy so we usually bring our own jug of water. He he he he! Servers are very nice and would give us an extra glass with ice :)

I mentioned in my earlier MITSUYADO post that I eat more than my husband. This is proof of it... He only got for himself their JAPANESE FRIED RICE (P170)

I got 2 tablespoons of this and I understood why he did not order anything else to go with it. The rice was very tasty and had a generous helping of meats; this was already a meal of its own!

He ate with mucho gusto!

However, he forgot to request our server to put the pickled radish on another plate. Because of that, he did not eat the rice portion which the pickles "touched".... 

Guess who finished it? Tee hee!

Me and my hubskers... 

I wonder if the guys beside us are on a date as well? Yihiiiiiiiiiii! Kidding!

Now THIS is my new addiction!!!

You have the option to order cold or hot tsukemen noodles... I always get mine cold because I want it chewy and al dente!

If you THINK that this is just ordinary melted "kraft" sauce, think again. Their cheese is very creamy and sharp but not overpowering. I could imagine my Andrei, a cheese lover, would love this noodle dish. 

I was doubtful at first but now I believe... I BELIEVED (walang himala!!!) that cheese could go oh so well with soup! YES... IT... CAN!

... and this is their dipping soup! This would be saltier than their usual ramen broth so that you'll immediately get the flavors once you dip the cheesy noodles...

Remember... just mix, dunk, and slurp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want a more "step by step" demonstration, fine I'll give you one..

... with the help of NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK'S STEP BY STEP!

Step one ("you could have lots of fun") -- Smile at the camera...

Step 2 ("there's so much we could do") - like put the cheese on the noodles...

Step 3 (falsetto - "It's just you and me!!") - Mix your noodles like a boss!!!

Please... don't be impatient and just top the cheese onto your noodles. You need to mix it very well. It's only a few seconds of your time for that delicious experience!!!

Step 4 ("I could give you mo-oore") - Dip your cheesy noodles into the soup...

Don't be an impatient little goat (AGAIN) and put the cheese noodles in the bowl. If you do that, then the cheese would just go into the soup... Now where's the fun in that? Plus it would lose loads of the cheese yummy flavoring.

Step 5 (don't you know that the time is riiiiighhht?") - Now put all of that cheesy, soup, chewy noodles into your hungry mouth!


Now didn't that song just go oh so well with the step by step process? :)


I love all things spicy so for extra enjoyment, I add some chili oil on my dipping soup! :)

Oh it's so beautiful!!!!!!

I'm amazed how the cheese sticks to the noodles... You won't find clumps clinging at one corner. With just little effort, you'll have cheese on every carbo string!

I hate it when my husband eats his pansit or mami with a loud slurp! Tut! Tut! So bad manners! For Japanese ramen, even if it is acceptable to eat noisily, I am still uncomfortable with it.

However with the Cheese Tsukemen, I found myself really doing that ULTRA HIGOP sound effect because if you try to eat it the way you would a normal spaghetti dish, the cheese sauce will be smeared all over your face.

So if you want to just be neat with it, do it like the boys do and SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP!

I tried eating the noodles daintily without any sound, and the sauce just dripped all over my lips. It was just not clear here since I don't have an (ahem) DLSR! He he he! If you look closely, there's even a cheese drop from one of the strands of hair of my bangs!

Oh no almost done!!! 

Another option for you to do is put the noodles on the spoon and give it a short dip in the soup. From there you could put the whole thing in your mouth... less slurp, less mess, more soup!

Finished! Oh I HATE pics of me eating. I just don't look good doing so!

Mati also became a Cheese Tsukemen mega fan when I took home some of the noodles yesterday. We invited him to go with us but he said he would rather go with his lolo and if we could just give him pasalubong. 

Why you little....       Alright!

Even if I was tampo that he chose his lolo over us, all was forgiven when he screamed "NOOOODLESSSSS!" with matching tight hug.

My son... the foodie like mommy :)

He also knows the protocol how to fully enjoy cheese tsukemen... First mix in the cheese...

Dip it in the soup...

Then slurp away...

My son got me hungry again... Now I can't WAIT to eat there again tonight! Tee hee!


Mitsuyado Sei-Men
22 Jupiter St
Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 511-1390


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    1. Have you tried this Jill? It's sooo good! I'm very addicted na nga!

  2. Quite yummy, no? Guess what? I'm doing a Mitsuyado Giveaway on monday.. But don't tell anyone yet ;)

    1. Wow!!! Your followers will have such a treat!!! I won't tell but I will be force-hypnotizing you "It is Jazmin whom you are looking for....." :) He he he! :)


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