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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I am such a sucker for romance....

Proof of that is I know Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant's special dialogue near the conclusion of "An Affair To Remember" word per word. I could even act it out for you if you want. I will just sit like a little kitten at the end of your couch and try my best to say "I was looking up and then I said to myself it is the nearest thing to heaven..." without tearing up. 

(photo tearfully grabbed from the net)

Actually, I'm choking back sobs right now! :)

The other half of Ericjaz foodies, my husband Eric, is DEFINITELY not a Romeo. For our 10th wedding Anniversary he did not give me flowers, nor greet me, nor make any referral about that supposedly special day.

Except, what I got was THIS on my facebook comments 2 days after:

 Eric John Yap Happy 10th anniversary yub, sorry ngayon lang ako ulit nagfb, love u mwah...

Aarrgggh! Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway maybe the reason we go so well together is that even though we are such opposites we meet in the middle in that little place called LOVE.... (told ya I'm the romantic)!

Which brings us to why we love going to CRAVINGS. The restaurant is simple but it gives out that semi-romantic vibe at a price my husband will be willing to get emotional about. We have celebrated our Valentines there before and what I am always willing to return to is their meals with the salad buffet. 

See? Everybody happy. My husband gets the cheap grub while I get the romance via the buffet! He he he he! Oh it makes me wanna cry again... 


We went to CRAVINGS on a Monday so we were able to get good seats. I loved also that it is not as crowded compared to other restaurants in Shangrila Plaza. I wonder though if the same could be said during weekends?

Others may not share the same sentiment but what I love about CRAVINGS is their soup and salad buffet. It is reasonably priced at P295.00 but it also comes free with any order of their entrees

Now isn't that a helluva good deal?

When we got to CRAVINGS, we asked the waiters if it's okay that my husband will order the entree while I have the soup and salad buffet that goes with it since he does not eat vegetables.  The waiters were very considerate and warmly led us to a seat.

I love service people who do all that they can to make your meal more enjoyable. Kudos to Cravings Shangrila Plaza for that!

See? Even Yub was surprised. Check out the fezzz....  

Their meynuh...

The simple but lovely soup spread!

The "spreads" spread... he he he he!

The vegetable spread with their scrumptious dressings!

Some more add-ons...

Ever since I was a little girl the size of a basketball, I have loved CRAVINGS boursin spread. I could slather a ton of that creamy, cheesy, salty goodness on any bread the size of a football and shove it all in my mouth. 


But, I am on a diet now so just reasonable servings for me! Har har  har!

My first plate of appetizers consisted of the bread with boursin spread, macaroni salad, veggies, and caesar's dressing. 

Don't judge how I just piled everything into my plate. I am so hungry this way!

My hot bowl of creamy asparagus soup. I was just planning to drop a few croutons into my soup but the waiter suggested I add some potato skins... Weird?

One spoonful of it and I was like... I don't care! Gimme more!

Boursin baby!

... and THIS is the face my husband is stuck with for the rest of his life!

Some more carbs... I especially loved the fried wantons with cheese spread!


Finally, it is also his turn to eat!

Happy Ericjaz foodies!

"I was looking up and I thought to myself it was the NEAREST thing to heaven..."

"... YOU were there..."

I love you so much Soup and Salad buffet!!!

When Yub finished his winner of a chicken dinner, he ordered a slice of my childhood favorite CRAVINGS Warm Chocolate Caramel Cake (P170.00). My dad loves this too and we would always order a whole cake of this for his birthday!

If my husband had the cake, I was going for another serving of that wonderful soup with potato skins!

So many plates on my side! He he he he!

I would banish my embarassment over that with a spoonful of their delicious soup again!

Our bill! Not much of a "damage" right? 

I think Ericjaz knows where to go on our next Saturday Night Date Night when we are going for a cross between "Romantic" and "Deadma" prices! he he he he!

Let's EAT!

Shangri-la Plaza Mall
5th Level, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Shangri-la Mall
Shaw Blvd. cor. EDSA
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines 

Phone Number
(+63 2) 635-6672, (+63 2) 635-6087, (+63 917) 866-9710)

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