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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Who does not love Chinese food?

Well probably the Japanese but that is because there may be a mini-cuisine rivalry going on but anywhooo....

I think almost EVERYONE I know loves Chinese food! What's not there to love about it? You have there the flavorful carbs (noodles), steamed proteins (dimsums), and nutritious vegetables (WHICH you may find in your noodles or garnish... he he he he).

Heck I love Chinese food so much that I married a Chinese guy!

Not that he tastes anything like the cuisine but... at LEAST I know he won't have an aversion to Chinese food. Ha ha ha!

Which brings me to my all time favorite Chinese Dimsum place... LE CHING!

Now who does not love Le Ching??

Probably the owners of another restaurant starting with the letter L but that's another story... :)

One of my all time favorite restaurants is LE CHING. Even as a kid, I would relish the times when my family would go here and have their fill of simple Chinese food. I'm glad that they have stayed put in their same location in Greenhills Shopping center even if more flashy Chinese restaurants have sprouted up in Promenade.

The meynuh.... Cheap eats right?

Meynuh... part 2... I don't really look at the meynuh though because I know already what to order after 25  years....

Uh... not THAT Chinese grub. Ha ha ha ha!

Le Ching is one of the simplest Chinese Restaurants I know. It is even reminiscient of how the guys do it at Binondo wherein it is more like an eatery rather than a restaurant.

But it has air conditioning and GREAT food so that is what really counts.

... but eatery or not LE CHING gets packed with ALL kinds of people at ALL hours. 

When I said ALL kinds of people I did not mean the Edward Cullen or Jacob Black type of people but rather individuals from different walks of life. 

So whatever salary bracket these guys check on, they all troop over to LE CHING hungry and hankering for simple but delicious Chinese food!

I did mention that I have been going here for 25 years right? AND for 25 years, I always order LE CHING's SPARE RIB rice (P148.00). It has been my default order ever since. What only changes are the other munchies that go with it.

When I was younger, I would usually have extra rice and a plate of Pork Siomai (P85.00). Now since I'm older with slower (boo) metabolism, I would just have the SPARE RIB rice with their SIOMAI.

Yes... that was a significant change in my diet already.

When we're in the mood to pig out, we would usually have some wanton noodles to go with our Spare Rib rice... But if we're feeling a bit full, we would just have some extra soup (P35.00) and this would really hit the spot!

I DID say that they have veggies here right? he he he he!

I had better tasting Pork Siomais in other restaurants but I also cannot seem to get enough of LE CHING's version. Their Pork Siomai is meaty, flavorful, simple but something you would not risk NOT ordering here because a meal would be incomplete without it. 

LE CHING'S chili garlic oil is the best there is in the Metro. You could just have this with soy sauce and calamansi on your rice, and you got yourselves a winning plate of gloriousness! 

LE CHING'S chili garlic oil has the right amount of spice that would be tempered perfectly by their noodles, dimsums, and even on just plain rice. What I love about their version is that the garlic still maintains that slight crunch for a more appetizing dipping sauce.

Eto ang sawsawan pa lang, ulam na!

I know some people who are turned off by the serving ware LE CHING uses with their food (I heard somebody claim it looked like hospital utensils) but I am not complaining. At least the food is kept warm and personally it adds a certain je ne sais quois appeal to the whole thing.

Ooooh using french for a Chinese restaurant? That's variety for you!

My lovely plate!

Happy little ol' me!

I cannot say the same though for the ladies at the back. Stood up by their dates maybe? He he he he!

Yub is trying to get more veggies into his system so we would usually order vegetable rolls in Chinese Restaurants. He was happily disappointed though with LE CHING's Crispy Spring Rolls (P85.00) because it was filled more with meat and taro rather than vegetables.

See? But it was deliciously crunchy, meaty, and oily nonetheless! This now goes into our usual orders in LE CHING!


My husband is such a fast eater that I suspect he barely chews his food before swallowing. So while I was still feasting on my 4th spoonful (yeah yeah because I talk a lot while eating hence my slowness get over it), he was already busy with something...

WHY YOU?? What level are you in already?

Done! Wiped out clean and as our parents would often say "parang dinaanan ng bagyo!"

... and here's that storm's "damage"... Very cheap right considering the great meal earlier! No wonder Chinese Food is one of the greatest grubs of all time...

Yes, because of LE CHING. I'm sure that because of its great food at a cheap price, it made more individuals veer towards the cuisine.

That is my belief and I am strongly sticking to it.

 And I'm glad that after 25 years of eating here, I'm sure it is here to stay. 


Ground Level, Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center
Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines 

Phone Number
(+63 2) 721-3179, (+63 2) 726-3677


  1. Oh I looooooove Le Ching! I used to go here foten when I did lots of errands in this area of town years ago. It's gotta be a combination of Spareribs Rice and then some sweet soy milk, and I'm good to go for my Saturday :D !

    - Ray

    1. Hi Ray and Lynne!!! Me too! There may be other grubs at Le Ching but I only had their SPARE RIB rice ever since the first time I set foot there, so that was like about 25 years ago? He he he he! Me it should always be the SPARE RIB rice, extra rice, and siomai! Yum! I'm also getting a little bit sentimental because now my kids love Le Ching too!

  2. I love Le Ching's Spare rib rice... Before, I thought the price was not worth it..but having tasted it made me prove it otherwise. The ambiance and the utensils may not be that great, but the food says it all. :D Nice blog post! Made me crave for Le Ching's!

    1. Hiya Jigz!! I couldn't agree with you more! Their spare rib rice is truly the best and it just makes everything else (ambience, utensils) enjoyable!! I'm glad you liked my post! Your comment truly made my day!

      BTW, after I finished this, I dragged my hub to eat at Le Ching the next day. Ha ha ha ha! I got me craving too! Thanks again!!! :) Hope you could also check out my other silly little foodie posts! :)

  3. Hi Jaz! We were just at Le Ching the other day. Usually when in Greenhills, it's either just Le Ching or House of Minis for us. But because Niko was already hungry, we went straight to Le Ching, since they serve food really fast. Like you, we hardly look at the menu too! But our default order is Beef Brisket Rice. And soya milk for Niko. Once though, when I wasn't feeling well, I ordered their Beef Brisket Noodle Soup (beef brisket pa din!). Unlike some people who are turned off by Le Chings's food containers, I actually like them! It reminds me of the stainless steel lunch containers that we used to bring when we were in grade school and high school. :)

    1. Hiya Caris!!! Those 2 are also my fave place to eat in Greenhills even if many restaurants have already sprouted around. And yes, I love their containers! At least it keeps the food hot and like you said, reminds me of my childhood days too! Thanks so much for placing a comment!! I'm touched you remembered my silly little foodie blog! He he he he!

  4. I was talking to my friends here in Canada about the best Le Ching feature of chili garlic. Ever. Period. Either spare ribs rice or beef brisket rice with on order siomai. Tumpak!

    1. Hullooo Abe! Oh you are SOOOO right!!! That chili garlic is so addicting and makes my favorite spare rib rice doubly delicious!!! Tumpak na tumpakness! Ha ha ha ha ah ah! Thanks!!! Cheers!


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