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Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Once upon a time before the pandemic...

My little family are such fans of Shabu Shabu that we cannot stay away from it for a long time. Fried Chicken, Pizza, Burgers, etc etc are fine when we're out but there's something deeply comforting about slurping on boiling hot soup, devouring the chewy noodles, and crunchy vegetables, then dipping it all on my spicy and "umami" filled sauce. We just gotta have it at least once a month in our mundane lives!

One night while the Yub and I were doing groceries, we came upon TONGYANG SHABU SHABU EXPRESS. We have already been to their mothership TONGYANG buffet many years before but since we're watching our diets and our wallets, the "express version" would be perfect!

And we were right. TONGYANG SHABU SHABU EXPRESS was just what we needed.  I think we'll be here A HUNDRED TIMES more.

(That's what you think... ha ha ha ha-- Jaz from the future)


We passed by here and BOINGGGG!!!! Why not eat here as well???

There was an "al fresco" effect seating at the other side of the mall which seemed cozy and comfortable. 

Got our seats!

Each diners gets his/her own electric burner plus the necessary "tools."

Now what should we get???

Prices are really good!!!!

At our age din kasi (AT OUR AGE DAW O!!) the Yub and I are watching our food intake that's why less is more na for us. 

Hmmm... How many sets should we get?

For an "express" restaurant, the spread is quite good!

The steps!

This was helpful for a newbie like me because we didn't know how to get the ultimate experience from their resto.

Balls and toppings galore.

Sauce all you can!!!!

Ito pa lang sulit na kami. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Right after placing our order, our food came in an instant!

The Yub got the TONGYANG EXPRESS Beef Shabu Shabu (P260.00)!

He got several thin slices of the fatty Beef Karbui!

As for me, I got the TONGYANG Dumpling Set (P220.00) which gave me the same veggie bowl PLUS these colorful dimsums. 

Check out the veggie bowl.

Even if my hair is buhaghag, I'm a happy eater!


Underneath that plate of veggies, you have your chosen soup.

Each order comes with a bowl of steamed rice.

The amount of food is more than enough na for us (we are light eaters na din kasi).

My dipping bowls.

One order is already more than enough for me (it doesn't help too much too that the delicious broth is refillable).

The Yub and I got so BONDAT and we had a lot to take home. 

We decided that next time, we'll just share an order. 

We also sent the rice back because we don't need the carbs. We didn't touch it anyways. he he he...

Le bill!

SUPER affordable right?

And because we enjoyed that first meal so much, we went back ASAP!

(I was covering the light since it made my forehead shine).

As we decided last time, we just ordered one set and got extra bowls and veggies. 

And after a couple of days, we went back again! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yep! We're getting the hang of it.


If it weren't for that blasted virus, we would be eating here again and again and again. I know that raw sets are available for cooking at home but it's not the same. We'll still try to wait it out and hope that we'll soon get back at TONGYANG for many repeat performances (he he he he).



SM Hypermarket, 
Frontera Verde Drive, Ugong, Pasig City



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