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Monday, July 23, 2018


One Sunday night, my BP Family met up craving for some Korean food. And when deciding where to go, they asked me for recommendations. Now even if there were many Korean restaurants offering all you can specials, there was only one place that I strongly recommended that would surely give us all a great time at a very practical price!!

SODAM is located in San Juan and it is my favorite among the Korean restaurants that offer "Eat All You Can" dishes.

Personally, I think they offer the most affordable rate for both Beef and Pork barbecued meats. Not only that, they also had a long table filled with hot dishes that are freshly cooked from their kitchens. 

It was a jampacked Sunday that night. Good thing BB Aning made reservations for the group!


BB Aning and Pareng Jonas!

Dear Chel and Tobey!

BFFs Dani and Tiana!

Bros Jonas and Abel!



I know that it's been so long na but yes, I'M STILL WATCHING IT! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And here's the kiddie table!!

My godson Jelo and bunsoy Andrei!

Dear Johans and Master Mati!

Time to eat!!!!!

Service in SODAM is fast and efficient. After we took our seats, we were immediately given wooden trays of their sliced Beef and Pork!!!!

The meats were so thinly sliced but we're not complaining -- for the price, it's still so sulit!

Besides, the cuts make it faster to grill and even gave an appetizing crunch at each bite. 

The Androse didn't have any problems with taking charge of the grill. In fact, he even enjoyed it. 

Little Jelo helped him too!

My Master Mati loved Korean food and really filled up his palte with all the SODAM goodies!

After the kids have settled with their food, it's time for the grown ups to visit the buffet as well. 

Like I mentioned above, SODAM offers a variety of dishes that are always hot and fresh. The food on the buffet often changes depending on what the kitchens will cook up.

While I was browsing the buffet, I saw these platters of food ready to take its place in the long table.

Sweet and Sour Fish!

Fried Eggplants!

Wohoo! I'm excited to fill my plate with SODAM food!

Cucumber in Vinegar!

Sauteed Beansprouts!

Kang Kong with Garlic!

Korean soups!!!!

Rice Cakes in Cheesy Spicy sauce!

Fried Mussels in Oyster Sauce!

Spicy Spare Ribs!

What are you getting mareng Chel?

Soft Tofu in Sweet Sauce!

Soft Tofu in Kimchi!!!


When I got back to our table, everyone was happily chomping on their Korean grub from SODAM!

The delivery of the Beef and Pork trays were non-stop too!!!!!

We grill the meats with garlic and seasoning. 

It's so delicious on its own or wrapped in veggies!

My plate! My full SODAM plate!

When I checked on my picky eater Andrei, he's still cooking! I do hope he's also eating it though. He he he he he!

My second SODAM plate!

Our bill!!!!!

It was a delicious Korean dinner that Sunday night to celebrate the birthday of ate Dani. So glad that we were able to savor our cravings that night and not break bank!

He he he he he he!

As as usual, we had coffee at Team Virrey's house for our nightcap!



17 J. Abad Santos Drive, 
Little Baguio, San Juan City
02 2469069 ext:264

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