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Sunday, July 21, 2013


I think that for my 28 year existence in this universe (tee hee), it is safe and obvious to say that the Japanese have a special place in my heart....

Who would forget Candy Candy, Voltes V, Daimos, Ron Ron? I certainly would not. If I could just break into a song without issuing judgement from our friendly neighborhood mental hospital, I would always sing "Tatoe arashi ga hukou tomo..."

Who was not enamored with the SEVEN SAMURAI and the bad ass coolness of Toshiro Mifune?

Who was not fascinated with the swiftness and agility of the black ninja?

Who did not grow up with Nissin's Instant Ramen, be it Chicken or Beef, with an extra serving of egg?


Who has not had a Japanese meal that is so unforgettable it became a special memory? I certainly had my first taste of delicious Japanese teppanyaki in KIMPURA (see HERE!!!) and it will be forever etched in my heart AND tummy!!!

I love the Japanese so much that I mistook Yub for one and married him!

I am kidding of course.

Anyway, so it is but natural that when a new Japanese Restaurant opened nearby, ERICJAZ FOODIES just HAS to drop by and say hello. Plus points that it is serving Ramen, my all time favorite noodle. And with that, rain or shine, long lines or short, we will go there and pay our foodie respects as our heart dictates.

By the way.... I forgot to include GWIYOMI....

Never mind. They can't always get it right. Ha ha ha! Kidding!


Oh the long lines at IKKORYU FUKUOKA!

(Trembling and traumatized) It... is... like... IHOP all over again... 

But what the heck, my heart and tummy yearns for this and we will have it even if we are the 30th in line!

Actually were the 31st... But let us see. 

IKKORYU FUKUOKA is famous for their Tonkotsu (pork based soup) ramens which hailed from  Yamagoya in Japan. 

There was only one thing I set my eyes on at IKKORYU FUKUOKA even before we decided to go here and I was already wondering if it will be added to my REASONS why I love Japan list.

As for Yub,  he has his eyes on the chefs... ESTE... the food COOKED by the chefs in IKKORYU FUKUOKA'S open kitchen....

Hello there! Don't worry nice man, we won't drool too much! We might just press our oily noses on your glass though....


IKKORYU FUKUOKA has a simple setting that is chic yet casual.

The restaurant may be crowded but spaces in between tables were appropriate and diners beside you won't notice too much if you're staring at whatever they're slurping.

Since we are ALWAYS hungry, ERICJAZ FOODIES (yup i'll do a Donald Trump and refer ourselves in the 3rd person point of view) usually request the counter because it gets more available earlier compared to the square tables.


Hmmm... my husband has a VERY close proximity to that stripey guy beside him though!!! >:(

My order came in a jiffy and I got IKKORYU FUKUOKA's Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen (P380.00). I requested the noodles to be extra hard because I want my ramen noodles to be chewy and firm!

Oh happy happy me at IKKORYU FUKUOKA!

Arigato Japan!!

Let's EAT!!!

Do you know by the way that I am wearing a Gingersnap Maternity Dress given by my Mareng Gail Campo for my birthday this year? You may remember her from Rub (CLICK HERE). She asked me what kind of dress I wanted and I just requested for an outfit that won't hug my big tummy. 

So she gave me a maternity dress.

I love my friends. He he he he!

Anyway since I'm already wearing a maternity dress then I have an extra space for my tummy that will bulge for 1 more inch after tonight!

I loved my IKKORYU FUKUOKA Black Garlic Ramen! The broth was so milky and extra superkaduper tasty!!! I cannot stop smacking my lips to savor even the smallest of droplets that may have trickled out! 

The IKKORYU FUKUOKA noodles were thin but still extra firm and al dente!!! This was such a perfect slurp at every helping from my chopsticks!!!!


Since my husband was not really a Ramen fan (boo!) he ordered for himself an IKKORYU FUKUOKA Karaage (P180.00)!

My husband, who could be very calm and collected, was very surprised that for just P180.00, he got about 5 big pieces of the Japanese Fried Chicken!!!

Look at that faux Japanese smile!!!! 

My hub said the chicken was SO juicy and succulent!!! So perfect with their japanese steamed rice since it was already so flavorful!

As for me I was about to finish my IKKORYU FUKUOKA ramen!!!

But since my ever loving husband left me a wee small bite of the IKKORYU FUKUOKA Karaage 
(tsk tsk), I took a break from my slurping and had a taste of the chicken.

And even with this small chunk, yes I agree!!! I imagine my boys will love this dish as well!!!!

Finished! Burp!

Everything was wiped out!!!!

IKKORYU FUKUOKA was closely monitored by the ever smiling Japanese Chefs flown in from Japan. Here is Chef Ide obliging us with a cute picture!! He was so nice and doted on us while I was slurping on my noodles. 

Doesn't he look a bit like my Yub?? Maybe he was his real Dad who threw him in Hong Kong when he discovered Yub did not like Ramen. 

I was making a joke about my husband's shirt by the way.


EGAD the dress is working amd I look pregnamt here!!! Grrrr!

The camera adds 10 lbs by the way....


Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
5/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Blvd cor EDSA
Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
(02) 477-8333



  1. We tried their branch in SM Aura. Indeed, great ramen. Also liked their gyoza and thumbs up on their efficient service.

    1. So right Karen!!! The perfect bowl to slurp on a rainy day. No Ramen Nazi here! Chef Ide was so nice!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh it was soooo good Angela! You should try it soon! Thanks for the comment!


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